Marshall Crenshaw- There & Back Again

Posted On: Saturday - July 3rd 2021 6:41PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has featured the bright sound of Marshall Crenshaw before at least once - my favortie is probably She Can't Dance from his self-titled debut album. That album had 2 songs that I'd heard played on the radio, the hit Someday, Someway and my 2nd favorite, Cynical Girl.

I bought a CD of Marshall Crenshaw's Miracle of Science sometime around 2000. It's not quite as good as that self-titled one, but is still full of good songs. The album was his 7th one, from 1996, and I doubt 1% of the American population has ever heard any of the songs. His career peaked, unfortunately, with that 1st album.

From Miracle of Science, here's There & Back Again, with a good melody and a bright voice and bright guitar. Enjoy!

So ends the blogweek. Next week, more curmudgeonry, something about cheap American-made crap, revisiting the Kung Flu Panicfest for a post, hotel room stupidity, and MORE!!! Thanks for reading.

Tuesday - July 13th 2021 11:53PM MST
PS - as great as his first album was, I think he hit a great peak a couple years later with Downtown (1985) and Mary Jean & 9 others (1987)

Brought his guitar playing even more to the fore, and with many well-written songs, great vocals, and atmospherics

Highly recommended
The Alarmist
Sunday - July 4th 2021 12:46PM MST

I understand shortages of things we get from China, but was surprised to pay nearly double what I paid a couple years ago for hot wings. The lady behind the counter said, “Sorry, honey, but we have to charge market rates now ... back around the SuperBowl it was three times that price.”

Does America source wings from China now, or did the Somalis at the slaughterhouses down their knives to sit back at home and chew on the khat bought with that sweet, sweet money Bad Orange Man and Creepy Joe tossed at them when their puppet masters decided it was time to burn what was left of the American merchant-class economy to the ground?

My little city here on the Florida coast put on a really nice show last night. My European wife was quite impressed not just with that but also all the private shows one could see up and down the beach. I’ve heard there is a shortage of fireworks this year, but I didn’t see much evidence of that the last couple of days.

You should see the fireworks Germans (private citizens) set off on New Years eve. I always say that if you give a German permission to do something, you had better get out of the way, e.g. Autobahns where the speed limit is still unrestricted (there’s less and less of that as the Greens and Globalists clamp down) and New Years Eve fireworks (I’m sure the Greens will set their sights on that ... for the Umwelt). The fireworks I used to see in France were more of a communal thing. In that respect, the US is a blend of the two, though it’s not hard to see the authoritarian bent of US politicians across the country trying to snuff out what’s left of the Independence and individual liberty that Independence Day is supposed to celebrate.
Sunday - July 4th 2021 6:57AM MST
PS: Happy Independence Day! (In advance ... for when we actually get around to becoming independent.)

We ran out of our fireworks, Robert. We went by a stand on a road trip a few weeks ago, but it was pretty "dear", as they say. The guy did say (TNT is a big outfit) that they would sell out, as they couldn't get enough of it from China. (OK, I guess I can't say "what? We're getting fireworks from China now?")
Saturday - July 3rd 2021 10:39PM MST
PS: Happy Isn't this Country Great day!

On the Vigil, here in Town (a few thousand souls), festivities began about 8:30, at sunset. From Nine till Ten almost continuous. 12:30, and things are tapering off. Somewhere nearby had the good stuff. Not quite professional, but close. Hope he saved some for tomorrow.

The shotguns should come out on the 4th.

Also saw a motorcycle, with the American flag, ridden by a black guy --- the locals here are either rednecks, or africans going to the local college. A few Trump 2020 flags on pickups.
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