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Posted On: Saturday - December 12th 2020 7:42PM MST
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(continued from Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

The first general section section of Kai Strittmatter's covered the recent (last 8 year) changes in the Chinese Commumist Party and government, as it has headed in a more hard-core direction with the rise of Dear Leader-for-Life Xi Jinping. That was discussed in part 2 of our review. Part 3 of our review discussed the second general section, the Orwellian goings-on in China now. That is the part I wish more people would read.

The third general section is about how the CCP (which, for all practical purposes IS the Chinese government) has big efforts in place to spread the new Chinese Totalitarianism around the world. I won't get into as much detail as in the previous part, to keep this post's length reasonable. There are loads of examples of the Chinese government using its big bucks (that's your consumer products money they cheated you out of! [/Ron White]) to extend influence around the world.

One of these programs involves the many "Confucius Institutes" that are associated with universities mostly around the Western world, but around the rest of the world too. Peak Stupidity discussed this program 6 months ago, even including a map, in Mr. Confucius, are you, or have you ever been, a Communist?. Mr. Strittmatter notes that some of these universities, as left wing as they ALL are, have balked the influence of these Confucius Centers and are trying to kick them out. The author discussed in his first section on the policies and ideologies of the modern CCP that Confucius is a persona non grata as he was for the Mao-era Commies. The new CCP has has wrapped up some of the various "olds" into their new dogma, to keep everyone on board. The Chinese reckon a guy who is still read after 2,500 years might be a smart cookie, though Peak Stupidity begs to differ.

Besides these various programs, the Chinese diaspora that live all over the world, in fairly large numbers in many countries in the West (such as here) are being used when possible to bring Chinese influence to their new homes. It's not just about the spying of various sorts, but also that ordinary Chinamen overseas are being turned hard-core Chinese Nationalist as much as possible with Chinese propaganda.

China now has their "Voice of China", as foreign TV network CGTN has been amalgamated into the government CCTV, and likewise with radio network CRI into government CNR. The author talks about Chinese censorship in a foreign sense, as opposed to the internal censorship discussed in his second section.

Here's the bottom line of all this: China has the big bucks now, and they won't run out anytime soon, the way their manufacturing economy is going. The Chinese are using their Golden Rule now - Whoever has the gold makes the rules. We have given just a very small example on Peak Stupidity regarding maps in in-flight magazines* here with our only prequel post so far. The power situation between American and China has flipped within less than 2 decades. When China tells the NBA they are mad, the NBA bows down. This influence extends to Hollywood, not particularly affecting this guy, but still plenty of Americans.

I may be backing up into the middle section of the book again, but I gotta get back to Kai Strittmatter's chronic case of TDS, as this does relate to the ending of this long review.

On page 242, the author talks about China's new moral state which is "the worship of money and power". Fine, then we read:
One of the most remarkable phenomena during Donald Trump's election campaign and the first months of his presidential term was the growth of his fan club in China. Trump's anti-Chinese diatribes were far less important to these fans than his shameless campaign against all forms of political correctness.
What the hell, Strittmatter?! Here you are, a student of Chinese history and an on-the-scene observer of what PC does to people, and you criticize US and Trump for being un-PC? Disparaging the very people who are trying to fight against the problems in the world that you rightly worry and complain about is a Fred Reed thing, I'd thought, but I guess it's contagious.
They applauded his attacks on the welfare state and other countries' refugee policies. In their minds, these things were the work of misguided and despicable Baizuo. [Baizou = Libtard in Chinese.]
The author writes about how the CCP is "feeding on the weaknesses of the West" (page 331). Indeed, and this weakness comes from the PC and loads of other stupidity that our site documents daily. Who does the author blame?
The 2008 financial crisis was one such watershed moment; Brexit, Trump's election, and the recent successes of right-wing populists in other Western countries have been others. [These and other things he's full of shit on] also provided rich fodder for Chinese propaganda: "Countries that copy Western democracy end up with hunger, poverty, chaos, and bloodshed," the Party press warned its readers.
I would have to agree with that particular example. If you follow what the Western world has been doing for the last half century, yeah, you'll get the chaos and bloodshed. Turning Communist tends to do that to a country ...

Aaaah, I had one more, but I'll just say, don't wear your face mask while reading page 333 either, or just make sure you throw up only in your mouth.

The big problem with Mr. Strittmatter is that he is a Globalist. He rails on Donald Trump, because President Trump is the closest thing we've had to a Nationalist in National politics since arguably Ronald Reagan. No, granted Trump is not very close, just the closest. This author is very worried that the Chinese CCP will extend their bad influence and Orwellian ways around the Globe. I am very worried myself after reading this. However, I don't like ANY kind of Globalism. The author of this book wants only European style Globalism. Does he not see that Nationalism was practiced, we wouldn't have to worry about the Chinese pulling another Mao on the other side of the world? The whole last section of the book is infected with this stupidity, but still there is much to learn about how China will be influencing the world with their new Totalitarian Globalist Orwellian ways.

After this and Part 1, I guess the reader shouldn't be faulted for reckoning that this review will end up with a thumb or two down. I ask any potential reader to just skip some of the author's stupidity and get out of it a summary of what the heck is going on in China, and is headed this way. It's the many descriptions (and Mr. Strittmatter doesn't lack for examples of any of it) of the spying, censorship, mind control, and other Orwellian practices using the newest of high "TECH" in the middle section that should be read by everyone. Do you like Dystopian Sci-Fi or Horror movies? Great, get this book - it''ll scare the BeJesus out of you.

* In-flight magazines were becoming a thing of the past even before the Kung Flu, but it has become a great excuse for ditching them.

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