America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Part 7

Posted On: Monday - February 8th 2021 8:48PM MST
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(Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.)

It's been almost 3 months since the last installment of this series of fiskings of one of the most comprehensive pieces of feminist stupidity the Peak Stupidity staff has ever run into. By gum, we're going to finish the job! If not today, 1 or 2 more posts ought to do it.

The article in question is America's first female recession, by a piece of work with the handle Chabeli Carrazanna. Chabeli Carrazanna?! Who makes up these handles? How 'bout "The Rubber Ducky", "The Pigpen", or "Snowman"? This article attempts to get us readers to worry that working women are being hurt the most by the Kung Flu. The author bemoans the poor hotel housekeepers, most of them immigrants, that have lost their jobs due to the hysterical PanicFest we are undergoing. Gee, I wonder which faction of society is tops in hysteria. I also wonder if the American working women might have more jobs if occupations, such as hotel housekeepers were not dominated by cheap-labor legal and illegal immigrants.

Let's just pick up where we left off. We heard that "we're all going to lose" due to the "caregiving crisis". As Peak Stupidity explained, there is a caring crisis here. We couldn't care less. We don't give a shit. That is our caring crisis,
Experts say coronavirus has helped many people understand, some for the first time, the challenges women have been juggling for decades. Child care is now a line item on multiple recovery proposals.

The Democratic coronavirus relief package, called the Heroes Act, proposes setting aside $7 billion through the Child Care and Development Block Grant that would allow providers to get emergency help for payroll, cleaning supplies and other equipment. The bill passed the House but has stalled in the Senate.

Senate Republicans released their own stimulus proposal in late July, a set of bills collectively known as the Heals Act, that would allocate more money to child care. The bills call for $5 billion through the Child Care and Development Block Grant and an additional $10 billion in “back-to-work” child care grants to help centers pay for additional costs brought on by the pandemic and to re-enroll children.

Democrats have called the plan “unworkable.” Both sides are meeting to discuss a joint proposal that could pass both chambers.
Advocates, who applaud the renewed attention on child care, also caution that neither plan as they stand now sufficiently addresses the estimated $50 billion infusion needed to stabilize the industry.
I see. We need more caring. We need people to care about giving us money. Remember how Peak Stupidity has been worried about higher-than-advertised Inflation? Note, that the amounts of free money requested off the mostly male taxpayers go from $5 Billion to $10 Billion to $50 Billion, all in TWO PARAGRAPHS. Now, that's a high inflation rate! Gimme, gimme, gimme...
The issue is expected to continue garnering attention as the 2020 election draws near. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who cared for his two sons as a single father after his wife and daughter died in a car accident in 1972, has released a caregiving plan that spans 10 years and earmarks $325 billion specifically for child care improvements, including free pre-kindergarten for 3- and 4-year-olds; childcare tax credits of up to $8,000 for one child to low- and middle-income families; raises for child care workers; and incentives for businesses to build child care centers on their premises.
Lots of Dads care for their sons, you nitwit. Do you mean "took care" of his two sons? ... with no help whatsoever? I doubt it. Then, we see how Hunter turned out. "$325 Billion" OK, now we're up to real money, even over 10 years. It's just another 1/3 of a Trillion bucks to add to the deficit, I guess.

We get "FREE" pre-kindergarten out of it. Here's where you see the real evil in this feminism. Those $8000 tax credits are for encouraging all parents to send their kids to be raised by the State at 3 years old. We can't have them learning from their parents. They might learn some ungood ideas, and plus their Moms need to be working, giving care and shit to other kids. That all makes sense... if you're a Communist.
“If we truly want to reward work [and have hardworking taxpayers pay for it!] in this country, we have to ease the financial burden of care that families are carrying,” Biden said during a July speech in Delaware announcing the plan. “We’re trapped in a caregiving crisis, within an economic crisis within a healthcare crisis.”
Now, see, that's not plagiarism this time. Winston Churchill said "riddle", "mystery", and "enigma". This Biden speech was different... and you can't prove anything!

Actually, Peak Stupidity calls it this all a bitter-sweet bitch session, wrapped inside a HFCS-laden financial SHTF, inside a crackly crust of hysteria. No, it's pretty tasty when topped with marinara sauce and served with unlimited garlic bread. Churchill estate, don't sue us. We own NOTHING!

Tuesday - February 9th 2021 9:48PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I will add to your take that for a normal epidemic, doctors, nurse, and hospitals may have a few additional tests or procedures, but most of us hardly hear or think about it. The Lyin' Press made this one into the story of the century. It's been great for them, and they don't want the panic to end. New strains! Vaccines! (I just skip Steve Sailer's posts on the vaccines - don't want to piss him off more than I already have.)
Tuesday - February 9th 2021 9:43PM MST
PS: I don't know if Mass is worse than Michigan with this stuff, Mr. G. I am glad to be in a place that is quite a bit more reasonable, but stupidity still abounds. Sports is big enough here to where there would have been people walking (unmasked, gasp!) into congresscritters' offices if they didn't have at least some of the games. I don't keep up, though.

I don't know if it was all your choice to move to Mass. It sounds like Minnesota is almost as bad, from what you write.

We've got our own drama going on with the elementary school. This principal called "2 kids are pozzed" (not her wording). "OK, can my boy come to school?" "Yes" "OK, fine." Then, a Chinese lady has 2 kids that got the Kung Flu (ahaaa, those are the ones), and she herself is positive - she's very worried about not being able to go home one month from now (got the tickets). She's wondering who in the whole park and playground may have given them this - after all, they've been masked up since before Christmas. Before that, anything went. Maybe they should have layered up with 3 or 4 masks. If only Fauci had told us that, dammit!

She's a nice lady and the kids are friends with mine, but, she has to go back, antibodies or no antibodies.
Tuesday - February 9th 2021 10:43AM MST
PS Boo bleeping hoo. Women wanted to be free and independent and self-supporting. Now they are. Welcome to reality, ladies. I hope that you’re enjoying it. Good and hard. Re Ganderson’s question about our rulers. I don’t think that they’re stupid*. As a group, they’re probably a bit above the average. Most of them are do-gooders, or at least want to be seen as such. Early on, they listened to the extreme predictions of a bunch of (attention-seeking) “experts”. They saw what they thought was a chance to look like heroes. They were going to lock things down so that no one died** on their watch. Of course, that didn’t, and couldn’t, shut down the transmission of the virus. However, our betters had committed themselves to shutting down economic activity. They couldn’t simply admit that they were wrong. So here we are, probably where we would have been if we’d adhered to standard epidemic procedures, but rather later. That said, there probably are a few who are overjoyed at the opportunity to boss us around. And perhaps a few who really do want to destroy the American economy.

* Intelligence and judgment should be distinguished. Being good at manipulating concepts isn’t the same as being able to apply those concepts to empirical reality. It appears that some really bad judgments were made.

** Of course, a lot of people did die. But fortunately for our rulers, they have the corporate media to spin that for them.
Tuesday - February 9th 2021 9:00AM MST

The post was clipped from an email I sent- thus the thanks at the end- not that I don’t wish to thank the moderator and the fine commenters here...
Tuesday - February 9th 2021 8:55AM MST

Sorry, I accidentally hit the send button- I meant to say that the disease is so deadly that you have to get tested to see if you are sick.

I was in the process of editing, but I think my gist is clear!
Tuesday - February 9th 2021 8:51AM MST

The madness intensifies in Western New England; going on a year of “two weeks to flatten the curve”. I should make a macro for that.

There has been an uptick in “cases “at UMASS, therefore they are locking all the kids in their dorms and their apartments; although how they’re going to enforce that I have no idea. The result is all sports are canceled for the next two weeks, and students are not allowed to wander around the town, because of the absurd increase in testing and positives in town. I also believe the next UMASS hockey game I see will be in October. I don’t see any way the NCAA, since they are all in the sway of the Branch Covidians, can organize a national championship. The renewed lockdown also means that one of the few rays of hope of the last few months has disappeared, namely, my trip to the gym yesterday there were no attractive UMASS coeds, but there was a letter from the UMASS Chancellor, (or, Dothead in Chief, as I like to call him) basically saying that the gym is off limits to UMASS students, whether they live on campus or not. The heads of all the local colleges seem impervious to anything resembling evidence or science.

And staying with the sportsball motif- the MN Wild have shutdown as every single person in their organization has tested positive for Corona-chan. ( I exaggerate slightly for effect) of the more that dozen that are “infected “ 3 are supposedly showing symptoms. I wonder ( actually I don’t, really) if anyone has gone back and looked at how many man-games are lost per club in a typical NHL season. I’ll bet my house the number is NOT zero.
All of this , the lockdowns the masks the season cancellations, everything is based on the ridiculous notion that this virus is the black death Corona- a
My question is what’s driving this? Are the people making these decisions really that stupid, or are they making these decisions on the basis of some criteria that are completely unknown to me. The powers that be in my corner of the world persist in their belief that this is the black death. I continue to see people walking alone jogging alone driving alone all masked up, people giving me a hugely wide berth because I’m not masked as I’m walking outside. I just think we’ve lost our mind and I think we’re just doomed. Thanks for all you do, but I don’t think it’s gonna do any good in places like where I live.

Tuesday - February 9th 2021 5:47AM MST
PS: Thank you, Alarmist. I've tried to explain to unz readers that Socialism is dysgenic. I don't think they get it. I know Steve Sailer doesn't get it, as HBD/genetics/etc. is his thing, yet he knows there's a nurture side too. Socialism nurtures the irresponsible using the responsible people's money.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - February 9th 2021 5:23AM MST

Watching CNBC yesterday while doing my daily penance on the treadmill, I saw a summary of one of the many propsals: this one had $3,600 per child, but phased out as a family’s income rose a couple trigger points, depending on marital status. It might have either been a surfeit or surplus of oxygen that caused me to realise that once again, the incentives are for bad behaviour and underperformance: Our lords and masters are encouraging the people least able to take care and equip children to grow into productive, contributing adults by giving them full subsidy tied to the number of children they have, while discouraging those who are most able or capable of rearing children into productive, contributing adults.

I don’t give a rat’s ass how many children the oligarchs have (the better to dissipate wealth inherited in the future, I guess), but the US will never be a great nation by encouraging the expansion of the underclasses while clubbing the middle classes back to serfdom.
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