March Mask Madness - Part 1

Posted On: Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 9:18AM MST
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Peak Stupidity had our 13 part series* called "Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic" this past summer (of course). One can find them all with the Kung Flu Stupidity Topic Key. I just looked and only 3 out of them did not specifically involve the face masks. There's a lot more to this PanicFest than the masks. The worst is the economic damage done by the LOCKDOWNS, but we have written about that too (note our discussion about hotel/motel closings). We will shoot for more posts on this.

LOCKDOWNS are not as easy to fight on the small-scale. However, the masking stupidity is. We can ignore the face masking up to our personal limits, and the wearing of them in strange situations and for obviously no benefit shows an inordinate amount of compliance, something I'd always thought American were not supposed to be too keen on. I've been focusing on this personally, so this blog will too.

We've got lots of posts to come in this series, most of them hopefully humorous to not just the blogger, but the reader too. That all said, this one, now that I think of it, is not about the masks but the surface contamination worries, which have, hehe, resurfaced at the library (please clap laugh).

Not the particular library branch in question:

Here's the deal: I didn't even know the library had reopened till a month or more later. You can't go in there though (too bad for the bums, seriously). The nice librarians will come outside and take your request for a book or video. The material we get is stuff we put on hold on the website - that works pretty well. They don't even ask for ID or a library card - too many germs, I believe is the reason, which is something I just now thought about. Hey, I keep a clean wallet, ma'am. I've got nothing older than an old Blockbuster video gift card and a receipt for my projection TV in there.

I would go up without a mask, it being outside and all, but they got on me about it. I will put it on for the 1 or 2 minutes. Well, this time I had 2 videos to return. Worried about forgetting them, I put them on top of the couple of book shelves outside. The lady, who I know pretty well, brought out my new items, and I said, "here you go, before I forget".

I did forget something. The lady came out all worried, asking "wait, you're returning these?" "Yeah." "These have to go into the drive-through boxes." Though I'd done it 10 times already, I really had forgotten that part, rather than trying to infiltrate the building with Covid-one-niner germs on purpose. As I've noted in Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic - Part 7, I come from a family of non-drive-throughers. It is still new to me to have to sit in the car when I can simply get out and take care of something in person.

However, this was obviously a bigger faux pas than I first though. "I've touched the items" or something like that, was what the librarian said then. Was she really scared? Was I supposed to feel bad? If she was really scared than I guess so, but then with face masks on, you can't tell about people (subject for another part in this series). "We've got to sanitize everything..." she was telling me. OK, got it. All the stuff comes into the box, gets sprayed off with something or other, and then can come in. All the material on the shelves, and the shelves themselves, are clean, free and clear of the Kung Flu. The air inside is pristine! OK, "was". My two videos had fucked up the whole library.

I get it. Were this the Black Plague 2.0 or Ebola, I would want to see all that and more done. I'd probably just not go to the library. Instead, of reading new books and watching new videos, I'd be holed up in the house writing more frequent blog posts, and eating 3 month-old Top Ramen and beans with the family. This system in place at the 'brary is done to make everyone BE SAFE or at least FEEL SAFE. Well, I do feel bad about screwing up their nice system, the more I think about it. However, the lady goes home too. She probably has a family and germs are all over the house. I really think she and the library patrons should lighten the hell up and get a life.

However, it's this "surfaces full of germs" thing again in a new strain. From now on, I will remember to drops books off in the big box. I just hope I'm not in such big trouble that I'll get a visit at home from Mr. Bookman.

The Seinfeld TV show had quite a few extremely funny guest stars over its years. Ben Stein, seen at the bottom of this post of ours is one, and this guy who plays Mr. Bookman is also a very favorite of mine. I usually don't give a damn who the actors are, but kudos to Philip Baker Hall for multiple LOLs here!

* I wrote the 1st one on July 1st when Season 2 of the PanicFest was just starting "cases, cases, cases!" was the theme then. The last one, Part 13, happened to be right after the start of Fall, and I really thought it might be all over then. Ooops...

The Alarmist
Thursday - March 4th 2021 6:45AM MST

I’d wait to see “A Quiet Place” on TV or as part of your existing subscriptions. It was laughable.

Try cleaning DVDs, etc with Isopropyl alcohol and cotton balls or microfaser cloths. 99% works fine. You can also use it to clean old film negatives and slides.

Hey, you all gave me a great for a new investment strategy to spot companies that have products or people with “social justice issues” and short the hell out of them before some organisation them “learns” (somehow) about the issue and starts their cancellation TweetStorm.
Wednesday - March 3rd 2021 8:12PM MST
PS: Adam, that would be a hell of a good marketing scheme indeed. One could even pass it off to unsuspecting woke corporate folks, of course, after that big printing run was ordered. "We of the board are beside ourselves with shame for having associated ourselves with the worst of the Dr. Seuss books. Ah well, since we just printed a metric shit-ton of them, we'll keep these racist books in the warehouse and maybe even buy a few dozen pallets ourselves to atone for our sins and keep the company solvent. What do you mean, was that my name on that ebay Seuss store, errr, what? Your lips are moving, but there's nothing coming out..."

Bootleg Dr. Seuss books, huh? Sounds like a great idea. I know this lady in Canton, China who has pretty much exhausted the ripped&burned "The Office" market...
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 3rd 2021 9:25AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

I read last months newsletter and I caught your stock tip in a timely manner, but I failed to act on it. My own fault really. I'm going to buy a few copies of green eggs and ham and the cat in the hat while I still can, you know, as a hedge against inflation.

I was wondering yesterday... Perhaps the "discontinuation" of these 6 Seuss books at this time is really just a brilliant marketing strategy by who ever runs the Seuss organization. They get to score a few points with the wokesters while making old and existing inventory fly off the shelves at inflated prices. It's amazing what people will pay for something they perceive as scarce. The Seuss organization may have even been savvy enough to print up a few million copies of these titles over the last couple years in anticipation for this promotion.(?)

In the mean time, at these current prices it has become cost effective for me to start printing my own "discontinued" Seuss books from the .pdfs I have. I can make high quality reproductions and sell them for a sweet profit if I act quickly. Like the tulip craze, time is of the essence.

Do you remember those old Kaiser cement mixers?
And the great business advice on the side of them...

Wednesday - March 3rd 2021 8:52AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, I just checked. I KNEW IT!
Wednesday - March 3rd 2021 8:51AM MST
PS: TJ, I am often on a bike going there too. I don't ride long, but I usually feel the need for speed. Once I get off it at the library and put the stupid face diaper on, it's going in and out of my mouth like I'm some kind of saltwater fish in a tank, as I've still got my heart rate up.

One difference between the practices at the 'brary vs. B&N is that B&N is still trying to make money. The library can do whatever kind of stupid shit they want on my tax money. I wrote a couple of posts about this recent $80,000,000 or so bond that got passed, used to revamp these buildings that were perfectly OK before. Money is no object when you're in the middle of a pan-damn-demic, and the taxpayers got your back!
Wednesday - March 3rd 2021 7:59AM MST
PS Went thru similar ridiculosity at our local library drive-up in Baltimore County----I ride my bike there to pick up and have gotten a raft of crap from the librarians who bring out the books about not wearing a mask---I am on a bicycle for crapsake-outdoors--I will wear a helmet but no BS mask. They hold the returned books for 6 days at our library to sanitize them. You can go to Barnes and Noble but not the library--makes no sense at all.
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 7:18PM MST
PS: Great comments all, gentlemen! Mr. Czar, I loved that set of rants, but you brought back to my memory that "Heroes work here". That was what was on the drugstore wall, from my 2nd guess at the beginning of the Scenes from ... Part 2 post. Thanks for the reminder of that bit of stupidity.

Mr. Adams, yeah, did you catch my stock tip on going long Dr. Seuss? You guys need to get my newsletter where I give out these tips, retroactively.

Mr. Anon, without even cutting and pasting, I'm guessing that's the doctor in "Bridge on the River Kwai". (Probably one of my top 20 movies of all time.)
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 2:10PM MST

You know what we call good-time Charlies like you who don't sterilize their library books, don't you?

Mr. Anon
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 2:08PM MST

"I come from a family of non-drive-throughers. It is still new to me to have to sit in the car when I can simply get out and take care of something in person."

I'm with you there. I can't stand drive-through anything. If I'm getting a quickie cup of coffee at a Dunkin' Donuts, I park and walk into the store to transact my business.

So they sterilize anything coming back to the library? How? Do they bleach the books? Ever see what bleach does to paper? Ozonate everything? This is madness.

My wife talked to a friend out on the left-coast, whose kids have been locked down (no in-person school) for nearly a year now. And she wonders why they've recently been put on anti-depressants. Maybe not socializing is bad for kids (adults too). Maybe not even seeing human faces, because of the mask-insanity is bad for them. Ya' think?

Madness! Madness!
Adam Smith
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 1:38PM MST
PS: Good afternoon...

"My two videos had fucked up the whole library."
Dammit Achmed! ;-}

They could ozonate the library to kill the most sinister of viruses. Unfortunately, it would also kill any houseplants they have in the library (unless they removed them before treatment) and it would likely damage the books and leather and such.

I found ⅚ of the offending Seuss books in .pdf after I learned they were headed to the incinerator...

The Cat's Quizzer is proving difficult to find...

Should have gone long on Seuss books.

🤡 🌎 never ceases to amaze.

Historic Sewers Czar
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 1:15PM MST
PS I want a mask with a big vagina on it or a Freddy Krüeger face.
I'll wear 50 of them while out walking or driving to virtue signal to the others my essential being status.
Heroes work here, comrade.
Will comrade kommissar Xi Obiden (CPUSA) have the immortality vaccine soon and I want my EBT card to be accepted at the cartel CCP drug dispensary.
Free lotto tickets and blunt wraps for all in the glorious people's collective unity.
Forward to Wakanda! Yes we can.
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 12:42PM MST
PS: Ooops, Alarmist, I didn't mean to imply that "A Quite Place" was one of that series. Is it worth getting... for free?
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 12:41PM MST
PS: Peter, I just read about the Dr. Seuss canceling business under iSteve (where else, haha?) I just though that it'd be good to stock up on those. Maybe I should take out all they have of them from the 'brary and never return them. They'll appreciate that right?

Do you recommend the movie, Alarmist? I'm not a fan of the Sigourney Weaver "Aliens" series. It's too dark in the ship and I couldn't see shit. Plus, I only watched them to see Miss Weaver in her underwear, and she's not really that hot, I realized after I think the 3rd movie.

BTW, I've got "Das Boot" coming, and I'm really looking forward to that. I will take it home with my gloves on and wash it in bleach first though... I hope that's OK for CD's... can't be too careful...
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 12:01PM MST

Ooooh fah! Ok, so we've known for months now -- Months! and in Covid terms, months is like ten million years -- that the Rona is NOT SPREAD ON SURFACES. Yet we persist with all this foolish scrubbing and rubbing and chemicalizing surfaces, and poor Karen at the library has half a heart attack because she doesn't know any better thanks to media disinformation.

In fact, I'll bet ya a hundy that whatever crap they're spraying on the books and videos is about 1000x more hazardous to their health than any sneaky Rona germs hitching a ride on your copy of Dr. Seuss (wooops! they just burned those, so they're safe now).

But oh well.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 2nd 2021 11:34AM MST

Dude, you may have turned out the lights of Western civilisation with your carelessness.

Did you ever see “A Quiet Place” (Emily Blunt & John Krasinski)? COVID is like the aliens in that movie ... one misstep and your world is ended.
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