It's the World Gone Crazy Cotillion

Posted On: Saturday - January 30th 2021 11:14PM MST
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There are 4 or 5 other posts I was thinking of putting up for the end of the Peak Stupidity week. My mind got interrupted by some additional disturbing Kung Flu Panicfest shit that my wife passed on to me as I'd just gotten back from a fun trip out of town with some friends.

It seems even the local park is not a stupid-free zone anymore. (I never saw any flyers about a meeting!) A set of parents we both know, the Mom friendlier than the Dad, have 2 kids, the oldest who plays with ours and the rest of the fun park crowd most days. That kid* has been forced to wear a face mask for a couple of weeks now. I'd heard his Dad chide him about it a while back, and now the Mom was told to do the same ("told" is what I think, since she was in no way a panicker even 2 months back).

Now, since I was gone and my wife was out there, she was told that I seem to be under the impression that this Kung Flu is not real, and our kid should be wearing a face mask too. Well, with my not being there to defend myself, I didn't have a chance to tell the other Mom that, yeah, I agree there's this virus, but we all know that the kids are not vulnerable and they've been playing close together for 6 months now. Whatever they may have in their systems, germ-wise, has already spread around the group.

Do these people even remember the common cold and the flu, and how this works? They seem to have forgotten all common sense regarding infectious disease. They have lost all perspective about this.

When I hear this from people I know pretty well, I really have to sit there for a few minutes (luckily I was sitting down at home) and think "hey, am I missing something? Many of these people think I'm the crazy one about this, not caring about this most important Kung Flu." It's an unnerving feeling, thinking that maybe I'm the nutty one here. That only lasts for about 10 seconds though, as my perspective kicks in.

It's just the World's Gone Crazy cotillion here.

This one, co-written with Shel Silverstein, is from Waylon's 1979 album What Goes Around Comes Around.

It's the world's gone crazy cotillion.
The ladies are dancin' alone.
Side men all want to be front men,
and the front men all want to go home.
The meek they ain't inheirited nothin'.
The leaders are fallin' behind.
So I'm singin' my song to the deaf man
and dancin' my dance to the blind.

Nope, my boy ain't wearin' a face diaper to the park. Those parents can take their stupid elsewhere where it sells better. So I don't have to hear about it, I guess I'll sit or stand WAY WAY FAR away from the Crazy Cotillion, throwing the frisbee or writing blog posts.

PS: That Dad is a hard core lefty. Mr. E.H. Hail has noted that this panic/anti-panic divide does not fall along traditional American political dividing lines. I think crazy still does.

* The younger of the 2, about 2 1/2 years old, gets around the playground some of the time, with no mask on, which is somehow different. OK, he won't wear it because he's too little and it's cruelty, but how does this fit in with the narrative of the Panicfest, in that we're dealing with Black Plague 2.0 here? Shouldn't he be at home, though, in that case?

Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 2nd 2021 12:23PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Ganderson...

"One thing occurred to me at Mass yesterday- the Father has no face diaper during the entire service, but then puts it on to administer communion. So... he's breathing all over everything for a half hour, and then he puts the mask on while he gives communion with his bare hands! If this really were that serious why would he do that?"

It's like some sort of weird charade. I agree, It's insane.

I think I've heard that PSA with the folksy sounding Sam Elliot-type voice urging us to mask up and social distance. (It's like all the radio stations are owned by the same few corporations or something.)

I hope all this nonsense comes to an end soon.
It's getting really old.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 2nd 2021 12:10PM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

"If you want to make your park buddies shriek, tell them how folks got chicken pox immunity in the good old days."

In the old days, wasn't this the same way kids gained measles immunity?

"all the stupid PSAs"

I listen to the radio at work sometimes and they've had all sorts of stupid PSAs since the beginning of panicfest. Seems all the advertisers got in on it too. Every car dealer and hvac company is eager to tell you how clean and safe their workers and facilities are. There are PSAs pushing the so called "vaccine" too. It's obnoxious.

Chicken and Cheater dumplings- explain, please?

Mr. Ganderson, Chicken and cheater dumplings is what we make sometimes when we are too lazy to make dumplings from scratch. These egg noodles make pretty good cheater dumplings...

They save on time and cleanup. The chicken is the easy part. In a big pot add a couple quarts of chicken bone broth...

5 or 6 chicken thighs, bone in have the best flavor, but boneless skinless are fine too. We often put a pack of giblets in the pot. It's tastier that way. If you're cooking for more than two and feeling adventurous you could use a whole chicken, but it's more work to debone. Chicken thighs are easier.

And a little yellow onion, salt and small amount of freshly cracked black pepper. (If you put too much pepper in early the leftovers will have a stronger pepper flavor. You can always add a little more when you serve it.)

Simmer until the chicken is cooked.

Take the chicken out, debone it and set it aside.
Add some milk and bring it back to temp slowly.

Add the dumplings or cheater dumplings. They cook pretty quick. When the dumplings are almost done the chicken goes back into the pot.

The noncheater dumplings aren't hard to make, just more time consuming. The hardest part is rolling them out. My wife makes dumplings with all purpose flour, milk, egg and salt. (She says baking powder will make them fall apart. Don't use white lily as that is for biscuits.)

She takes about 1 1/2 cups of milk and mixes one egg into it. In another bowl she puts about 3 cups of flour and a little salt. (She's one of those cooks who rarely measures anything. I'd guess there is about 5 to 6 cups of flour total. Next time we make them I'll pay attention.) Mix the wet and dry ingredients. Knead the dough by folding it in on itself and add more flour until the texture is right. (This is the part I don't know how to describe in writing. There is a bit of an art to getting the texture right. If it's too sticky add a little more flour.) Let it sit a little while so the gluten can do it's thing. Roll it out flat and slice into strips. Place them carefully into the pot to cook. Don't stir! Well, you can but be very gentle. You do not want to turn the dumplings to mush.

Cheater dumplings are easier, but that's about it. A little fresh shot of cracked pepper on top when served.

I hope you gentlemen all have a great day.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - February 2nd 2021 1:49AM MST

Parents who mask their children are abusing them not only psychologically, but also physically; children need some exposure to pathogens in the environment if they are to build any immune function worth its name.

If you want to make your park buddies shriek, tell them how folks got chicken pox immunity in the good old days.
Monday - February 1st 2021 9:58AM MST
Chicken and Cheater dumplings- explain, please?

What has amazed me about all of the madness of the last year is that the news reports, all the stupid PSAs* on TV and radio, all the hectoring by government officials and everything else about the panic; none of it matches up with what I see with my own lyin' eyes. Mr. Smith , you're "lucky" in that you're actually acquainted with someone who apparently got a viral illness- most are not. (BTW- not trying to minimize your wife illness ) Drive by a hospital- if what "they" are saying were true, wouldn't the parking lots be jammed, and lines out the door? They're not. Unless I'm wrong, the average hospital has laid people off since the beginning of the scandemic.

One thing occurred to me at Mass yesterday- the Father has no face diaper during the entire service, but then puts it on to administer communion. So... he's breathing all over everything for a half hour, and then he puts the mask on while he gives communion with his bare hands! If this really were that serious why would he do that?

It's all insane, and I don't think going away any time soon.

* There's one particularly annoying radio PSA that I hear every day on the Howie Carr show- it features a Sam Elliot-type voice, all folksy, telling us to mask up and social distance (GOD I HATE THAT TERM). It's ironic, because Howie is one of the leading anti-lockdown voices in New England.
Adam Smith
Monday - February 1st 2021 9:05AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

You're welcome. Glad you're feeling better. ☺

It's easy to feel down or get your blood pressure up with all the weirdness in the world. (Helpful Hint... Don't read about H.R. 127 the so called “Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act”. When I read it, it just pissed me off.)

Yeah, she had not been that sick in years. She's better now, though it lingered awhile longer than we thought it would. It started with the sore throat, and that was the last symptom to go away.

She didn't really lose her sense of smell. Only a little for a few days while she was the most stuffed up and most congested. You know, like a normal common cold.

I made chicken and cheater dumplings for her one day and she did the seasoning, so apparently she never really lost her smell or taste. We didn't try either of those tests, but the Jolly Rancher test seems nice, though admittedly bad for the teeth. My wife loves lemon jolly ranchers, but they're getting hard to find. A little pricey too...

Even if it had been worse, I don't see how panicking would help. I asked her, if not for all the fear from the telescreen, if you got sick like this two years ago, what would you do. She laughed and said she'd ride it out. She let her fever cook out the whatever it was as long as she could take it. One motrin brought the fever down. It came back the next day for a little while but was probably never higher than 101°.

The only sleep we lost was because one night she had a horrible cough. Hard to sleep when you're constantly coughing.

Thanks for your concern and your kind wishes.
I appreciate your words too...

Have a great day Achmed.

Sunday - January 31st 2021 5:23PM MST
PS: Thank you so much for another helpful comment, Mr. Smith. I read this earlier today, and it sure made me feel better. I appreciate the reminder to check out Lew Rockwell and especially John Rappoport more often.

That was a serious spell of something that your wife had. Did she lose here sense of smell temporarily. Last I heard is that testing by seeing if the potential Kung Flu victim can small hard candy is the new thing. Jolly Ranchers were brought up by my friend, and we happen to like those. (Worst things I can think of for your teeth though!) The Jolly Rancher test beats all hell out of a swap of the ass, that which you linked to the other day - I will have to post on that - too good to not be true anyway.

Oh, yeah, since you 2 didn't panic about it, not only did you have a chance to use the tried-and-true old fashioned remedies, but you're bound to get more rest if you don't worry yourself even sicker about the whole thing.

I appreciate all the words you've got, Adam. Thank you.
Adam Smith
Sunday - January 31st 2021 11:28AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

Thanks for the song. My wife loves Waylon.

I'm sure you've heard that truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

The media and the powers that be have spent the last year really pumping the fear and disinformation into the collective consciousness. Up is down and down is up in this climate and most people are scared out of their minds. People who are fearful do not usually make the best decisions.

As we've learned from Milgram and Asch, most people will follow orders and even do monstrous things when told to do so by someone in a perceived position of authority, and most people will not believe their own eyes if their opinion deviates from an apparent consensus of strangers or peers. We are dealing with some really powerful forces of human nature. It's not your friends fault that they cannot withstand the social pressure that has been foisted upon the world for the last year. Most humans really are herd animals.

When most of the world has gone crazy the sane will be outcasts. Don't let it get you down.

With that said, I do not believe that there is a new novel coronavirus. I do not believe that SARS-Cov-2 has ever been truly isolated. Jon Rappoport has been reporting on this for months.

I am also of the belief that not only do face diapers not reduce the spread of any aerosolized virus particles, diapering actually makes health outcomes worse. Most people who have succumbed to the most sinister of viruses were diligent maskers. Places with the most stringent diaper mandates have had more cases! than places with less diapering.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Like you've said, if this were truly the plague there would be no debate. If this were truly the plague it would be dangerous and possibly deadly to bring a 2 1/2 year old to the park to play with other children. There are many glaring inconsistencies with the Official Narrative™. Just the other day you pointed out that there virtually are no flu hospitalizations or deaths this year. We really are witnessing some amazing manipulation of the numbers here.

About a month ago my wife got sick. Sore throat, chills, 103° temperature, nasty cough, headache, the works. With all the fear flying around and coming through the telescreen she was worried that she might have the corona. So, I took her for a test, and we quarantined together. We hit the limes, vitamin d and zinc pretty hard and made sure we were well fed, well hydrated and well rested. I put a pot of water on the stove for a few days to get humidity in the air because it really seemed like she was coming down with pneumonia.

After three days of waiting, her corona test came back negative. She thinks it might have been a false negative. With such faulty testing, who knows. There's always something going around in the middle of winter. She definitely had something. I never caught it. Fortunately we never panicked, and we treated whatever it was like my grandmother, who was a registered nurse for 50 years, would. When people panic they do not keep their wits about them.

I guess what I'm trying to say (in as many words possible) is that you should remain patient with people who are scared out of their mind. You do not have to play charades and other silly games with them, but try to remember they have been driven out of their minds by a well planned, well executed propaganda effort on a global scale. If you decide to talk with them about it, that's probably fine, but you're unlikely to break their hypnosis. The idiot plate is the most hypnotic device ever invented and we're really dealing with a cult like belief system. These are very interesting times.

Most importantly, thank you for being a voice of reason in a world gone mad.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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