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Posted On: Monday - May 3rd 2021 2:32PM MST
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Kung Flu Extermination:

Peak Stupidity discussed this problem with the ubiquitous wearing of face diapers, and even doubling-up of them, in the post Lost Comms from a couple of weeks back. My experiences with this induced problem have been more than just the one-off described in that post. In that case, it was a nice black woman with doubled-up masking, who was just making conversation that was going nowhere, like an old T-Mobile phone commercial or a VHF* radio conversation with Amelia Earhart over the western Pacific ocean.

In this case, I will describe the situation with the Kung Flu stupidity intermixed with the longer-term immigration stupidity. (Two of our favorite Topic Keys, yeah!). The situation in this anecdote occurred in a fairly inexpensive Patel-Motel that I had gotten a room in on my own dime. It's not a bad place when there aren't loud people in the next room, and if your credit card number isn't hustled off to India (as I suspected one time when a bogus charge from Venmo was put on my card, within a day after my departure). The people in the lobby are usually pretty good on the phone and the place runs well enough.

Considering the state of America Peak Stupidity described in our series of posts entitled "Hotel Haiti" ( see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.), things worked well in the place. The housekeeping staff was non-White, the case 98% of the time for me in the areas I have travelled recently. Since this was a Indian owned place, the entire staff but 3 or 4 black women (who working in front some times and/or drive the van) were Indian. Perhaps they are family members or maybe just the best-in-caste low-wage labor the owners could dig up and import from the Old Country.

The one guy who I saw with a the cleaning cart seemed nice enough. I said hello when I saw him on the elevator. What he said back was not exactly clear, what with his mask on and all. In the morning when I heard a knock and "housekeeping", I said twice "I'm staying till 11" loudly enough. I got no response. That's the case often, which shows a real lack of communication skills, Kung Flu or no Kung Flu. All you have to do is acknowledge with "OK". It's not that hard.

I didn't want the guy trying to bust in** a few minutes later, as some even more worthless communicators will - they'll just say "housekeeping" once and then bust in, answer or not. I therefore went into the hall to tell him nicely that "I'm staying till 11". It didn't go that nicely, because as soon as I realized that the guy's English was nil***, I got perturbed. "Not till 11. Do you know any English?" "I knock on other door." Ahaaa, he had been knocking across the hall. OK, maybe my hearing is still too good (need to go to more KIZZ shows?), but then, again, with no response, how do I know?

"OK, if you can't speak English and wear that mask ..." Now he put the face mask from on his chin back onto his face. So he only got one word - "mask". "No, no, I don't care about these stupid face masks. Can you just say something back to me? You gotta be able to communicate!" I really wouldn't have lectured the guy, as he was just some hardworking poor slave-laborer of the owners, but then this double-whammy of terrible English and the face-masking is truly making it hard to deal with people. In this case, yeah, it was just the poor English, and downstairs the young Indian guy spoke well enough, once I got him to take off his face mask to give me the total charges.

Now, guys like Ron Unz will tell you that they are ALL assimilating. See, the kids can talk to you pretty well. Yeah, well besides all the other factors like losing your country and stuff, all of these relatives, illegal imported slave-laborers, etc, are a pain in the ass to deal with, no matter how nice they may actually be. There's no way to tell. There are major sectors of the American service economy now in which you can't expect to communicate easily. The face masks have been making it worse. It's another confluence of stupidities.

* Or, was it HF? (Gotta look this up.)

** "Trying", because I did put the mechanical latch in place. The housekeepers all have master key cards, which makes sense. The deadbolt won't keep them from busting in.

*** What the heck part of India do they get these people from, anyway? They said you was high caste, well that was just a lie ...

Tuesday - May 4th 2021 8:20PM MST
PS: Alarmist, the guy will likely get some ER medical care, not directly on the taxpayer, but on anyone paying health insurance. Yet, no taxes will likely come out of his salary at all. Thank you for the radio frequency.

Rex, my comment was referring to the movie "Cool Hand Luke", but it should have been "... best hand OF all" and with they typos, well sorry 'bout that.

Mr. Blanc, I would personally resent having to learn Spanish, even though I already do know a bit. (It's about the easiest language for Americans to learn.) If would be a real shame if English were lost or smeared into that Pidgin or whatever. English has something like an order of magnitude more words than other languages.
Tuesday - May 4th 2021 11:17AM MST
PS Future whites (including those who are young now) are going to have to know (Mexican) Spanish. They simply won’t be able to navigate society without it. But Hindi? Or Urdu? Or Mandarin? Or Igbo? Or Arabic? Or any of the dozens (hundreds?) of Amerindian languages of Latin America? Perhaps standard English will disappear and be replaced by a pidgin that everyone learns while they use their native language in intragroup situations.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - May 4th 2021 10:16AM MST

@Mr. Moferator, it was definitely HF ... 3 MHz ... err 3 MC and 6 MC.

It surprises a lot of Americans to learn that fewer than 10% of dot Indians speak english, and very few speak it well, even though it was once governed and administered by the Brits. Then again, nowadays not many of the yoof in the UK speak proper english. What do I know, I speak American after all.

The crime is that the Indian guy you interacted with probably came at a late age, and while he won’t get much in the way of Soc Sec, he will get a number of bennies to help him in his old age. The real crime is that Uncle Sam will reach into my pocket, despite all the money I pay over here in taxes, to finance the importation of foreigners who are continuing to reduce the US to a third world country.
Tuesday - May 4th 2021 4:20AM MST
PS: Rex, sometimes a non-sanitary hand is the best hand at all. The bridge club will probably be too scared to call your bluff.* They should call you Hot Hand Rex ("hot" as in, full of the COVID-19.

I do understand why someone that age would be wary, but after the vax?

* I know, I know, it's Bridge, not poker. I played about 40 years ago and I cannot really remember the rules - there is some bluffing involved though, right?
Tuesday - May 4th 2021 4:18AM MST
PS: Yeah, Robert, guys like Ron Unz are so grateful for the Hispanics for running out black people from their neighborhoods (or whole State, for that matter). The problem is, it's still not your country anymore. I also told him that it these people run off have got to go SOMEWHERE. Conservation of mass, and all, you know ... Even a Red Senate and Congress can't overturn that one.
Rex Little
Monday - May 3rd 2021 9:03PM MST
PS Off topic, but it does relate to Covid and masks. . .

Today my local bridge club opened for live games for the first time in over a year. Out of 30 players, I was the only one who hadn't been vaccinated, and therefore the only one required to wear a mask. Even with the mask, and hand sanitizer, there were some who didn't want to touch anything I had touched. It's possible I won't be allowed to play in that game again unless I do get the shot (not a problem; I prefer online bridge anyway).

(In their defense, these are not young, healthy people. At 71 I was the youngest man in the room, and younger than all but two or three of the women.)
Rex Little
Monday - May 3rd 2021 8:51PM MST
PS The incident with the housekeeping guy is much like what happens routinely with my wife. She's from Thailand. She knows more English than that Indian guy, but if you say anything complex, she'll pick out about every third word and build her own interpretation, usually not at all close to what you intended.
Monday - May 3rd 2021 6:07PM MST
PS: A long time ago, in a country I will never be able to see again, I was managing a small paint/hardware store in a formerly Polish, now xicanix (OK, I'm writing this comment, just so I could use that word I saw at the other web site.) neighbourhood. I would sometimes get requests from people to translate government letters. (We were a full service store, after all.) Well, not really translate. I would read the letter, and simplify the English, then their kid (often about eight to ten) would do the translating to their parent.

In a few years these kids would be dealing drugs on the street corners. They were certainly assimilating to the systemic racism of the White patriarchy, though. It was not this neighbourhood, but a very similar one, that ran off the BLM "protesters" when they tried to visit.
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