Horrible Numbers!

Posted On: Monday - December 7th 2020 9:18PM MST
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All I did was walk by a TV hanging from the ceiling at an airport. I'd thought that a lot of them were gone, or used to display seating for 1st-class or stand-by passengers, but no, there are still some blaring out the Government-TV narrative.

I was really moving I tell you, because I only caught 2 words from the time I heard the thing before it faded into the other noise in the terminal:
blah, blah, blah ... horrible numbers... blah, blahhhh
I didn't have to look and see. I didn't have to stop and listen. I knew right away that more Kung Flu PanicFest Infotainment was on.

What number is it now, that they were freaking people out about, cases, people testing positive, what, what should we be scared of now, talking head?! Yet, I look around my neighborhood, and there is nobody I know among plenty of older people who've had this thing, at least sick enough to where I'd have heard about it. I know nobody who has died of this. My company gives out numbers regularly of how many people are out (with full pay) from the COVID. I am so close to replying to all: "OK, just write me back when anyone is dead, so I can send flowers." ("Was that wrong?" [/George Costanza])

20-40 y/o parents are all wearing face masks to drop off and pick up their kids, though they don't have to. They must be listening to these people, like the guy I heard the two words from.

It wasn't Fauci on the TV, I don't think, though I've probably only heard his voice 2 or 3 times. I just put that picture up to say I hate this fucker and all of the panic-mongers like him. I would not feel at all bad about it if Dr. Fauci caught the COVID-19 and kicked it. I'm sorry. I'm just getting so sick of this crap! It's my blood pressure. Horrible numbers!

PS: Remember Pearl Harbor, 79 years ago today.

Wednesday - December 9th 2020 6:02PM MST
PS Mr. Smith, thank you for the welcome. Came across this today and thought it might be helpful for anyone interested:

Adam Smith
Wednesday - December 9th 2020 10:47AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Mr. Ganderson, “grim milestone” is a good hypnosis phrase. I like it.

Ashley Grames, a nurse from Oregon who "flouted COVID rules" and "displayed cavalier disregard for the seriousness of this pandemic and her indifference towards physical distancing and masking outside of work" is no longer employed by Salem Health.


I hope she can find a new job. I fear she may be permanently unemployable because of her wrongthink.

Miss Gwen, when the vaxxers shed the virus, and the Cases! increase, they will blame the unvaccinated. Some people have already suggested placing the unvaccinated under house arrest, prohibiting them from air travel, banning them from restaurants and other businesses and denying them employment. The number of people advocating these kinds of ideas will increase with the Cases! Mandatory vaccination is one of the goals of CoronaFest. Welcome to Peak Stupidity.




Tuesday - December 8th 2020 5:14PM MST
PS Mr. Ganderson, I just took at look at Healthy Skeptic and plan to read more of his posts. I just selected one to get a feel for his knowledge and that post was regarding excess deaths on December 7. As I told Mr. Newman, we have a group in my state who are researching, in depth, the information provided by the state for infection rates, hospitalization rates, etc. and one of the subjects is excess deaths because it is real and, frankly, a horrible crime.
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 4:51PM MST
PS Baker’s just announced a step back toward full lockdown today. Barf
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 4:49PM MST
PS. Miss Gwen- the Healthy Skeptic website and Briggs, statistician to the stars are very useful.

Tuesday - December 8th 2020 2:47PM MST
PS No, I did not leave any comments so it wasn't me. I will take a look at J.D.'s article at VDare. Thanks for letting me rant :)
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 1:42PM MST
PS: Gwen, thanks for your comment. You could see then, that I wrote back to Barnard, though there were so many good replies to Steve's insult that I couldn't write back to all of them.

You know, I had a sentence in there back to Steve about his "lack of courage" remark, but I like the guy, so I'm trying to be very civil about this - to him, that is. I took one part out. You are right that Ben Kenobi's comment (that you posted here) lays out Mr. Sailer's problem very well.

I really don't mind that Mr. Sailer is excited about these 3(?) vaccinations. I also think that his work on digging into the timetable of the testing and approval was great stuff. He just can't help but take this whole Kung Flu thing way too seriously. That leads me to think of my comment about Ron Unz not noticing all those things about the trees, but missing the forest. I didn't direct that at Steve (purposely, because I just appreciate his other writing I guess), but it applies, for sure.

You're absolutely right about that scapegoating meme, too, Gwen. I think another commenter or 2 wrote the same. Was one of them you?

I can understand you've had enough there at unz. I have been amazed by the downright Chairman-Mao-era sackhanging of the flat-out Communists that write in under writers I ignore, but also comment under Fred Reed articles. However, for sanity, one can go to Sailer's commenters (even on this one, I believe the majority who wrote about his vax comment didn't agree with him), Audacious Epigone, and John Derbyshire articles.

BTW, Mr. D. wrote a good article on this PanicFest that is on VDare now. Hopefully it'll appear on unz.com. (I don't say that because I think Ron Unz is slanted in his publishing at all. He may be an honest-to-God nutcase, but he is EXTREMELY fair on his platform for alternate views!) A commenter brought up the example of motor vehicle deaths and Kung Flu ones, and Mr. D. lays out a great argument using that. Mr. Derbyshire is a very good writer.
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 12:37PM MST
PS Dear Mr. Newman, I've read your comments at Sailer's blog and at E. H. Hail's blog. I've never commented at any of these sites, but today is the day. The insult Sailer laid down to those who rightfully question the whole rush to vaccine is the final straw for me for two reasons: At the beginning of this psyop I was annoyed enough at his constant yammering about it that I stopped reading there for months. Now it appears he's full blown believer in the Cooties19 vaccine. The second reason for me is that I'm wary of the entire Unz site including Sailer, but I thought, "time will tell". Well, it's telling me that it's not likely ol' Stevie NEEDS donations as Big Pharma is probably paying pretty well.

I mean, it's like the commenter "Ben Kenobi" said:

"So the people who plan things like The Great Reset — who mean us harm at every turn — they’ve got our back THIS ONE TIME. This corona thing is so serious malevolent globalists will set aside their plans to help out the little people. We all gotta pull together! Kumbaya, and all that.

If the powers that be establish 1984 it’s my fault for not wearing a mask. Got it, Steve. Hot take.


So Sailer is setting the next scapegoating meme (the first being those who don't wear face diapers are why the virus is still here). Now those who don't take this vaccine are contributing to the "great reset".

E. H. Hail is doing a great job (and service) by following and tracking all of these numbers. We have someone (actually a few people) who've joined forces in our state and maintain a facebook and mewe page to lay out the numbers our state provides regarding cooties19. Let's just say, we ARE being lied to.

Take care.

Tuesday - December 8th 2020 11:43AM MST
PS: Bill, by my in-the-head calculations, that's like almost 5% man, a real spike! I've seen spikes that were, like 5% long, or something... laying by the train tracks.

"Five thousand, one hundred and sixty-one beds in the city, Five thousand, one hundred and sixty-one beds. If 40 of those beds should happen to get filled, Five thousand, one hundred and twenty-one beds in the city."

(I hope I did my math right in my head again!)
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 11:38AM MST
PS. Thanks for writing in, Mr. Nonymous. "The plandemic could only be pulled on a dangerously dumbed down drooling dullard populace of comfort zombies.". Yeah, and pulled BY a bunch of hysterical media/government people who congregate in the unhealthful globalist Tower of Babel we still call New York City.
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 9:31AM MST
PS And lest we forget, Fauci advocated and supported Gain-of-Function (GoF) research, and his NIAID approved funding for GoF work in Wuhan, and specifically into corona-viruses. As citation, I include the following link to an article in an establishment-mouthpiece-publication (Newsweek):

Bill H
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 8:36AM MST
PS San Diego now on lockdown. Playgrounds, indoor and outdoor, closed. No eating, except at home if you can stand in line long enough to get groceries (stores limited to 20% capacity). No exercising. No shopping anywhere except big stores that can afford to bribe Newsom. Hospitals and doctors not treating anything but Covid-19, so if you have cancer just go home and die.

All this because of our 6000 hospital beds, the number occupied by Covid patients went up from 839 to 879.
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 8:20AM MST
PS My goof. I thought Alda played Fauci in that early example of gay propaganda “And the Band Played On”; in fact he played Robert Gallo. No Fauci character, that I could tell.
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 8:08AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I didn't stick around long enough to hear those other common scare-phrases. However, as I rode around another city, and recalled this "overflowing hospitals" crap, I noted a big hospital with the parking lot 10% full max.

BTW, who did Alan Alda play, Fauci or Herbert Hoover? Your joke was funny to me even with my not knowing that.
A Nonymous
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 8:07AM MST
PS If the masks work then why is there a spike?
Does anyone have an actual photo of the dreaded Black Death 2.0?
Maybe a spiky golf ball photochop would do.
Outside there are calls of bring out your dead as the bodies pile up like wood...oh wait, maybe not.
Went to the hospital for RX pickup from March to June and there was total silence while the nurses had plenty of time to make cute videos for Instragram.
The plandemic could only be pulled on a dangerously dumbed down drooling dullard populace of comfort zombies.
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 7:53AM MST
PS. Mr. Moderator- you forgot about “grim milestone”, “surging cases”, “spikes in infections”, “overflowing ERs...”

Mr. Anon- when you get played by Alan Alda in a major TV movie I’ll take you more seriously!

Fauci’s handling of the AIDS “crisis” is something he should have been convicted for. Why Trump hasn’t dumped him is a mystery. Civil service protection?
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 7:46AM MST
PS yesterday, December 7, it was cold here in Western Mass. One might even say there was a little Nip in the air...

Massachusetts governor Charlie Parker... errr ...Baker announced yesterday that non essential procedures in hospitals are henceforth postponed, except for the ones that are not... madness.

Fauci is the medical version of Sir Humphrey Appleby.
Tuesday - December 8th 2020 6:10AM MST
PS: Agreed, Mr. Anon. Delightful rant for this morning! Thank you.

(I am so glad I don't even know his raspy voice. My not watching doesn't change the PanicFest's effect on everyone else though.)
Mr. Anon
Monday - December 7th 2020 11:39PM MST
PS Fauci is a hack. A time-serving government hack. He's been in charge of NIAID for - what - 36 years? 36 years! Maybe he's trying to beat J. Edgar Hoover as longest serving federal bureaucrat. I hate this raspy little f**k. I hate his voice. I'm sick of hearing his voice. He acts like he's Mr. Science: He would drape himself in science. He loves science, he wants to live in science, everything
with the science. He is no more a scientist than Donald Trump is. He doesn't do research; he's an administrator.

He's a fraud.
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