Lyin' Press Department Cadre spills all during honey pot tinder date

Posted On: Wednesday - April 14th 2021 8:02PM MST
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You may have heard of an outfit called Project Veritas, headed by a courageous young man named James O'Keefe. What he used to do himself was to attend meetings, dinners with drinks (drinks are often the key), and other events with groups of the ctrl-left and secretly filming the utterings of some of these people. He has released many videos of those moments when the attitudes and plans of these evil/stupid people come out of their mouths.

Now, I'll say that some of these videos are hard to watch because they are at odd camera angles and with sound that's not very clear. That's what you get when you are an amateur spy. I try to think of good ways to set up the cam and mic, but no matter, I give kudos for Mr. O'Keefe for spreading the truth on what our domestic enemies are really about. This has got to be a blast for him, as I know it would have been for me at that age.

We have mentioned James O'Keefe before in these pages, in the post Still think Communism is dead and buried, do ya?. He had infiltrated a group of young Bernie Sander's campaign manager types, and showed the true colors of these guys, red, red, and more red*. In the post, about Mr. O'Keefe, I called him an "actual Gonzo kick-ass investigative journalist".

Peak Stupidity commenter Dieter Kief pasted in a link for us to the latest interesting infiltration job by Project Veritas. I had heard of this from a friend this morning, and, of all things, my wife all of a sudden knows about Project Veritas, Mr. O'Keefe, and his lawsuits against CNN and the NY Times for libel (the latter business of which I had had no idea). This is the kind of guy we need more of.

It turns out that, unlike Peak Stupidity, Project Veritas is more than just the one guy. It's a whole domestic espionage outfit now, on the side of American patriots. In the case of the video below, the way into the hearts of darkness of the left was via Tinder, the hook-up act. Hey, the Ruskies did it, I'm sure the CIA did it, and it's part of the charm of the spy v spy world, the Honey Pot. (I do wonder how far along as a honey pot Mr. O'Keefe's employee went on this one.) This is cool stuff though. I have felt sorry for the young people, having to put up with this PC stifling world, but this kind of thing, with the electronics we have now, is cool stuff.

OK, about the video finally: This stuff goes right along with what Peak Stupidity has been saying about the Lyin' Press's Kung Flu Infotainment PanicFest. I'm sure there are some shrewd, evil types in that world who knew right away that this PanicFest could be used to knock President Trump out of office (with whatever cheating was necessary to clinch the deal). Maybe they really wanted to derail the economy.

What the Lyin' Press REALLY wants, as this video shows, if for people to WATCH and read. In this case, it's the TV branch, the most hated by this blogger. We noted some of this in our Part 5 of our Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic series. Some of the news types may be stupid enough to have been and still be scared shitless of this COVID-19. Many are just good actors and actresses. They have enjoyed the attention, but must act scared and think this is the most important thing happening in the world. They love the panic, as it gets people watching. As the man (CNN technical director Charlie Chester) says, "fear sells" and "if it bleeds, it leads". The latter is an old saying in the press business.

CNN's Charlie Chester here admits that part of the reason for the PanicFest was to "get Trump out of office". The next big fear-mongering project will be "Climate Change", he says. I didn't know that would still work. Just as with the movies nowadays, these people are not very creative. We heard from little Pippi Longstocking , I mean, Greta, a lot before the Kung Flu PanicFest. Will the Lyin' Press put out Greta II: The Carbon Strikes Back?

CNN has not responded yet ...

* One of the 2 videos is gone now, and I doubt I can find the replacement very easily.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - April 15th 2021 3:08PM MST
So, Alarmist - if everything is doomed - why ring the alarm bell then?

(Einmal dem Fehlläuten der Nachtglocke gefolgt, ist nie wieder gutzumachen. - If you followed the wrong alarm of the night bell just once, it can never be corrected. Franz Kafka)
The Alarmist
Thursday - April 15th 2021 2:33PM MST

O’Keefe is a better psyop than QAnon ... he shows videos that are red meat / boob bait for bubbas, and the bubbas think something will surely come from it, and do little more than call talk radio shows and vent and ultimately things roll on as they always have. Meanwhile CNN or the target du jour have gotten the message out that they are indeed running the show.

Resistance is futile: You WILL be assimilated.
Rex Little
Thursday - April 15th 2021 2:05PM MST
PS I believe that there are indeed people who wanted to crash the economy so as to kill Trump's chances for re-election, and that they would have done so if Covid hadn't done it for them. Pre-Covid, the economy was in a precarious bubble, and it would have taken only a slight nudge to crash it. I don't know what form that nudge would have had to take, but I believe there are people who do know, and that some of them are the ones who wanted to make it happen or could have been brought together with them.
Thursday - April 15th 2021 8:46AM MST
O'Keefe is a national treasure. But the sad bottom line is that all his exposes lead to... nothing. You can't shame CNN into being truthful. They have no shame; they are PROUD of the fact that they are a propaganda outfit, full stop.

How many times has it been "revealed" that MSM outfits admit they doctor the news? Doesn't matter. It just goes from bad to worse. CBS just totally made up a story about Ron DeSantis complete with ham-handed selective edits. What did they do when exposed? They doubled down on their story.

There is no such thing as Narrative Collapse. The Narrative always wins. Always. There is simply no effective counter-force to the media beyond a fringe of informed viewers.
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