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Posted On: Tuesday - December 6th 2016 9:16AM MST
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This is more background regarding this post for readers young enough to not know much about the US governement's massacre of 76 people on their own property in Waco, Texas on April 19th of 1993 (or those unaware of current events at the time).

This site is one I picked out of the blue just now, but the Waco - the Rules of Endgagement video is the best documentary on it I have seen.

Well, unlike many Americans at this point in time, this writer was old enough, and aware enough, to keep up with what was going on in the country in 1993. This blog is not about whole histories of events in America, as there is plenty of material out there and not enough time in the day. However, I would like to point it out wrt Janet Reno but also put down just one thought here that is from 1993.

At that point, it was just a couple of years before I realized just about everything in politics/governments in this country was going in only one - the wrong - direction. This writer could be considered a libertarian/constitutionalist in 1993.

The siege of the Branch Davidian property, (oh, "compound", it's always a "compound" if it's the "bad" guys, the ones that don't like the police state) started a few months earlier than April 19th of that year. I was watching the national TV news, as was still my habit until the mid-90's. The reporter at the scene in Texas was concluding his report and handing off back to the big cheese - I don't know if it was Dan Rather or one of the other 2 big cheeses, let's just say that.

The reporter concluded his story with "They are Survivalists, Dan!" That was said in a way to make you sure that being a survivalist is a BAD thing. Even back then, as a younger man, I realized the BS that comes out of these people's pie-holes. "Hey," I thought, "what in hell's wrong with being a survivalist? It's not a reason to pin people in their house for 2 months, try to starve them out, and then eventually come in with the tear gas, tanks, and rifle fire. I mean, unless we're living in a police state. Oh, wait, that means ......"

I don't have a super long term memory for details like that, but this memory stands out like it had been said yesterday: "They are Survivalists, Dan!"

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