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Posted On: Wednesday - February 3rd 2021 6:50PM MST
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The downfall, or "4th Turning", in Strauss & Howe* terminology, of America is accelerating, both politically and economically. (The latter is simply hidden by DOW 30,000, is all.) Any major prepper will tell you, my friends, just as an arborist will regarding trees, that the best time to prep (plant one) is 10 years ago. The 2nd best time is right now!

Peak Stupidity is not a prepper site, per se**, though we have this Topic Key. I strongly believe that putting some time into thinking and acting along the lines of the preppers is something we all should do. What I've found, blessedly, is that the wife has come around on this only of late. Over 10 years ago, when I started buying unleaded fuel stoves, fuel stabilizer, and food/hygiene/first-aid items in mass quantities that even the Coneheads would consider excessive, she, don't know a better way to put it, didn't freaking get it. It was Zerohedge that got me going. As much as the site has deteriorated content and usability wise since then, I am glad I spent time on that site.

Yes, some of the stuff rotted to all hell. Not only was I rash and uncaring about shelf lives, but we just don't have the room to do it right. Over the last year, between the anarcho-tyranny of the BLM/antifa violent peaceful protests (vs. the Capitol Gang having a fun afternoon) and the long Kung Flu PanicFest, I have realized that we are in a place with quite a few Karens, along with male hysterics. (There's a post coming about wood burning.)

Then there is the school, a good one kid-wise, but what's the point when the kids must wear face masks, stay behind plexiglas and even maintain 6 ft distances at recess (when the teacher's looking)? We have a few years to decide based on our schedules, but I'm not sure if our schedules will work with the schedule of the deterioration of America, leading to the SHTF. "5 years too early is better than 1 day too late" is another truism from the preppers.

While looking for an image for this post, I came upon the one above, and it was from this ABC news story - This Is How Preppers Do Spring Cleaning. I'm really surprised that a top-level Lyin' Press outfit like ABC news published an article like this without being sarcastically disparaging to every subject of the article. Kudos to writer Colleen Curry, but do note that this article is from 7 years ago. The subjects of the article are likely domestic terrorists now, from what I'm hearing.

Miss Curry:
The words "spring cleaning" may conjure images of sparkling kitchen counters and dust-free closets, but there's another part of your life that could use a clean sweep too, according to experts in emergency preparedness.

It's time to spring clean out your emergency kit.

"We recommend doing it every six months and basically setting it as a tradition," said Phil Burns of the American Preppers Network, who offers tips on how to make sure your kits are up-to-date. "On Easter and Halloween is when I reset all of my bugout kits."
This is kind of what we need at our place, but I think it ought to be a full permanent bugout to a new abode with more land.
The bag should have food supplies, including shelf-stable granola bars, powdered milk, jerky, dried soups, or freeze-dried meals, as well as water or water purification systems, clothing and emergency shelter like tents and blankets. Basic medical supplies and tools are also helpful.
OK, this is mild prepper stuff, for an earthquake, hurricane, or something. The article was not about prepping for what is coming for all of us, the SHTF on a nationwide (worldwide?) basis. I saw no mention of guns and ammo. (I know, I know, that'd be a bridge too far for ABC News.)

Anyway, it's good to slide into that prepper mindset again, especially with my wife a lot more onboard with the idea now. The problem with getting out a ways is "the schools", but she is also quite a bit more onboard with the idea of homeschooling. We are both seeing the agenda already being taught in 3rd grade via purposeful wrong perspective (as in, black people and slavery are the most important parts of American history) and omission (one has to go to Peak Stupidity, of all sites to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's voyage and landing - here, here, here, and here). It's been about enough already.

A spring cleaning is due here, maybe '22, maybe '23 or later.

* I'm really, really gonna write a review of Generations, combined with The Fourth Turning by Strauss & Howe, sometime soon, at least before the SHTF and we can look at their nice arrays of what our archetypal cohorts (I'm a Nomad, what's your sign?) are supposed to be doing during this turning of the cycle 'scuse me saeculum , before burning the book for fuel.

** We recommend John Wesley Rawles' Survival Blog, in its 16th year, though there are loads of others, and many of the Constitutionalist sites (Lew Rockwell, as I recollect) have sporadic good prepping articles too.

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