Them US Blues - 2021

Posted On: Sunday - July 4th 2021 8:49PM MST
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This is the first blog-post here on a Sunday. Peak Stupidity is only breaking our rule in order to keep another tradition up, which is the posting of The Dead's US Blues every Independence Day, with a few lyrics. Son of a gun, when I looked back I see every one of the previous 4 posts has a youtube video that has since gone missing!

Well, that there's a good reason to put it up too. Any non-DeadHeads should also please note that, though you may think of them as counter traditional American culture and a bunch of druggies, this band was truly an All American band. That goes for the music AND the players - Jerry, Bobby, Phil, Mickey, Billy, and Brent, all of them.

Check my pulse, it don't change.
Stays seventy-two come shine or rain.
Wave the flag, pop the bag,
Rock the boat, skin the goat.

Wave that flag, wave it wide and high.
Summertime done come and gone, my, oh, my.

Happy Independence Day, or what's left of it (the day and our independence).

Mr. Anon
Thursday - July 8th 2021 11:43PM MST

I only buy Duracell. And with modern LED flashlights, they last forever...........longer than the flashlight will last anyway.
Thursday - July 8th 2021 7:06AM MST
Mister Smith, enjoy. A great show from a great period in the band’s history. Hard to find a bad show from ‘77.

I’m not as obsessive a deadhead as many, as I often tell my wife there’s a whole level of psychosis (several levels, in fact) above me- the folks, God love ‘em, that view musical variety as throwing on the New Riders of the Purple Sage every once in a while.

The most obsessive thing I’ve ever done was, in 2019 while driving from Amherst to Buffalo for the Frozen Four (actually, given he location of my hotel I was driving from Amherst to Amherst) I rolled every version of Scarlet Begonias on my IPod classic- took from Utica to. Buffalo!

Mr. Moderator, dunno if you’ve had a chance to check out that Jim Miller/ Greg Cochran podcast but it is, as the Z man would say, remarkable.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - July 7th 2021 10:33PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Ganderson...

That's cool to know. As the 3/20 show holds a special place in your heart I downloaded it as an mp3 and put it on my phone to play through my bluetooth speaker sometime. I look forward to listening to it. Thanks.

Tuesday - July 6th 2021 12:11PM MST
Peter-it’s about Garcia and melody- there is often mindless noodling, but it’s worth it for the good stuff
Tuesday - July 6th 2021 10:47AM MST
PS: Peter, think of them as the Allman Brothers of the West.
Tuesday - July 6th 2021 8:50AM MST
I can't get into the Dead. And I like jam band music: I can listen to the Allman Brothers go on for hours. But the Dead always bore me senseless. I don't know why, I can't really identify why they don't do it for me.

Except for "Uncle John's Band" which is one of the best songs ever.
Monday - July 5th 2021 11:01PM MST
PS. Thanks Mr. Smith! I may have mentioned this before, but 3/20 was the best show I personally saw.
The Alarmist
Monday - July 5th 2021 7:02PM MST

I spent my formative years in a relatively dysfunctional US military bearing the brunt of the mess the self-involved Boomer “counterculture” inflicted on the country by their “principled” stand against the war. What destruction they didn’t wreak on America in the ‘60s was continued in the ‘80s and ‘90s as they moved into the management, academic, and governmental jobs that facilitated the offshoring of American manufacturing and the debasement of American education, including the introduction of debt-serfdom for the generations hoping to follow the path taken by the Boomers, only to find the ladder to success pulled up by the Boomers so that their success was not reproducible for the following generations.

The Day of the Pillow won’t come soon enough for those “brave” souls ;)
Monday - July 5th 2021 4:01PM MST
PS: T.J., thanks for writing in!
Monday - July 5th 2021 4:01PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I looked back just now and see that the youtube 11-digit ID is the indeed the same for '17, '18, '19, and '20. Thanks for checking that stuff - my memory is not so great, as I thought I'd put some different versions - from each other, that is.

I'm glad to hear your are researching the shows a bit. I'll start varying them, and in a while here, I may fill in those old posts. I hate to see blank videos on here, but there are so many to keep track of. I'm sure a good programmer could just quickly write a script to search for all youtube vids in the dBase, put the IDs in appropriate links to check on youtube, and then parse the resulting youtube page result. It could flag the ones that were blank, which means missing.
Monday - July 5th 2021 3:51PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, thanks for the great comment. I imagine you experienced it all. Re your last sentence, prosecuting that war was one thing, but I also think there were the true-blue anti-American Commie types behind a lot of it. They wouldn't care much about The Dead, the Hippies, etc, but they would care about pushing the Civil Rites, the big disruptive University takeover type protests and that sort of thing.
Monday - July 5th 2021 11:30AM MST
PS I was listening to this on way home from the gun club yesterday and thought to myself that this s really an appropriate song for the country on Independence Day---thanx for confirming it
Adam Smith
Monday - July 5th 2021 11:00AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Ganderson, Mr. Moderator...

“The thing is, I've got no way to know which versions I put up in those last 4 posts.”

Grateful Dead - U.S. Blues - 06/18/76 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)
Is the the link that you used in all four previous posts.
Wayback machine archived the page but not the video.

I don't know if the link you originally posted was like the youtube video above, or if it was more of a video like the one you posted today. (Maybe you remember?)

I found a video of the full show from the same theater the next night, June 19th, 1976...
(US Blues is not in the set that night.)

I found two videos from Cameron Indoor Stadium from 4/12/78...
(2nd one is the one you've embedded.)

And two copies of the show from Winterland Arena March 20th, 1977...
(US Blues is part of the encore.)

Happy Independence Day!

Monday - July 5th 2021 10:55AM MST
PS The 60s counterculture was pretty thoroughly American. Yes, there was some rebelliousness in it. But, then, the US started as a tax rebellion. A good part of the nation still marinates itself in the great rebellion of 1860–1865. A stubborn, independent streak is, or at least was, a deeply rooted part of the American character. We certainly didn’t invent recreational drug use. It was only in 1914, during the Progressive drive to impose Puritan standards on the nation, that the Feds outlawed drugs. Timothy Hickman, in “The Secret Leprosy of Modern Days” gives a pretty good account of the context of the Harrison Act. Nor did we invent sex. Or even rock and roll; that was done by our older brothers and sisters. If the elites, or a faction thereof, hadn’t insisted in prosecuting a war that many saw as not in the American national interest and, increasingly, as unwinnable by any acceptable means, the counterculture would have been nothing more than the largest generation in American history sowing some adolescent wild oats.
Monday - July 5th 2021 8:20AM MST
PS Done and done, Mr. Ganderson. The thing is, I've got no way to know which versions I put up in those last 4 posts. This sounds like a good one to me.
Monday - July 5th 2021 5:44AM MST
PS. Try the version from 3/20/77. And there’s one from Cameron Indoor Stadium from 4/12/ 78. Gold.

OT. I listened to Greg Cochran on Jim Miller’s podcast on my drive to OH yesterday- His claim is that he was right about the corona doom in every respect. Puzzling. Perhaps he’s not as smart as he presents himself. He certainly believes he’s the world’s smartest man.
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