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Posted On: Wednesday - September 29th 2021 7:21PM MST
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This post is not a story about what happened to the young lady named Gabby Petito. It's an anecdote and some opinion about the use of the story of Gabby Petito as just more infotainment, as part of the Bread & Circuses Americans are being fed and entertained with as a distraction from the real events of the age.

Who in the heck is Gabby Petito? If you asked me that in your head just now, good on you! It's not that this makes me feel better for also not having heard that name myself before last week. I don't care about that, and I can separate the Bread & Circuses from the real issues. It's that I would be glad to know there are others who still don't know, or care for that matter, about her story for the same reason.

I ended up riding on an airliner on a flight home next to a guy who was suprisingly not spending the flight on his phone apps. Therefore we could have a conversation, and it started off well. That was due to the fact that we both agreed that the face diapering requirement was ridiculous. We talked about that for a minute or two, and then he asked if I had heard about this woman Gabby something. She was missing.

"Nah, I haven't heard of her. I haven't kept up with the local news", I admitted. There had been a college-aged white girl missing and found dead a while back, and it was the usual - killed by a black man. I figured this was something like that. Then, the guy started talking about the boyfriend and Utah, and some other State, and I was getting lost. It did not help one iota in clearing things up that we were both wearing the face diapers upon threat of some TSA-directed punishment by the airline. I asked a few questions because my confusion stemmed from the following: The guy was also going home, so with our both being from the same hometown, I started out assuming that this was a local girl and a local story. Nothing the guy said through the face mask really cleared that up.

I couldn't get it straight until I got home even that this story was not any local story. It is one of these bi-monthly or so pieces of human interest infotainment, like that singer or actress in the islands that something happened to and was in the news for months on end. (See, I don't really know that one too.) Many of these result in so many headlines on the mainstream websites that just from passing through (such as logging off my yahoo email account), I would be bound to see the name a few times.

This fellow passenger has a daughter a little younger than Miss Petito was, so he was angry when he spoke of what the boyfriend had done, or something. I can understand that, as that's one of the goals of this infotainment, to induce emotional involvement that results in MOAR clicks and MOAR viewing time! It's just that, well, this is one story in a nation of 350 (by now) million people! Bad things happen, and one could fill each days news with a story just as tragic, every day till Kingdom Come.

When I got home, I wanted to at least find out the gist of this story, just to clear up my confusion about what the heck this guy had been talking about. The funny thing about it was that there were so many articles, that I couldn't' find a one with just the basics. By the time I got done searching, I no longer cared about Gabby Petito. I cared more about how much time I'd wasted on this infotainment and why decent people like that airline passenger let themselves get distracted by it all.

Sorry. If you need help in finding the girl, and she was seen last in my area, I would be glad to help. Now that I know the girl is dead, I understand how the parents would feel. Otherwise, this is no one I know, in a place far from me, so what do you want outta me? More clicks? A new law about "never again"? Not agonna' do it.

The Alarmist
Friday - October 1st 2021 2:14PM MST

I’m contemplating buying a sailboat ... it might soon be the only way I can come back to the US, short of finding my way to Mexico and walking across the border.
Friday - October 1st 2021 6:14AM MST
PS: Van life, RV life, and to a lesser degree, houseboat life, are ways to get out of the system. I respect those who live those lifestyles, as much as I don't think it's ever been something I was too enamored with, nor my wife to an even larger degree.

I used to very much enjoy a long road trip in the right car - once, I went 7,500 miles in 3 weeks, simply to DRIVE - my destination, other than the one at the end, back home, was simply an excuse. Gas was a buck a gallon, but with the REAL rate of inflation, that''s really about the same as now.

If you REALLY want to live away from the sick society that I see everywhere, you go ocean sailing, for life. I've done a little sailing myself - I wonder how many people Jimmy Buffett has influenced over the years. The only thing is, unlike in some of his songs, in which there's alway "those good old United State" ("Manana" from "Son of a. Son of a Sailor") to go back to. How will it be to sail around the islands or over to S. America when you know there's no place to ever go home to? (Hey, another one. "wonder why we ever go home...")

Mr. Kief, are you a Parrothead too, along with your love for other American music?
Gabacho the Clown
Thursday - September 30th 2021 3:35PM MST
PS It is all the Bolshevik enemedia talks about and poor downtrodden Britney Spears.
The magazine rack at the Pik-N-Pak has Gabby on every cover and online chatter says the body was found and the search is on for the boyfriend.
Societies that are too stupid to exist won't be around to write great reviews in the winnarz history books.
Meanwhile the homicide rate went up 30% during the 2020 edition of the Great Reset Leap Forward COV-LARP with persons of African-Amerian (wayciss!) ancestry bearing the brunt, usually at the hands of racial comrades.
Comrade Kommissar Hussein Hopenchange (CPUSA/CCP) legalized everything fake and gay with the NDAA so the plots won't be improving and the Skinny Pop isn't on sale.
The Alarmist
Thursday - September 30th 2021 10:02AM MST

Thanks, Mr. Smith.

BTW, the non-stop news in Central Florida is the search for ... wait for it ... missing person Miya Marcano, a 19 y.o. female PoC.
Adam Smith
Thursday - September 30th 2021 9:17AM MST
PS: On a more serious note...

Gabby Petito's Homicide Hits People of Color Hardest!





Adam Smith
Thursday - September 30th 2021 9:12AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Mr. Hail, “Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie experts”? Lol...

Mr. Alarmist, I think you're on to something about “van life”...

Years ago I picked up a load of nickel in Beaver County Pennsylvania that I would later deliver to the Harley factory in York. There were many house boats there and even a sign saying something like “Beaver County The House Boat Capital of the World”. While I don't really believe this is the case, there were indeed many people living in house boats on the local rivers. Apparently the house boaters were scorned by the local apparatchiks and some of the other residents because they didn't pay property taxes and enjoyed less regulation than their land dwelling counter parts.

I noticed a similar phenomenon in Florida when I lived in the Ozello Keys. Nearby Kings Bay was(/is?) a popular place for people to anchor their house boats and other vessels. There were(/are?) also free public moorings that people could use long term. Several people lived there, some year round. The city council (Crystal River) and some of the locals detested the people living in Kings Bay for the same reasons. How dare these vagabonds live more freely than us while denying us tax dollars. (Damn Hippies!)

The Alarmist
Thursday - September 30th 2021 8:11AM MST

Do you ever wonder if the case of Petito is being played up as a way of killing Van Life as a viable way of life. It’s harder to contain and control vagabonds.

Van Life is no panacea for those living it, but it beats living in your parents’ basement. It also tends to deprive the Cabal of your services and tax dollars. The only “winners” are the van lifers, and even then, they still have to figure out where to s***, shower, and shave.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - September 30th 2021 6:11AM MST
PS: Mod. local is old now. People have the feeling they'd belong anywhere****. TV (and the internet) strengthen this impression - not least the new big-screen TV sets. The talking heads on them are often bigger than life indeed - right in the living room.

**** One of the best ideas in the last years is british ex-marist journo David Goodharts distinction between the somewheres (poeple who live & think etc. local) and the anywheres (thos speak of fly-over country when they fly overit, hehe).
Thursday - September 30th 2021 5:55AM MST
PS: Yeah, guys, I understand why this is one of the stories picked for a month-long (or however long) running infotainment series. No doubt, were it a black guy who murdered her, as soon as that was known, this story would have been dropped off the internet like a steaming hot baked iPotato.

This one draws a lot of "human interest" because it's different and was a mystery for a while. OK, but, still, it isn't local to me, and I was miffed that this guy was bringing up this piece of infotainment as if it were an important news item. (It'd be different, were it a local story, as we may have both known people involved, etc.)
Dieter Kief
Thursday - September 30th 2021 3:53AM MST
PS: @ Rex Little: "I'm certain that if Brett Laundrie (Gabby's boyfriend) were black, the story would have been spiked."

Agree. But this story is extremly popular not least because it is different (a-typical). - Thsi brings some sort of relief with it. - See: There are indeed all kinds of people who kill one another (= not only one kind...).
Dieter Kief
Thursday - September 30th 2021 3:49AM MST
PS: - This is old stuff. Ever since there was a public sphere, there is crime & horror there (shock and awe). - Nice way to put it: If it bleed it leads.

Fun fact: Japan is very peaceful and even though (or: just because...?) the very cruel & graphic Manga comics are very popular.
(Prettty much alike in Scandinavia: Wave after wave of really horrible crime-fiction - - - ).

Somehow related is what I learned yesterday: Naked tribes of hunters and gatherers don't kiss - - -
Thursday - September 30th 2021 2:30AM MST

Crime talk-show host Nancy Grace has been doing record-breaking business, shattering her viewership and podcast download records...

...with round-the-clock coverage, featuring a team of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie experts who give regular updates, reactions, analysis, and theories.

(I don't get it either.)
Rex Little
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 8:15PM MST
PS I'm certain that if Brett Laundrie (Gabby's boyfriend) were black, the story would have been spiked. But why did she make the national news when there are plenty of other missing white women with white boyfriends who might have killed them? My understanding is that she had a lot of followers on social media (don't know if it was Twitter or Instagram or something else; I'm not on any of them), and that's why her disappearance got so much attention.
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