Is this the lamest Lyin' Press narrative ever?

Posted On: Wednesday - March 24th 2021 9:14AM MST
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Or, will they have some doozies to come that will beat it?

(This post is taken mostly from comments of mine on Unz Review threads. I was replying to one of the most annoying commenters to me, opinion-wise - he's polite enough, which is why I reply sometimes.)

From Newsweek (yeah, that Newsweek, haha):

The latest Lyin' Press narrative is that the March 16th massage parlor shootings in Atlanta were a continuation of anti-Oriental animus on the part of White People whipped up by Donald Trumps' previous and continual dubbing of the COVID-19 "the China Virus". Apparently we are all extremely pissed off at them due to that virus having come out of their country. Peak Stupidity maintains that this narrative is just plain ludicrous.

At the beginning of the article that I was not about to read (just happened upon it looking for images), I noted that the writer credits Mr. Trump with using "Kung Flu" too. Excellent. Peak Stupidity did not make that one up, but it's obviously our favorite term for the 'Rona, that being our 2nd right now.

Yes, it's amusing! Can’t we be amusing, or is that verboten now per the Governors and the Lyin' Press? Everyone knows Donald Trump has fun with names. Not only that, but he says “China Flu”, which is perfectly reasonable, as that’s where the hell it came from. We know that much. Have any readers here read much on any Spaniards getting the crap beat out of them because of their role in the Spanish Flu 105 years back? (Yes, I know it was not from Spain, but that was the name.)

I had a reply on this with the argument that it's because they look different that Americans CAN hate on Oriental people. Uhhh, OK, then how did American treat Vietnamese immigrants after the Vietnam War was over? There were no doubt lots of Americans during and shortly after that war that called them "gooks", etc. with bitter memories of loved ones lost or maimed over there. In general, after the war was behind us, Americans have treated the Vietnamese people very well. Some may have had guilt for the Vietnam war, but most Americans just liked helping them get assimilated. (Yeah, assimilation was GOOD back then!) We've also had the "Asian Flu" of 1957, the "Hong Kong Flu" of 1968 and so on. OK, granted, there weren't very many Oriental people in the nation to pick on in those years, which brings up a point to come...

As hysterical as many Americans have been over the last year about this virus, the issue of exactly where it came from is not even close to the primary thing in their minds about it. Ron Unz’s Ft. Detrick story could be right. If so, that doesn’t look good for our Deep State (WTF does?), but the thing is, I don’t really care that much where it started. My hunch that is that it was a Q/A problem at that brand-new American-supported Wuhan lab. It doesn’t matter that much. I just would rather Americans get ahold of their damn selves about it, that’s all.

We had a Cold War going on for 40 years, with the arch-enemy of it all being the USSR. Was there any problem with Americans harassing Russians or Poles in America (the ones that could make it out), because “you people have got 10,000 warheads aimed at us”? Even Moslems in the US, as foreign as they are, wouldn’t get any trouble due to “hey, you’re from Syria, aren’t you? You people are the enemy. Or, are you?” (We don’t know, it’s complicated.) No, we often don’t like them because they are weird-looking, weird-acting foreigners. (Oh, and some of them wig out and go shoot 10 people dead.)

Americans have been EXTREMELY tolerant and welcoming of foreigners into this country. I’d say way too much, as this has blinded many of us to the large numbers till very recently. If you can imagine any White person with the gall, because he knows he can be railroaded for one bad sentence, giving some lip to some strange-looking Moslem, for example, it wouldn’t be anything about this Moslem’s country itself or its political relations with the US. It’d be out of exasperation and extreme annoyance of having to live in a foreign country without freaking even moving anywhere!

Back to Oriental people in America, I personally get along with them very well, have had many friends and a few good friends.* Yet, I think enough has been more than enough, with the numbers. That’s how most Americans feel, and that’s what they have against foreigners, not the Kung Flu.

Again, this story about this amusing "Kung Flu" or "China Virus" wording causing Americans to specifically take things out on Orientals is ludicrous. We all know that, yet the Lyin’ Press keeps broadcasting that one as the branch of Government responsible for creating the narrative that the other branches can use to screw us with by law.

This narrative has been so stupid that the Lyin’ Press has had to blast it over and over, associating it with Trump of course. Trump hasn't been President for 2 months, but I guess they figure he's still somewhat of a leader**, and they don't like that. The reason that the average American doesn't believe this is that he knows how they feels himself about foreigners. Their culpability for generating the Kung Flu is not the problem. The foremost insult Americans have in the front of their minds regarding foreigners is “Why don’t you go home?!”

* I had 2 close friends from 2 other foreign countries (in different continents even), long ago.

** We do need better leaders, if any, believe me.

Thursday - March 25th 2021 8:17AM MST
PS They are in control now. Not yet complete control, but a lot of control. When Trump was in office and bad things happened (as they do and always will), they could point and sputter and shout “Orange Man Bad”. And they’re going to push that as long and hard as they can, because they sure don’t want to point and sputter at themselves. As long as Mr Trump continues to draw attention to himself (I do wish that he’d just stop, but i guess that’s just not in him), they can carry on blaming all the bad things on him. And, more generally, on the white people who, whether he wants it or not, are associated with him. What they’re doing is causing a lot of bad things, and they’re looking for folks to take the blame for it. That would be us.
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 25th 2021 7:46AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Mr. Cloudbuster, Mr. Alarmist, thank you both for the lulz...

The Alarmist
Thursday - March 25th 2021 4:36AM MST

Libtards thank you for your service as a way of virtue signalling ... until they realize what that entails.
Wednesday - March 24th 2021 7:13PM MST
PS: Very humorous Mr. Sulu comments there! Cloudbuster, yeah during real wartime itself, you're gonna get that.

Alarmist, thanks for the anecdote. I'm sure HR was taken a little aback. I agree with your last sentence too.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - March 24th 2021 2:33PM MST

@Mr. Cloudbuster, unfortunately for Mr. Sulu, they hadn’t quite gotten to “Don’t ask, don’t tell” while he was service.

My wife has stopped giving me pained looks when I refer to someone as a ‘Muzzie,’ so I guess they have worn through her frayed nerves.

Once, during a corporate interpersonal skills training in one of my former US employers, a guy I was supposed to be negotiating with said, “You’ve never had to negotiate with Arabs.”

My reply, “No, but I’ve killed a few,” floored the rest of the group and sent a few to HR clutching their pearls.

Assimilate, go home, or die.
Wednesday - March 24th 2021 2:09PM MST
PS "We had a Cold War going on for 40 years, with the arch-enemy of it all being the USSR. Was there any problem with Americans harassing Russians or Poles in America (the ones that could make it out), because “you people have got 10,000 warheads aimed at us”?"

Given the harm those Bolshevik immigrants have done to the US, it's probably a shame there wasn't a problem with harassing them.

There *was* a lot of harassment of Germans during WW 1 and WW 2, but you never hear about it anymore. Of course the Japanese in the US never let us forget about the internment camps despite the fact that they do absolutely fantastic as a demographic in the US.

Poor George Takei. If it weren't for discrimination against Japanese-Americans, he could have played the Captain of the Enterprise!
G.I. Combat
Wednesday - March 24th 2021 1:41PM MST
PS We have no leaders, the buck has been passed along until it reached the dumpster.
No one is at the helm and those foreigners who love us so much and just want to give us a hug (sarc) can see that.
The reality iceberg is up ahead and the leaky rusty ship USA Tittanica is on a rendezvous with destiny.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 24th 2021 1:37PM MST
PS: Good afternoon...

The media, just like any other entertainer, has to play to the crowd.

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