Coca~Cola Cowboy - Mel Tillis

Posted On: Wednesday - April 28th 2021 6:59PM MST
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I couldn't get this song completely out of my head after yesterday's post about Coca~Cola. Mel Tillis arguably sang in the era of real Country Music. Coca~Cola Cowboy, written by Steve Dorff, Sandy Pinkard, Sam Atchley and Bud Dain, was on Mr. Tillis' Mr. Entertainer album of 1979. This song reached number 1 on the Billboard Country Music charts that year.

It was also featured in the Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way but Loose.

If you want to hear another song from this same era, see this Peak Stupidity economics post with John Conlee's Rose Colored Glasses.

She said....

You're just a Coca~Cola cowboy.
You got an Eastwood smile, and Robert Redford hair.
But you walked across my heart like it was Texas,
and you taught me how to say I just don't care.

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