Feminism 101 - It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!

Posted On: Monday - February 13th 2017 8:58AM MST
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There's so much to write about feminism just based on everyday stupid-happenings in today's society. As with the Global Climate DisruptionTM and Global Financial Stupidity topics, we will include some posts of introduction to the subject, a little history of the steady rise in the amount of stupidity accumulated in this "stupidity space", if we may.

One could go back just under 100 years on this subject to the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. That would be a good start, but the reader can easily learn as much as PeakStupidity about the details of the woman's suffrage movement. Un-coincidentally, right after that Amendment was ratified in 1920, the push for prohibition of alcohol started. You see, women like men a lot, because they need them, until they have a chance to try to change them; then they expend a great deal of effort to change them. Married men know this.

I'm sure there would there be more to cover between the 1920's and the 1960's if I were a womyn's studies major and wanted to make this my dissertation, but in my case that would only happen on the kind of cold day in hell that would have made this computer into a superconductor by now and have probably burned my screen out (can you do that to LCD's?). So, there may have been some special coins minted, some articles written, etc., but the serious changes to our society from feminism started in the mid-1960's.

Besides being a somewhat busy day, this post has suffered from what I am dubbing a "blog fart". It's, if I may, a brain fart of a blogger. I really did get stuck trying to transition from the first 3 paragraphs to what I want to say today without writing a men's studies dissertation (What are "men's studies" - well the whole world, of course - we built it all.) Suffice it to say that the last half-century +- only a year or two was a time in which feminism transformed from a minor political hobby to a massively invasive form of highly-corrosive, floculated, superheated stupidity heretofore never observed in human history, and prehistory (from my readings) for that matter.

Feminism is one of the Stupidity Quadrad (along with Global Financial Stupidity, Immigration Stupidity, and Political Correctness) that comprise an estimated 85% of all stupidity emanating from the Western hemisphere, on a good day! Seriously now, there is no way for a country to remain conservative with the level of feminism seen today.

The quick point for today is just that the gender roles that Westerners are acting in are not in accordance with the laws of nature. One can find a study proving anything in this area, but from being around quite a while and trying to hold to the truth, it is very apparent to me that the noncompliance with natural gender roles makes people unhappy and is just corrosive to society. To be more specific here, one need only look at the female body (or multiple ones). It helps to be a man for this part. Is there no doubt in your mind what this body is made for (once you reach puberty)? It may seem like just a sex urge for most of your life, but one wonders after a while why that urge is there, why certain women parts are always important to men, etc. Then, there is the science (that used to be common knowledge before stupidity ramped up) about women's bodies and ability to conceive, carry safely and give birth to a new life over the female lifespan.

The "have-it-all" (career and family) story that has been promised to women this whole time - the 1/2 century - has taken a long time to get to the debunking stage. It being debunked by science is one thing, but the debunking via experiences of 100's of millions of women, and men who are a part of this crap too, is a real shame. It's one thing to learn a small thing the hard way, but to take a lifetime to learn a life experience that used to be common knowledge (i.e. learned the easy way, from advice) is just sad.

It turns out that, for the most part, women are happier doing what they were created for, making the babies with all of the various stages thereof and teaching and raising them in a home they feel comfortable and safe in. Men were made to be able to do anything it takes to make this happen - meaning about everything else that must go on in the world. Men are happier being out in the world part of the time and getting away from the women crap. Even women in the workplace have told me that they don't like being there dealing with the women crap!

I asked a 24 year-old babysitter who had her own baby too, how difficult it was to pop out the little one, since we were a good bit older as parents. "Pretty easy, no problem". "Kinda like taking a dump?" I asked (sorry for the language). "Yeah, pretty much." This is no new news, but just to conceive in the late 30's is not guaranteed, the chance of miscarriages is much higher, birth is more painful and more risky, and the risk, though still small, of a serious problem with the baby is very much higher than with a women in the prime 15-28 age range.

Feminism has been trying to force people to ignore the laws of nature, just for humans. These laws can be suppressed by governments and societies via coercion, but they can't be repealed, even by a judge in California. (As a side note it's also interesting that there is a big overlap between the nominal "treehugger" crowd who supposedly loves nature and the crowd who'd support all things feminist. It's quite the contradiction, really.)

To combat this dangerous form of stupidity, the first thing we need to remember is:

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