Don't jab me - I'm only the Piano Teacher

Posted On: Saturday - April 24th 2021 3:44AM MST
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Peak Stupidity has not chimed in any opinion on the COVID-one-niner vaccines. I have no more knowledge about vaccines than your average Joe Blow. Everyone in the immediate family has some suspicion of a new TYPE of vaccine with this mRNA, not just the normal dead/small dose of a virus to activate the antibodies, and one that was hurried to market during this Kung Flu PanicFest. There have been vaccines with long-term ill effects before - just sayin'. So, we've have not gotten jabbed.

I do understand numbers, and, from what we've seen, if one can trust news in any way anymore, is that the risk of ill effects from the vaccines is very small. Were I someone very vulnerable to the COVID-one-niner, say an obese 75 y/o, I would have wanted this vaccine. We have an older relative who has taken the two jabs and is much more relaxed about the virus now.

To me, that's the benefit of the vaccine, the lessening of the hysteria, whether it's actually just herd immunity kicking in or the vaccine. Personally, I don't care less about getting jabbed. Were I forced to from work, I would be scared much more of the increasing Orwellian Healthcare State than the vaccination itself.

That all out of the way, I've read quite a bit about the possible effects of the vaccine on fertility and ongoing pregnancies. One of our favorite and one of the most trustworthy pundits I read, Mrs. Michelle Malkin, posted this article about the risks for pregnant women.

Now to the Kung Flu anecdote, then. Due to people having finally lightened-the-hell-up from the hysteria where I live, we can go to piano lessons in person again. The teacher is a cute young lady of ~ 25 years. Because of the school's rules we still had to wear masks inside, annoying as that was. After I asked they teacher if we really, really, had to do that (yeah, "the rules"), she told us that she had gotten vaccinated.

Again, I'm no Dr. Fauci, but I really think that was a stupid move on her part. I mean, she's a 25 y/o in good health - no obesity whatsoever, and believe me, I checked from all angles! A young cutie like that has a very large number of chances or opportunities to get pregnant. Yet, her risk of the Kung Flu killing her is minuscule! Where's the greater risk, possible unknown-as-of-yet side effects of this vaccine on a future pregnancy or the known tiny risks of the virus?

It's just an assumption here, but in general the artsy types are not particularly numerate. (Yeah, she can count in 1/32nd notes with great precision - I don't mean that.) Did she really think this over calmly and logically, or did the PanicFest Infotainment cause our young piano teacher here to make this bad decision to get jabbed? I am pretty sure that was the case.

I am particularly proud of the post title this time. Because Peak Stupidity has been on an Elton John kick, the title of this obscure early-career album came to mind. It's Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player from early 1973. Elton John released a 2nd album that same year, the blockbuster double-record Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (to me, one of the best pop albums of all time).

Don't Shoot Me ... had 2 hit songs, the ballad Daniel and the fun Crocodile Rock. You've heard those, but maybe not this other song, called Elderberry Wine.

Drunk all the time, feelin' fine, on elderberry wine.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - April 27th 2021 9:12AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Mr. Ike, Lol... Thank you for teaching me about the error of my ways.

Mr. Alarmist, given the highly politicized nature of these vaxxes I can see how the reporting rate could be higher or lower. Generally, there is a lot of under-reporting of adverse reactions associated with the jabs. A lot of adverse events get swept under the rug, as you say.

It's interesting to see how they dismiss deaths caused by vaccine by pointing out underlying conditions when last year they were dismissing underlying conditions to inflate deaths with covid numbers. It's Orwellian the way they spin the narrative.

The blood clotting and myocarditis among those under 30 is pretty damning evidence that these jabs are dangerous. It also seems like cases spike anywhere there have been large amounts of vaccines taken by the public. Recently vaxxed people should quarantine, but they don't.

“funny, because most of COVID is a respiratory challenge”

It seems to me that COVID, what ever that may be, is not only a respiratory challenge but also a cardiovascular challenge. I have a feeling we're just starting to see the damage caused by this wicked experiment. Time will tell.

While I would like to believe that the people of power and those who pull their strings are merely hubristic, idealistic, greedy, stupid, etc., this alone does not explain what I see happening on the world stage. I really do believe that many/most of these people are evil and that they do evil things for evil purposes. Perhaps they are just corrupted by power(?), but I think evil people and psychopaths are drawn to those positions of power in the first place.

It really is sad and strange as most people are decent and the world is a truly beautiful place.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Mr. Anon
Sunday - April 25th 2021 11:41PM MST

If you want to get the vaccine, get the vaccine.

If you don't want to get it, don't get it.

Nobody should be forced to get it.

I've never gotten a flu vaccine, and I have no intention of getting this one.

"Vaccine Hesitancy"? Hell No! Vaccine Refusal is what I have. The fact that they are employing the hard-sell on this thing makes me distrust it all the more. You know why I don't want it, Doctor Fauci? It's because you recommend it, and you (Dr. Fauci) are an unstrustworthy little creep.

The Alarmist
Sunday - April 25th 2021 7:11PM MST

I vaguely recall it being 59 genders, and 57 was the number of states in Barack Obama’s America.
Sunday - April 25th 2021 2:00PM MST
PS: Alarmist, I'd say the "leaders" of the world are selfish and stupid. Those who pull the strings are selfish and evil.

PeterIke, you took the words out of my fingers, tough I was going to go with 32 flavors, a la Baskin Robbins, but your (Heinz) 57 is probably closer to the REAL number of genders.
The Alarmist
Sunday - April 25th 2021 9:47AM MST
PS: Good afternoon all

Mr. Smith, your observation that as few as 1% of adverse vaxx reactions are reported in VAERS is confirmed by a number of sources. One could posit that the politicized nature of these vaxxes might lead to a higher reporting rate ... or lower.

Evidence in the UK and EU suggests there’s a lot of under-reporting or sweeping of things under the rug. They could easily hide the deaths of old folks, like the 23 who died in Norway, by pointing out they had other underlying conditions or, as has been seen in the US, they were simply old. This sophistry, of course, puts the lie to the fiction of using vaxxes to protect the weakest, since one could easily argue that the weakest have a higher risk of adverse reaction to the vaxx.

What they can’t so easily sweep under the rug are the clot deaths of younger people, which ordinarily be quite rare, but are instead dramatically higher in those younger folks getting the vaxx. Israel is now looking into a spike in myocarditis among under30s who got the vaxx.

These vaxxes are bad news. They create spikes proteins they trigger to challenge the immune response, find their way foremost into the bloodstream (funny, because most of COVID is a respiratory challenge), and the easiest cells to attack are precisely the epithelial cells in the circulatory system, and the body’s response to that can trigger coagulation that leads to clots that can start doing damage all over the body. Then there’s the impact to cells in various organs.

I’d like to think the leaders of the world and those who pull their strings are hubristic, idealistic, stupid, or all of those, but every passing day makes it seem more and more like they are just evil.
Sunday - April 25th 2021 9:40AM MST

“ How many genders can get pregnant? ”

All 57 of them, bigot.
Adam Smith
Sunday - April 25th 2021 9:20AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Mr Alarmist, I'm under the impression that adverse events are woefully under-reported to VAERS. I've read estimates that only 1-3% of all adverse reactions are actually reported. If this is true it would mean many, many times more adverse events happen than that which is reflected by the data in the VAERS database.

How many people even knew about VAERS or the vaccine court two or three years ago? How many still don't know? How many doctors didn't know? Doctors don't even read the package inserts, I'd imagine many, dare I say most, didn't even know about VAERS until recently. I'd imagine many still don't know about VAERS.

My grandfather is not in the database, for example.

“That's not a vaccine side effect, just a coincidence or bad luck.” Said many a Doctor to someone injured by a vaccine over the years since “The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act” passed in 1986.

We have no way to know how many people have truly been injured or killed by the poison needle.

The Alarmist
Sunday - April 25th 2021 7:42AM MST

I probably exaggerated the number of all vaxxes when I said billions... it’s probably only several hundred million other vaxxes. Point is, you are likely many times more likely from any COVID vaxx than a flu vax or other properly tested vaxxes.

This is an interesting read:

“But what is clear, even on the admitted data that Siegel cites, is that for someone not at particular risk the shot is more dangerous than the disease itself when adjusted for your risk of getting Covid over a year's time, and given that it is expected you need to take the shot again every year this will not be a "one time" risk either. There is exactly zero evidence on whether if you get no bad reaction the first time that means the shot is safe for you or whether each jab is a new, unrelated trial on a body of one.”
Bill H
Sunday - April 25th 2021 6:50AM MST
PS A link about the two different antibodies? Sadly, no. That's part of what convinces me it was true. The article disappeared shortly after it was published (thus no link) and has never been repeated.

This is what the government and media to nowadays. They suppress truth and publish propaganda.
Sunday - April 25th 2021 5:56AM MST
PS: "3000 near-term deaths out of 100M vaxxes in 5 months is far worse than roughly 200 to 300 deaths out of the billions of other vaxxes given each year in the US.".

I've got no argument on that one.
The Alarmist
Sunday - April 25th 2021 3:35AM MST

3000 near-term deaths out of 100M vaxxes in 5 months is far worse than roughly 200 to 300 deaths out of the billions of other vaxxes given each year in the US.

Adam Smith
Saturday - April 24th 2021 8:35PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

“Very few under the age of 70 should get any of the vaxxes for COVID. Certainly nobody pregnant, and definitely not children.”

Mr. Alarmist, I agree!, but I do not see why anyone should get any of these injectables.
Why play vaccine roulette?

Mr. Moderator, I just thought those links were silly because they use phrases like “People who Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding” and “Pregnant Persons”. And they do it with a (presumably) straight face. I feel like there might be a different word we could use to describe this class of people. I don't know. Maybe i'm just confused anymore...

How many genders can get pregnant?

Saturday - April 24th 2021 5:28PM MST
PS: Alarmist, 3,000 deaths out of 100,000,000 vaccines (?) or so jabbed, is smaller than the risk of COVID-19 to (as you say) 70 y/o and older folks, or at least those with other problems. The risks from the COVID don't come randomly though.

Who knows if the ill effects of the vaccine are a lot more than that, though, I don't trust the MSM any more than you do, so I understand your case. Also, is there any way of knowing who is more at risk from side effects of the virus? No, of course not yet, as there may be long-term effects.

For me, no thanks - there is no reason for me to take it. As I wrote in the post, I'm more worried about the Healthcare State than the vaccine itself. (John Derbyshire has a term for this Orwellian Healthcare stuff in one of his podcasts that I like better - I'll find it again soon. He writes very well and gives both sides.)

The German vids won't help me too much, unless it's got subtitles (I'll check), but I appreciate your description and the other links - I've read lockdownskeptics before.
Saturday - April 24th 2021 5:18PM MST
PS: That's just it, Bill. The longer-term risks are completely unknown, while death/illness from COVID-19 itself has been studied to a hysterical extent.

I remember reading about the Thalidomide and its horrendous "side effects". That was terrible. Thank you for the info about both the polio and the interesting aspect of the different antibodies generated by the vaccine vs. the virus. Do you have a link on the latter? Is it all of the vaccines or certain ones? (I truly don't give a damn about keeping up on those vaccines.

Mr. Smith, regarding your 2nd link, I should have put that on that iSteve thread in response to "That would be telling". Thanks. (I'll paste that in if he writes back.)
The Alarmist
Saturday - April 24th 2021 4:00PM MST

If you understand German there’s a series of short videos on YouTube under the hashtag #allesdichtmachen (roughly ‘seal everything’ as in watertight). The videos are made by a number of well known actors who describe sarcasticly why lockdown is good for them and us.

There’s a scandal around this in Germany because a lot of Germans thought this was all said in earnest, and no shortage of true believers who thought it was wrong to make fun of this serious subject. Even I as a non-native speaker got the irony, so I don’t know what is wrong with half of Germany, though I do know what is wrong with the other half.

My fave is the young woman who gives deep breathing exercises using Dankbar (thankful), with the in-breath vocalizing ‘Dank’ (Thank) and the outbreath vocalizing ‘bar’ (ful).

The series is brilliant.

#allesdichtmachen (close or seal everything)
#niewiederaufmachen (never open up)
#lockdownfürimm (lockdown forever)

The Alarmist
Saturday - April 24th 2021 3:31PM MST

PS. Very few under the age of 70 should get any of the vaxxes for COVID. Certainly nobody pregnant, and definitely not children.
The Alarmist
Saturday - April 24th 2021 3:26PM MST

@Mr. Moderator said, “I do understand numbers, and, from what we've seen, if one can trust news in any way anymore, is that the risk of ill effects from the vaccines is very small.”

Whose numbers? The MSM? Since they started giving COVID vaxxes in December, more than 96k adverse events following vaccination have been reported to CDC’s VAERS, including 3,217 deaths (more than 10x annual deaths for all vaccines in all prior years, and that just 5 months). We haven’t even begun to see the long-term fallout.

When the MSM say that only 6 died from blood clots here, 2 there, they and Big Pharma are attempting to blow sunshine up our asses, and they are succeeding with the vast majority of us.

Here’s a link to the CDC VAERS page, if you want to noodle around and query the database:

Here are a couple places to get alternative viewpoints and links to further info:

Adam Smith
Saturday - April 24th 2021 9:42AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Bill H
Saturday - April 24th 2021 7:11AM MST
PS We do know the risk of ill effects is very small for THE FIRST SIX MONTHS after getting the vaccine. The risks after that time are 100% unknown. The vaccine was tested on humans for only two months, and has been in use for four.

Thalidomide was tested for two years and had been in use for 18 months before it was discovered that it was causing horrendous birth defects.

Polio vaccine was tested for one year and had been in use for seven months before it was discovered that it was actually causing a variant of polio. My mother was in a body cast for almost a year after getting that vaccine.

During the new vaccine's test period test period the vaccine was given to a person who had recovered from Covid. Blood testing revealed two antibodies: one produced in response to the disease, and a significantly DIFFERENT ONE produced by the vaccine. The report was quickly suppressed, and you can find no evidence of it now.

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