Hail-to-You says "ALL LIFE-YEARS MATTER!"

Posted On: Thursday - March 4th 2021 7:30AM MST
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Now if we could just get together a small protest group with enough intelligence to understand the math and what E.H. Hail means by that, without real jobs, so they can stay out in the streets for a coupla' months, we could get somewhere with this ... all 43 of us. Nah, I like the slogan, but don't quit your day job.

There are, of course, millions of people who can understand the very simple calculations that Mr. Hail uses to get a low-ball estimate (more difficult to take in other factors that make it worse) of all the life-years lost due to the LOCKDOWNS and other parts of the Kung Flu PanicFest.

In "All Life-Years Matter” — On the Corona-Panic’s social and economic costs vs. Covid-deaths; an Appeal to the Pro-Panic side, Mr. Hail compares the lowest estimate of the damage and basically elimination of social and economic life-years* versus the number of life-years lost due to actual deaths (many only supposedly) FROM the Kung Flu. It's no contest - just in the economic sense, he comes up with the Panic costing 5 to 10 X (30 million vs. 2.5-5 million)** as much.

There are already 24 comments there, so have at it. (I think Mr. Hail's and my Blog-owners/other comment ratio is equivalent to Peak Stupidity's. I enjoy chiming in, and I'm sure he does too.)

* That's not to mention the babies never born, as he does, who would have a full life ahead of them.

** No, don't correct my math. I am just sticking to the very low precision of the numbers, understandably so. Writing "6 to 12" just makes it seem like we have enough precision to say "it's not 5 and it's not 13".

Friday - March 5th 2021 7:36AM MST
PS: Peter, your comment jives very well with what I've been saying all along. I don't think there was any pre-planning, but the right people took advantage of this virus, some knowingly (the pols) and some likely unknowingly (the media, who've been thrilled to have a year-long story like this, and scaring people sells!).

So, great comment, but my question was really about all manner of things, not just this PanicFest. I was asking that in regards to all the Globalist misery, the immigration invasion, the Big-Biz/government partnership, the warfare state, etc...
Thursday - March 4th 2021 2:05PM MST
"Was it intentional (evil) or unintentional due to greed and/or stupidity?"

Both. I do think at first there was general panic. So ok, maybe some over-reaction. I get it. Though the original over-reaction from the Left was "how dare you block Chinese people from travelling! Go to Chinatown and hug a Chinaman!" We all forget that's precisely what they did.

So we had a panic, but then the Left realized they had a great weapon to use against Trump. So let's keep the panic going as long as possible. Plus -- and for some I think this was even a bigger influence -- scratch a Leftist and you get an autocrat hiding underneath. Pricks like Cuomo and Pritzker and that Stepford Wife from Michigan, they LOVE controlling people's lives. Nothing gives them bigger jollies. So there's your evil: keeping the foot on the gas peddle even when it became clear it was no longer necessary. Hell, the first wave in New York City was over by May at the latest. NYC could have re-opened easily at that time, and perhaps have saved the city. But nope. DeBlasio is a full-on imbecile and Cuomo is a monster, and between them they crushed the city.

You also have the Karen effect-- non-stop hysteria that you can't turn off. Even now, as states are rolling back mask mandates, the Karens are freaking out.

And some of it is just stupidity. People don't understand why masks don't work -- "but doctors wear them!" (no, they don't, only in surgery when they are standing over a CUT OPEN BODY) -- what seasonality means, what effect the immune system has, the bullshit of the PCR test (that was deliberate evil), what co-morbidities mean (no Karen, it doesn't mean Covid can actually kill you twice). Just massive ignorance which the media (the biggest villain of all?) spun into fear. And we are a fearful, cowardly nation in general.

Also, attacking any potential treatment because Trump said it. I don't know if HCQ widely used would have helped (I suspect it would) but we do know FOR A FACT that trials were deliberately set up to fail. There was even one where I think they actually let some people die, all to prove Orange Man Stupid. With Hillary as President, there would be no "pandemic."

Bottom line statement for me: take away the entire panic and media/government hysteria, just let the world go on as usual, and 95% of people wouldn't even have known anything unusual was going on.
Thursday - March 4th 2021 12:02PM MST
PS: ".. by pulling out the pillars of a sustainable, enjoyable life." I agree that's what's been happening. Was it intentional (evil) or unintentional due to greed and/or stupidity?
The Alarmist
Thursday - March 4th 2021 9:58AM MST

When you have sociopathic oligarchs concerned that there are too many people on the planet, and they can de facto pull the strings of the de jure policy makers, you get a policy that claims that all lives matter while implementing measures that tell you no lives matter.

You maximise deaths by making life for the mass of humanity not worth living by pulling out the pillars of a sustainable, enjoyable life.
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