Cancelling the Cancellers

Posted On: Saturday - February 6th 2021 4:11PM MST
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This comment by El Dato under a Steve Sailer post was off topic but linked to a great story about goings on at the NY Times. (It's right up Mr. Sailer's alley, IMO, so I would have expected him to give a thanks to El Dato and post about it later. Maybe he will - he thoroughly reads the NY Times, so you don't have toooooo...)

Russia Today asked yesterday Canceling their own? NYT's lead Covid-19 reporter resigns after reprimand for use of ‘N-word’ fails to appease co-workers. Even this Russian website, way over across the old DEW line, is scared to use the word "nigger". [Owwww! We haven't started yet! - Ed.] Are they afraid we may launch a first strike? I could see that. MADness, I tell you.*.

This article is hilarious.
Donald McNeil Jr., the New York Times' top reporter on the Covid-19 pandemic, has resigned after management's decision not to fire him for innocuously using the “N-word” left many staffers at the newspaper “outraged and in pain.”
I feel your pain, people. I'm sure you'll be able to get him back, once we get the Romans, errr, Feral Gov't, to arrest him.
The episode began when a student on a Times-sponsored trip to Peru in 2019 asked McNeil whether he thought her classmate should be suspended for using a racial slur on a video made years earlier. The reporter, who was on the trip as an expert to inform the students, repeated the slur when asking the girl about the context in which it had been used.

Allegations regarding McNeil's conduct on the trip recently came to light, and Times management last week decided on an undisclosed punishment but stopped short of
stoning [oops, sorry. - Ed] firing him because his use of the N-word wasn't hateful or malicious.
So Mr. McNeil was trying to find out what the problem was and why some girl used the word "nigger" (Owww! No! Stop. You don't get how this works!) to get to the root of the problem. He was only trying to find fault and mete out the appropriate punishment, but he needed to use that word in order to do his job as an enforcer, see? Slurs are bad, mmmkay, but enforcement of PC is good.

This Don McNeil character is 66 years old, so you know he's seen a few Monty Python movies in his day. You really gotta wonder if he still thinks some of this stuff is funny, because, granted, I'm not in his sandals, but would he not feel like he is one of the characters in the scene here**?

"Look, I had a lovely supper, and all I said to the waiter was, 'this halibut is good enough for Jehovah, mah nigga'."

I'm telling you, we are living in Bizarro World - we have to read Russia Today to get wind of the lies in the NY Times. I'm wondering if it's possible the Russians could deliver paper copies to me, via paradrop from a knock-off U-2 high-altitude recon. aircraft. Here's the last part on the McNeil story (they cover 2 other incidents - please read the whole thing):
McNeil, whose coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, wrote a letter of apology to co-workers and resigned. The 66-year-old reporter had been at the newspaper since 1976.
Because of this incident, we’ve lost a TOP COVID-one-niner reporter, TOP MAN, I tells ya. It’s egregious! It’s atrocious! It’s LAMENTABLE!

"They'll stone you when you're an expert in Peru.
They'll stone you when you're reading in the loo.
They'll stone you when you're writing for the Times.
They'll stone you, when you're sixes, sevens, and nines."

"Oh, my, my, my, I'm the lone crap shooter,
playin' the field every night.
Baby, I can't stay.
You got to roll me and call me the tumblin' (dice),
roll-oh-ohl me and call me the tumblin' dice."

Sorry, but that Dylan song was draggin', so it turned into the Rolling Stones' Tumblin' Dice as sung by Linda Ronstadt, in my head.

* MAD stood for Mutually Assured Destruction, a strategy for avoiding the big hot war that could have occurred during the Cold War.

** From The Life of Brian. A lot of Christians protested the sacrilege in this movie, real and/or imagined, but take note that they didn't shoot, stab or stone anyone about it.

Tuesday - February 9th 2021 10:22AM MST
PS AS: Just passing it along.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 9th 2021 8:22AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Mr. Blanc, Lol... ☺
Nicely done sir.

Monday - February 8th 2021 9:22PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I saw your comment on iSteve too but ran out of replies for now.

. I think what's driving this is a long habit of zero-tolerance ass-covering. These people have been doing this stuff for decades now. A manager in the Big Biz world and in the world of government can't go wrong by going overboard on Safety, Security, etc. You simply "can't be too careful", they say, because if you use common sense, someone can out-careful you and get you shitcanned.

Actually, I was on the other end of this many years ago and was indeed shitcanned, but that's a story for another time. (I was young enough to get over it - just had to sleep on the floor at my brother's and friend's apartment for the rest of the summer.)

I'm guessing that's what it's about. I am sorry these parts of your life are being ruined.

About the locking of the students in the dorms. Will there be a flurry of COVID babies 9 months from now? "Oh, you're one of those COVID-boomercons, you asshole", says a 2095 member of the cyborg generation. Cyborgs can be stupid too. People don't know that.
Monday - February 8th 2021 7:42PM MST
PS sorry for all the typos, I’m beside myself.
Monday - February 8th 2021 7:27PM MST

News from the insane asylum: there has been an uptick in “cases “at our local BSU, therefore they are locking all the kids in their dorms and their apartments although how they’re going to enforce that I have no idea. The result is all sports are canceled for the next two weeks, and students are not allowed to wander around the town, because of the absurd increase in testing and positives in town. This also means that one of the few rays of hope of the last few months has disappeared, namely, my trip to the gym today there were no attractive BSU coeds because of the lockdown. The dot head who runs the local campus seems in pervious to anything resembling evidence or science.
My question for all of you is what’s driving this? Are the people making these decisions really that stupid, or are they making these decisions on the basis of some criteria that is completely unknown to me. The powers that be in my corner of the world persist in their believes that this is the black death. I think we’re just doomed.
Monday - February 8th 2021 11:29AM MST
PS AS: Hello, dere, I is yo new naybah.
The Alarmist
Monday - February 8th 2021 4:57AM MST

Here’s a gratuitous video of Flavia, who doesn’t seem to do much bikini weather these days ... she starts at 1:00
Monday - February 8th 2021 3:45AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, that answer was TOO obvious, haha. I was guessing it was the last of your 6 guesses that Mr. Blanc meant.

I'll check out that Spencer video.
Adam Smith
Sunday - February 7th 2021 5:48PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

Mr. Blanc, I know the nine most frightening words in the English language (I'm from the government and I'm here to help.) but I'm not sure what the seven are. I've come up with a few options...

• Does this dress make me look fat?
• You have the right to remain silent.
• I'm from the government, assume the position.
• The public was never in any danger.
• Human resources needs to talk to you.
• We're the government, we're here to help.

Your seven words might be more frightening yet.

I have no idea what they said when they launched the first Negro into space, but I'd love to know.

Adam Smith
Sunday - February 7th 2021 5:47PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

Mr. Blanc, Mr. Moderator...

What do you call a Black! man on the moon?

I really thought the answer was kind of obvious, given the topic of this post...

What do you call a Black! man in France?
What do you call a Black! woman on vacation?
in Canada? in Africa? at the beach? in Atlanta? on a horse?

It's childish, but it's so easily adaptable.
Perfect for almost any situation or location.

But you do have to be careful when you use or even mention nigger, as state representative Jason Spencer learned...

Spencer was featured on the July 22, 2018, episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's show Who Is America?. Spencer announced his resignation a mere two days later on July 24, effective as of July 31.

The whole episode is pretty fun to watch...

Mr. Spencer was clearly not the smartest of state representatives.

Sunday - February 7th 2021 3:53PM MST
PS AS: I know what they said when they launched the first Negro into space, but I don’t know what they called the first black man on the Moon. I also know the seven most frightening words in the English language.
Sunday - February 7th 2021 1:43PM MST
PS: I don't know, Adam. What do you call a black man on the moon?

Mr. Kiln, your great rant covers things pretty well. On the contradiction regarding the use of "nigger" in (c)rap music, everyone knows about this. Not a word is spoken in the media. "Courage", said Dan Rather. Not quite.

BTW, I guess it'd be nice to have the kind of money some of those Puff Daddy types have, but their hoes are just a little too wide from me. OK, a lot. Give me the Chilean weather girl any day, or Mr. Alarmist's current Mexican favorite ... but don't tell Flavia I said that.
Sunday - February 7th 2021 1:38PM MST
PS: Peter, I agree. It's fun to see, though. It's the kind of behavior for which we can say "pass the popcorn", etc., but I agree that the NY Times won't get any better. This 66 y/o guy, even if he has learned ANYTHING (I doubt it) will not effect the political correctness, wokeness, and (attempted implementation of, I hope) Communism to come. There's no PEACEFUL way out of this cycle, you mean. They have made it so.

Dieter, I thank you for the Tom Waits tune. That was pretty clever, lyric-wise. I'd never heard it, and, though I claim myself to be somewhat of a Joni Mitchell fan, I hadn't listened to "Paprika Plain" before. I don't know anything off that album, but more from "Blue", "Court and Spark", etc. I see she was already afflicted with the habit of not even trying to write lyrics that fit the tunes. It's cute though. She'll just ram in bunch of words to end the sentence on the right note, haha.
Sunday - February 7th 2021 1:31PM MST
PS: Ahaaa, the Judean People's Front! (Took me a while) Bunch of damn splitters! Or, is that the Popular Front?

I should have used that terminology, Mr. Blanc, "use" vs. "mention" I've heard of many cases in which people have been fired/un-personed before for just a mention of one of these words. The "niggardly" case is deliberate ignorance of what the word is and/or means just to show us that they can push anyone around. OK, it may be stupidity for some, but then, if you explain "no, but it's spelled like this, it means this, and it comes from the XXX language with the root XXX, well, they just want to show you who makes the rules, so you're still out the door.)

Fawn Liebowitz Memorial Kiln
Sunday - February 7th 2021 1:24PM MST
PS Every (c)rap song uses that word.
They have some interesting views on the birthing people or wymyns as well.
A harem of sex toy hoes waits by the gold plated helicopter with leather cover and my rims are clownish on my clown car.
What happened to sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt?
It got lost by the coloring books and participation trophies in Pajama Boy's basement next to the Spongebob onesies rack.
Have you seen the powerful emetic Minnesotatstan rep decrying its "white privilege" during official best government that money can buy time?
Our external enemies are loving it as they have a HUGE belly laugh.
Snowflakes can eat shit, Karens can get back to buffet line with a shovel, Bolsheviks can learn what it is like to be hated.
Adam Smith
Sunday - February 7th 2021 1:07PM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

What do you call a Black! man on the moon?

Dieter Kief
Sunday - February 7th 2021 11:40AM MST
PS If signs are getting so loaded up with_tension_, - - - the decent ones ought to react with skepticism.
If this - reasonable - reaction does not take place, there's something else going on. B't whut iss thiss? - To be honist, I do thinka, it is quoite-a-lot-ta things.

Whut are they? - There is something protoreligiously happening. The sacred word is resurfacing in a rather secular public sphere.
When do worldly things show a holy side of taboo-sheltered untouchability?

That one is easy I think: When there are no real world solutions in sight for a situation that troubles a large part of a society.

Now I think of Detroit and the various "renaissances" that have been installed there - in this "bleak terrain" (Joni Mitchell (I dreamed Paprika Plains - vast and bleak and - Godforsaken....Paprika Plains - And the turquoise river snaking...)
Sunday - February 7th 2021 11:04AM MST

Sometimes on the Right you hear the sentiment that these sorts of circular firing squads are good because they weaken the Left. It "loses credibility" or "goes too far" or something. Oh my no.

First, the media in general and the NY Times in particular never -- never ever ever -- lose even a shred of credibility with a large portion of their audience, no matter how many lies they are caught in. It just doesn't work that way.

In the journo trenches, the Progs always just get stronger. Getting this one old fool out of the way doesn't matter, because there are 10,000 out of work Journalism and Grievance Studies graduates ready to take his place at half the pay. And lets face it: any half-wit could do McNeil's job. But his replacement will certainly NOT make the same mistake. So one worthless Prog-cog is replaced by another, even more fanatical one, and the organism as a whole is now stronger, not weaker. The Prog herd is thinned only to make it stronger.

There is simply no way out of this cycle. And it's not heading toward anything good.
Sunday - February 7th 2021 10:28AM MST
PS Philosophy students know the use/mention distinction. I can use the word “raining” when I say, “It is raining in Sheboygan”. I can mention the word “raining” when I say, “The word ‘raining’ has seven letters”. Mention rather than use is usually indicated by the use of inverted commas. As in the three cases in the above sentences. With this particular magical word, both use and mention are taboo. When I read El Dato’s comment last evening, I thought that the resignee had used the magical word. It turns out that he had only mentioned it. The “niggardly” case should have been a warning to him.
The Alarmist
Sunday - February 7th 2021 2:48AM MST

Let’s hope that one day these SJWs reprise the role of the JPF Crack Suicide Squad.
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