Site Note: SSL certification in progress, geeks at work

Posted On: Monday - January 4th 2021 8:31PM MST
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OK, we've been throught this saga here at Peak Stupidity before, 3 months back. It's a Secure Sockets Layer thing.. you wouldn't wanna understand, honestly*.

The reason I am a tad worried is that 2 months ago I ran into problems with this SSL deally because I apparently had never "installed" the certificate in October correctly, having not completed the very last step per the helpful dude at our hosting outfit. He did it for me, but I did not ever get what I'd missed.

Now, I'm back to that step, having followed my notes and even added a bit more for next time. (I am using free SSL certificates** from the pretty helpful ZeroSSL site that are good for 3 months. Oh, and I have to keep downloading a new trial version of WinZip each time too, haha.)

I wrote "installed" in quotes, because the terminology is the problem here. Things get downloaded - I get that. After that I can't tell the difference between "installed", "active" and other terms like that, because none of these represent any reality to me. What this reminds me of is a long time ago being told that our company was going to "port" the database from SQLserver to Oracle. OK?? Was there a big cable that they woud just hook up to one server and the other and open a valve, OK, a gang of switches? That's what I envisioned because, damn, how the hell to you get "port" from "change over the code"? The computer folks do a lot of this misuse of wording, and I think they like taking terms from the engineering world.

OK, whatever, but I am NOT SURE that this site will work the day after tomorrow yet, because I have not done any new steps. Per the instructions, I'm finished. I will put a call into my homey over there at Maggie's Server Farm and hopefully get this straight.

It the site is down on Wednesday, you may be relieved to know it's not the Deep State or Zuckerburg that done it. I only wish Peak Stupidity was big enough to have these types hate our guts. Hell, we can't even get on the $PLC Hate List! Who do you have to know on this internet, anyway?

* No, really, I had a number of commenters with great suggestions last time, and even the unanswered one of "do I really need this crap?" I swear the site wasn't going to work without it before, but I'm just going with the flow now on this.

** Free, yeah, it ain't like they are anything real or something, so I don't feel at all a cheapskate about it.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - January 6th 2021 12:15PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

It's been so long since I've used windows I almost forgot about 7-zip. I like 7-zip. I second Neo's recommendation.

It is pretty cool that you're still using Winzip. I think the last time I used Winzip was on one of these...

That one's kinda ratty looking. I still have mine. Last I knew it still worked, so I just haven't taken the time to scrap it yet. I don't know what I'm waiting for. Perhaps if I hang on to it long enough it might be worth something one day.(?) I can't imagine anyone would buy one of those anymore, but clown world, so who knows.

The same seller has a similar one that isn't locked and looks a bit less beat...

Not everything that is old is vintage or collectible.

Wednesday - January 6th 2021 11:01AM MST
PS: NitO, thank you for the 7-zip suggestion. I knew there'd be some better way, but sometimes I think the learning will take more than the old way of doing things (which is to keep getting free trial versions of Winzip, haha, pretty lame, I know).

GoDaddy guy says, yeah, everything is set right.

Regarding your last paragraph written in sarcasm, let me add that anyone who uses "construct" as a noun is immediately suspect as a Communist with me.
Neo is the One
Tuesday - January 5th 2021 9:40PM MST
PS Use 7-Zip to unpack zipped files. It is working here with the secured padlock in the address bar when you right click it says:

Certificate (valid)

Cookies (1 in use)

Hate list? Hate is a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy, comrade.
We have a globalist utopia where the New Man has overcome that human nature stuff with good feelz and hivemind groupthink.
We have Benetton rainbows and magic EBT unicorn fountains for all comrades of the glorious people's collective.
Forward! The Great Reset Leap Forward. Yes we can.

Tuesday - January 5th 2021 11:49AM MST
PS: The ADL doesn't return my hate voice-messages, Mr. Smith. I could try making a facetious post about one of them or one their Mamas. Thank you for the suggestion.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - January 5th 2021 12:02AM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

"Hell, we can't even get on the $PLC Hate List!"

I hear it's been all down hill for the $PLC since Morris Dees' retirement. What about the the ADL. Have you tried them yet? I read about a guy who got on their list and all he had to do was write a blog post about Jonathan Greenblatt eating babies for purim or something like that. You may have more luck there.

I imagine you will not have any problem with your certificate this time around. I have a feeling that your customer care representative took care of the problem last time you called. I think the gentleman hooked you up.

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