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Posted On: Wednesday - April 21st 2021 7:30PM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

"What we have heah, is failure to communicate."

We're told in school that learning and understanding cool stuff is not enough. We must be able to communicate. Big Biz corporate staff repeatedly tell us that communication is so important to our jobs. It's so important that they have to write emails to us to both show communication skills and demonstrate that their high positions are viable.

What I'm running into now is a real failure to communicate, in Cool Hand Luke parlance, due to the idiotic face masking push, the most visible manifestation of the Kung Flu Hysteria. With all the people that have been vaccinated already, and the rest of us obviously not giving a rat's ass about getting the COVID, you'd think the face masks would be going away.

Nope, per Dr. Fauci and others, we need to double-down, literally. If one face mask on your face makes you feel safe from the 'Rona, then two of them has just GOT to be better, right? Sure, I mean, if you can still breath as if you are still living under an eighteen thousand feet pressure altitude, then what's the harm?

The harm is that I can't understand people very well anymore. It's not my hearing. Yes, I went to my share of extremely loud rock concerts back in the day, but my hearing has been fine. It's too bad I have to pick on them today, but the communications problems for me when dealing with black women seem to be the worst. Is it just the mumbly speech from some to begin with, the mask interference with their lips, or what?

The other day I was having a conversation with a not-too-close colleague. We don't work together often, is what I mean, but we were close in distance - about 3 ft. apart. Luckily the talk was about nothing important, just some stories, because I couldn't make out half of what the lady was saying. I asked for her to repeat a couple of things. Then I noticed she was wearing two face masks, one of the blue medical type ones on the inside and one of those black cloth ones on the outside. Maybe an acoustics engineer could explain it - all I know is that the sound was muffled to the extreme.

I had to just nod a few times, then go back to doing something, You try not to be rude, but it's hard to converse with someone who sounds pretty much like Charlie Brown's Mom.

If the masks don't go, communication suffers. What's it gonna be, corporate big shots? What? You're coming in broken and unreadable.

Saturday - April 24th 2021 5:37PM MST
PS: Speaking of Coca~Cola, Mr. G, I just read about the Coke company losing a 100 million bucks of technical secrets to a spy for China. She was a Chinese born "American" who I guess the HR Ladies thought was a good choice as an employee.

Screw 'em. (I guess there is a Chinese pee-pee joke in there somewhere - it'll work out good for a post coming...)
The Alarmist
Saturday - April 24th 2021 3:39PM MST

@Adam Smith, one of the few simple pleasures I get when in London is to pick up a couple of these at Marks & Spencer Food and eat them in front of the Bank of England while absorbing the brainpower of the likes of Mark Carney (yes, it’s been a while since I was last in London) emanating through the Bank’s venerable walls.
Adam Smith
Saturday - April 24th 2021 7:55AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Mr. Alarmist, I have never had a cheese and onion sandwich. I looked up a few recipes, they look pretty good. I'd try one. I think I'd like them.

Adam Smith
Friday - April 23rd 2021 6:18PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone.

Onions make you happy, and they're healthy.
I love them all. Onions, Garlic, Shallots. All of them.
You're welcome Achmed.

Friday - April 23rd 2021 11:27AM MST
PS: Yes, out of the question! (Cheese & Onion sandwich). Yeah, Vidalias are OK, I suppose, grown in Georgia and all. Yeah, I know they are good for you, but I'll go for the garlic over the onions. Hey, I liked that DMZ part, BTW, Alarmist. I can't set my own rules like that completely, but I'm trying.

As I wrote in that post back there in that observation deck at the MSP airport, people will copy my example occasionally.

Oh, Mr. Smith, while I'm writing at the bottom here - I read your comment, but I just now noticed the Commie Øb☭ma. Thank you!
The Alarmist
Friday - April 23rd 2021 9:45AM MST

So I guess Cheese & Onion sandwiches are out of the question?

What’s your take on Vidalia onions?
Adam Smith
Friday - April 23rd 2021 9:02AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

“Reminder to self: Quit fucking around on the unz site so much.”

• Agree!

Friday - April 23rd 2021 7:31AM MST
PS: Yeah, Adam, the French Onion soup is good stuff, I gotta admit.

Ganderson, I guess you're no "Child of Vision", a la Supertramp.

That song has just got to appear here, if it hasn't already. I've got about 10 posts on deck though.

"Reminder to self: Quit fucking around on the unz site so much."
Friday - April 23rd 2021 5:32AM MST

Robert: you keep up with your line of reasoning and you’ll have to answer to the Coca-Cola Company.
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 10:15PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...
French Onion Soup???

Thursday - April 22nd 2021 5:36PM MST
PS: That'd be "reports".
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 5:35PM MST
PS: Thank you all for the great repots and advice. None of this will get me eating onions - only my wife has me doing that occasionally for my health (just raw ones). We've got a few of the mild teeny ones growing in the yard. If it helps the lawn, sure, I'll eat 'em.

The cat, OTOH, eats broccoli, noodles, cous-cous, and occasionally a snack goldfish.

Mr. Ganderson, I meant to say that MY area was about back to normal, business-wise. I didn't make that clear. However, that doesn't help all the business that were driven into bankruptcy already, along with lots of would-be customers.
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 2:44PM MST
PS: I agree with Robert... No onions? ☮
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 12:18PM MST

Mr. Moderator: What? no onions? I suppose you are one of those people that don't like garlic either. Are you secretly a vampire?

Remember, we will prevail in peace and freedom, in true health through the purity and essence of our natural fluids.

Masks forever!

Thursday - April 22nd 2021 11:39AM MST
What can one expect when President Joey Diapers shows up on the TV box wearing not one, but two masks. And the stupid old fool has been vaccinated!

I agree that mask wearing will be around a long time. Cowardly corporations are going to require it well into next year, trust me. Blue State governments will keep it going into 2022 as well. Not that it helps, or ever helped, as one study after another shows. But we follow the !!Science!!

Out on the street here in NYC, global capital of stupid Liberals, I do see a slight decrease in on-the-street mask wearing, but it's still at 80% or so, at least. Even the little kids are still masked up by their fraidy parents. Poor kids. I went by a soccer field the other day in Williamsburg. Amazingly, the young men (20-somethings) playing had no masks on, or none that I saw. Progress! There were also kids -- about 7 to 12 in age -- and they were about 50/50 wearing masks, while playing soccer OUTDOORS! The parents of the mask wearers should be horsewhipped.

Indoors it's still 100% everywhere, except magically at a restaurant you can take it off at your table, but PUT IT ON IF YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM!! The Rona knows the difference. Technically you're supposed to be masked when the wait person comes over, but most people don't do it. A few weirdoes keep them on even when eating and kind of pull it to the side to take a bite. It's a land of retards!

On the subway, the blax and Latinx very often have it pulled down below the nose. Almost no whites or Asians do that, compliant little babies that they are. Yesterday there was a black (I think black Hispanic) who had some stinky noodles in Styrofoam and he just took his mask off totally to eat them. Good for him about the mask, but bro, them noodles stank!

PS - I thought Styrofoam was banned in NYC? Maybe it was that compostable imitation Styrofoam.
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 6:29AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Sorry to hear you could get in trouble for lack of face diaper at work Mr. Moderator, even if it's just an occasional thing.
Remember when the world was run by sane people?
Yeah, me neither.

Glad to hear your coworker is not like one of those sassy DMV womynz. That would be tough to deal with.

“I do wonder if there's an effect of the irregular airspace in between the masks making it worse than one piece of double thick material.”

I would think so. Cork is an excellent sound insulation material. 3mm of cork blocks 10 decibels. Air is a great insulation material and cork is made up of 50% air. Perhaps Dr. Fauci could get Kizzy Corbett on it.


Greetings Mr. Ganderson. Sorry to hear the masking nonsense has not subsided in your area. I'd guess 75-80% of everyone has given up on the diapers around here. Auto stores, gas stations, private stores, zero diapers. I do see some people wear them in the big corporate places, probably about 25% remain faceless. Costco being a huge exception, though it's not really around here. Costco is about an hour away, about half way to Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Interestingly, it is the college kids who seem the most enamored with the talisman. I still see them walking outside alone diapered when I drive through town. I think the lockdown drills they subjected these kids to when they were growing up turned their brains to mush. Maybe the college rent-a-cops ticket these kids if they catch them outside without a dirty rag on their face?

Bill, the notebook and pen is a good way to go. When my grandma lost her hearing the pen and paper worked really well. I also had a friend who spent most of his last days in a local nursing home who lost his hearing aids. He was no longer able to get out to the vet's hospital to get affordable hearing aids, and he could not afford to replace them otherwise. I brought a pen and paper with me whenever I'd visit as it was the easiest way to communicate.

I hope everyone has a great day.

The Alarmist
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 6:19AM MST

I’ve made it clear to my young colleagues that my office is a no-mask zone (maybe I should call it a De-Masked Zone ... DMZ). I’ve made it clear to those above me that this is my choice, and visitors to my office can maintain the required social distance, so everyone is clear that the laws that govern are complied with. I, like a couple others here, derive good comms support from reading my colleagues lips and seeing the full range of facial expressions. If I can’t read Susie’s expression when I try to limit her pay increase to the 3% suggested by HR, we might lose a valued member of the team. I’ll give her 5% and stick Claire with only 1% rather than giving both 3%.

A reasonable person would think the youngsters would welcome a little bit of freedom, but they panic when told to lose the mask. First, they tell me they don’t want to infect me, to which I respond that I’m willing to accept the risk; then they say they don’t want to get it from me, to which I can only say that asymptomatic spread has already been disproven, and if I actually had it, the science says they have a near zero risk of anything other than full recovery.

As I walk out the door, I see a number of youngsters walking around outdoors all masked up. I love it when one of the masked zombies cross the street to avoid passing within one meter of unmasked me. And those that see unmasked me look in horror ... It won’t be long before they point and shreik in horror like Donald Sutherland at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Yes, that seems to be the world in which we find ourselves.
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 5:22AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, if anywhere was to be that bad, I would have to say that I would put Mass up there as a candidate (spent a year there a while back).

I am very glad most people are back to normal, business-wise. Oh, we have a young Chinese lady, maybe 25 years old, who teaches my boy piano. Well, she is OK (or I guess it's the school) with us going in in person again. That has some advantages. This cute young lady told me that she got this vaccine. It's not like it's my business, and I am no expert, but if she had asked me about it, I'd have warned her that she is taking more risk with it than she is of getting the Kung Flu, IMO. You know, I'll write a post on that.

I take it you will stay in Mass and not move back to your old home, Mr. G? I guess they have their own problems now, self-generated, of course.
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 5:17AM MST
PS: Yes, Bill, that's your best bet. Between the background noise, loud shrill black ladies shouting out stuff, the beeping from the fryer or whatever, the plexiglass, and the masks, aural communication is, uhhh, compromised.

What I do is simply take the mask off while I order fast food. Haha, yes that defeats the purpose. Wait, what purpose? Anyway, nobody says anything, and of the "no cheese, no onions, and no mayo" all they got wrong last time was the cheese. I can live with that. (not if it were the onions though)
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 5:13AM MST
PS Adam, these are not the fat black sassy DMV ladies. They are some of the few professionals, and this particular one is very nice. It's just that there was no way to carry on a conversation. Asking her to take the mask off (which I've done when I really need to hear) would have got us both in trouble in this particular spot, so ...

Yeah, screaming into 4" of material is one thing, but I do wonder if there's an effect of the irregular airspace in between the masks making it worse than one piece of double thick material. Perhaps Dr. Fauci could get a man on it.
Thursday - April 22nd 2021 5:02AM MST
Come to Charlie BakerParkerBacon’s Covid wonderland. Religious masking shows no sign of abating. Particularly disappointing are the number of young men wearing the talisman.

As an aside BakerParkerBacon’s been ragging on hockey and hockey events all year -hockey tournaments are SUPERSPREADERS- blah blah blah.
Monday he had the National Champ Umass team to the statehouse- no talk of superspreading.... can you say bandwagon?

I predict the mask mandate in MA will last at least through the end of the year.
Bill H
Wednesday - April 21st 2021 10:02PM MST
PS At age 77 my hearing in the upper ranges is fading. So in recent years I have compensated by lip reading, especially women, because I don't hear them well. Guess what.

I now habitually carry a notebook and a pen. When ordering food through a plexiglass barrier, with a masked clerk and speakers blaring rock music...
Adam Smith
Wednesday - April 21st 2021 8:15PM MST
PS: Good evening Achmed...

“you'd think the face masks would be going away.”
If “some people” have their way, face diapers will be forever. It's essential to the program.

“Maybe an acoustics engineer could explain it”
Have you ever screamed into a pillow?

“Black! women seem to be the worst.” Agree!
Don't ask Michelle Øb☭ma why she's so angry, it just pisses her off.

Sorry to hear you have to deal with Black! women at work. Or at all, or ever.
I do not envy your misfortune, kind sir...

Though I do hope you have a nice evening.

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