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Posted On: Tuesday - August 17th 2021 6:16PM MST
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Well, OK, we didn't have a winner the previous few dozen centuries, mainly cause, tweeting is like, stupid. However, I would have signed up to tweet myself had I thought of this first:

There's not even an exaggeration in there.

Fuckin' A, "Bronze Age Kashi", Fuckin' A!

Adam Smith
Thursday - August 19th 2021 2:11PM MST
PS: Good evening Robert,

I agree. Nature does indeed point to God.
Often in some very meaningful ways.

That's a cool lizard tail/bird story. (It also qualifies as a drinking story and a Texas tale.) Some people seem to think that the lizard tail has a sort of auxiliary nerve center at the far end of the tail that allows it to wiggle and move like it does. They say the detached tail makes a great decoy for the predator to chase and attack, helping the lizard safely get away.

Maybe your dog ate the lizards, or chased them until they dropped their tails?

Have you ever heard of “Miracle Mike”? The chicken who lived for 18 months without a head...

A couple years back, an evening primrose popped out of the dirt. (At the time I didn't know what it was, just that it had yellow flowers that came out at night.) Every evening just before dusk, you can see the primrose awake from their sleep. They start to move a bit, almost like they are doing a little stretching or some kind of dance. Then one by one their flowers start popping...

They're pretty cool plants. How do they move like they do? Maybe grandpa Darwin is correct in his assessment?

Anyway, I hope you have a nice evening, Robert.

Wednesday - August 18th 2021 10:08PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, now that there is another post, I feel free to derail this thread.

Several years ago, in Texas, sitting outside drinking a couple of brewskies, I tried to catch a lizard. I almost got it, but the tail fell off. This tail then proceeded to writhe around for a couple of seconds, then stood up on (the fat) end, and danced/wriggled around. Quite neat, but a bird then swooped down and ate it.

How a three or four inch tail can stand up on its own (where is the brain, that supposedly coordinates things?) is beyond me, but it can be done.

Reminds me of Erasmus Darwins (Charlie's grandfather) proofs that plants have hearts and muscles. (Pumping sap far beyond the limits of capillary action, and flowers tracking the sun.) Nature does indeed point to God.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 18th 2021 2:31PM MST
PS: Hey Robert,

My cat eats blue tailed skinks like they're candy. Not sure if she eats the tail.(?)

I do know that skinks can "drop" their tail when they are afraid. Their tail will grow back later.

Wednesday - August 18th 2021 2:07PM MST
PS: I have nothing to add to this excellent post and comments.

But, with the mention of "Wild Kingdom" --- a week or so ago there was a dead lizard (6 or 7 inches long) on the floor, missing its tail. Today, sweeping up, I found not one, but TWO tails (about 3 inches long) missing their lizard.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 18th 2021 1:17PM MST

The funny schtick about Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom was Marlin sitting comfortaby and safe in the studio and saying something like “While Jim nets that lion...” as Jim was leaning precariously out of some fast moving vehicle at great risk to his personal safety.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 18th 2021 10:38AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

🙂 I've been meaning to make another one of these for some time, but I kinda forgot about it until I saw your comment to iDeplorable yesterday. Glad to brighten your day.

The issue number is super easy if you cheat...

Janet Yellen is one of the "real", non satire headlines in this issue (1 of 5)...

Some things are so stupid they fit right in next to the satire and don't look out of place.

500 pixels wide? Turns kinda fuzzy and a little hard to read...

Maybe the little one could link to the larger one?

It is a creative political art form, and it's fun. You can get in on this any time you like.

I think I prefer the larger format. It gives me more room for pictures and it has twice the headlines/stories.

I didn't remember Marlin Perkins until I looked him up.
Guess I'm still young.

I hope you have a great day.

Wokekanda Isn't Real
Wednesday - August 18th 2021 10:30AM MST
PS This just in from the Taliban regarding the rainbow flag-You lost get over it.

Look up some of the dank memes that the Towelyban are putting up and CCP is doing drills off the coast of Taiwan but at least we don't have the bad orange tweets.
Wednesday - August 18th 2021 9:50AM MST
PS: Adam, that was simply awesome! 5 minutes of LOL, and you even got the issue # right. (OK, I estimated without yet calculating 30 day vs 31 days months.)

For Alarmist, I'll juxtapose your pics for a separate post, as Mr. Smith incorporated your point part-ways.

I don't know how this thing will fit in a 500 pixel wide screen, but I'll see how it goes. This is a very creative political art form, and maybe I want to get in on it, Adam. I especially loved Janet Yellen down there (like anyone even gives a rat's ass about a debt ceiling anymore), the Tranny infertility crisis (brilliant!), and the dart shooting. (My only addition would be "Marlin Perkins put on retainer" - yeah, I know the young people wouldn't get it.)

You made my day with this one again. It'll have to go up on iSteve sometime too.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 18th 2021 8:41AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

By special request:

Wednesday - August 18th 2021 6:08AM MST
Agree. Amazingly good tweet.

Too bad he only has 13K followers.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 18th 2021 4:25AM MST

post idea... feel free to steal the comparisons of insurrections posted here
The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 18th 2021 3:30AM MST

Thanks for posting that. I didn’t grab it the first time I saw it, and couldn’t find it when I wanted to re-post it.

I do wonder how many normies will get the point.
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