High Priestess of the Branch Covidian Social Justice Climate Cult.

Posted On: Thursday - September 30th 2021 8:39PM MST
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The title of this post comes from the succinct comment of youtube viewer "The Superior Affection", 3 days back, under the video (below) of the current Governor of New York speaking at a "Christian Cultural Center", aka a Church, in New York City. After the people of New York State were spared any further destruction of society and human life by Andrew Cuomo, this Kathy Hochul character is who they've been burdened with now.*

That appellation for Mrs. Hochul was obviously written with the same idea in mind that our commenter Mr. Hail has suggested** to us early on in this Kung Flu PanicFest. That is, that pro-panickers are part of something resembling a religious cult. (There's discussion of this under this post of ours.)

You may have all seen this one already.

It takes a LOT of gall to go in front of a congregation and exhort them to have their bodies invaded with a highly controversial vaccine based on her purported knowledge of God's intentions. She actually sees the American healthcare establishment, including one Big Biz pharma company, the US Feral Gov't, and this questionable vaccine as blessings from God! We are supposed to just take the word of Governor Hochul, as a conveniently religious person, on this. In the words of one Church Lady back on the TV,

She knows who we are. She's got that vax necklace instead of a cross. Kathy Hochul wants her audience to become Apostles of the Jab. "How do we keep more people alive?" Well, Guv'na, that'd have been a good question to have asked your predecessor... before he got so many old people killed by sending them back into the nursing homes to spread the COVID. You know better now, of course.

As I watched the first 90% of this video (through 01:55), I saw Kathy Hochul as a just another deluded hysteric. She had gotten well past the point of blasphemy of Christianity, so I saw this as deviously using the belief system of the viewers to try to convince them of this delusion of hers that this Kung Flu is simply the worst or most urgent problem of our time. OK, I figured, it's just the severe stupidity that we should be almost used to in this time of approaching the peak. She's just really stupid.

Then, I watched the last 10% (15 seconds). She told the viewers that the reason it's so important to solve this grave problem by jabbing everyone with the vaccine is that we could go on to the more important problem of "systemic racial injustice".*** I just looked it up, and Kathy Hochul is 63 years old. She is no young gullible snowflake with nothing but public school and "higher" educational indoctrination to go by in understanding racial matters. She's been in politics for 30 years and NY State politics for a decade.**** Though her local political positions were in lily-white (96%) Hamburg, NY, it is just south of Buffalo, where she was born, and she's got to have known about black dysfunction and where she could not walk at night. I'm sure she's been to New York City many times too.

"I've seen it. I know it exists." That latter portion on racial injustice consisted of flat-out lying by Mrs. Hochul. The blatant lies right along with the maniacal religious talk make her seem to be a good candidate for AntiChrist. I suppose she could have learned to lie slowly over her 30 year political career. Can an AntiChrist be bred instead of born? I'll have to do more reading.

Either way, all it took was that last bit of the video to change my assessment of Kathy Hochul from stupid to evil.

* Yes, I know that there are plenty of Conservatives in upstate New York, but I suppose the City still overwhelms their vote, considering that in any of the other big cities, there will be the usual white SJW crowd and lots of non-white people who vote overwhelmingly for the ctrl-left.

** Mr. Hail's discussion is on his "Hail to You" site as Part XII of his big series last year on the Corona panic.

I also just saw that Mr. Hail has put up his first post in more than 1/2 a year 2 days back, pointing out Tucker Carlson's adoption of this idea - Tucker Carlson on the "Corona Cult.

*** No, I'm jaded enough to know that there was no chance she might be speaking about some grave injustices being done to White people in this day and age.

**** From reading, I see she has been pretty good on many issues in the past - especially immigration. (She had been against the issuing of driver's licenses to illegal aliens.)

Saturday - October 2nd 2021 5:20AM MST

Mr. Hail has articulated something I have had rolling around in my head for awhile now. I’d guess the vast majority of people that Cuomo “killed” would have passed by now anyway. I feel similarly about when people like London Breed are are called out for not wearing masks- damn it, they shouldn’t be wearing masks- it’s fine to note the hypocrisy and stupidity of the mask rules, but we should emphasize that our leaders, (who hate us) should either follow their own rules, or, dare I say it, leave it up to the individual.

Not an original thought with me, of course, but if we had counted flu in, say 2014 the way we keep track of the Corona Chan, CASES! INFECTIONS! HOSPITALIZATIONS! I’m sure we could have ginned up a similar panic.

Also, and I don’t know the answer to this, how many hospitalizations today are unnecessary? A person who’s had the bejesus frightened out of him, who comes down with cold or flu-like symptoms now, instead of heading over to CVS , loading up on OTC medicine and staying home for a couple days now goes to the hospital, or is sent there by a Branch Covidian doctor?

Oh and Mr. Hail, your example brings to mind the 1940 NFL Championship game in which the Bears beat the Redskins 73-0. Supposedly on the ‘Skins’ first drive of the game Sammy Baugh hit his receiver on the hands in the end zone on fourth down- he dropped the ball! After the game Baugh was asked if catching that pass would have changed the score of the game- Baugh supposedly drawled “Yep, it would’ve been 73-6.”
Saturday - October 2nd 2021 4:44AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I bring up Andrew Cuomo as an example of the clueless flailing "WE! HAVE! TO! DO! SOMETHING!" hysteria that has been present throughout this PanicFest. Was it not all about making room in the hospitals... for the Black Death 2.0?

In QLYL, no, this was but a blip, just compared to general deaths from what-have-you at that age in New York State. However, there was a guy who was telling everyone to be scared shitless over this disease, yet his decisive action was to send patients back to infect the rest of them.

I understand what you mean about using some of the other side's own points against them. However, another idea is to push back hard, without even trying to change their minds with that logic LUV. It doesn't work. That goes along with the rant that I was to write today, if I can get 1/2 the thoughts back into my head. (I had a picture saved with some appropriate meme, but it didn't make it to the server, and ... dang it, I am trying to remember...)

I will check out your comment on your site.
Friday - October 1st 2021 9:01PM MST

"[Andrew Cuomo] got so many old people killed by sending them back into the nursing homes to spread the COVID"

I have always been uncomfortable with this line-of-attack against Cuomo.

What makes me uncomfortable with it is that it is arguing on the moral field which the enemy (the Pro-Panic side) has set up and controls. It implicitly validates the premise that there was some catastrophic flu-virus disaster and therefore we need to point fingers of blame, because it was all so bad. "IF ONLY certain people had done certain things better at certain times, we could have beaten Covid." Corona-Villains.

A much better and more defensible position, ironically, is the opposite one. The real Corona-Villains are the ones who DID "take bold action to stop the virus." So this is the trap one falls into with the Cuomo Corona Criticism.

The number of quality-life-years and quality-life-year-experience-equivalents** lost in New York State to the Pro-Panic side's Lockdowns (/restrictions/disruptions) is probably thousands of times, or possibly tens of thousands of times, larger than whatever number of quality-life-years lost to the marginal nursing home deaths.

It's like a team losing a basketball game 120-20 and one set of people chooses to blame the entire thing on one small play in which one bench player makes one botched pass early in the game; while another group chooses to blame another guy who made another botched pass at one point. The game is lost by a 100-point margin! Something else went very wrong.

What's the number they talk about with the supposed unnecessary nursing home deaths? 15,000? It may sound harsh to say it, but how many of those were compos mentis in spring 2020? How many would be compos mentis today? How many would be alive today even given zero flu activity of any kind ?


** -- See comment at https://hailtoyou.wordpress.com/2021/09/28/tucker-carlson-on-the-corona-cult/#comment-47882
Friday - October 1st 2021 7:52PM MST

On this Kathy Hochul video, as I wrote here in the Arizona Audit thread (2054):

"The rant from interim-governor Kathy Hochul about 'God DEMANDS you get the vaccine!' 'Be my apostles and spread the Vaccine!' --- some might dismiss it as just awkward talk by a less-than-refined, unelected politician. Even so it is a prefect frame, or tee-off point, for a revisiting of the Corona/Covid as Breakthrough New Religion hypothesis."
Adam Smith
Friday - October 1st 2021 3:08PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

Off topic, but...

In 1984 2+2=5

In 2021 $3.5 Trillion = Zero




The Alarmist
Friday - October 1st 2021 2:25PM MST

The local “loop news” was running a blurb all day encouraging parents to get their children vaxxed.

Then I came across this from the UK side of the pond ...

“Is this real-world evidence that over the summer the vaccines killed nine times as many 15-19 year-olds as Covid did – 81 versus nine? If not, what are the other possible explanations and how likely are they?”


They want to kill you, and they want to kill your children.
The Alarmist
Friday - October 1st 2021 2:09PM MST

Funny how more often than not, Satan uses woman to corrupt man.
Friday - October 1st 2021 2:07PM MST

Mr Hail, this is in response to your question on your site:

There are very few red areas in MA, but the non deep blue areas were slower to re-mask. Belchertown, next to my town is more normal, when my town remasked , I went to the globo-gym in B-town, but alas it followed suit about 2 weeks later.

The rink where we play is owned by the University, which has a policy that all indoor spaces are to be masked. All players are to be vaxxed, too. I’m guessing 100% of the Minuteman players are vaxed. I do know the hockey team does not wear masks when they practice, nor, presumably will they wear them against ‘Kato. So apparently the ‘Rona can distinguish between me and a varsity athlete, and know enough not to attack them. Of course anyone with eyes can tell me apart from a D I hockey player!
Escape From New York
Friday - October 1st 2021 7:59AM MST
PS Comrade Kommissarina Hocker (CPUSA/CCP) has denied unemployment benefits for healthcare workers who refused the not-a-vax and just walked away.
Did God (Marx is her deity) tell her to do this for the unity collective?
I thought that they were frontline heroes to save us from the dastardly Black Death 2.0 with a 99.9% survivability rate?
The Green Nude Eel? How is that good for the environment to import millions and exceed the carrying capacity of the land?
AOC needs to hurry up and build the high speed unicorn powered trans-Atlantic rail so that the replacements can get here faster.
Dieter Kief
Friday - October 1st 2021 6:23AM MST
PS: Mod - the woke Greens have been hit quite  a bit, because not even five weeks ago it looked pretty much as if her boss, Annalena Baerbock from the Green party, would be the next chancellor in Germany. She said, she'd be there to "solve the crises of the world" - - - not least that problem with the 7 m (!) rise of the sea-level happening in the next eighty years she was so scared of...  - I praise the Lord above, that this fate of her being the next Chancellor  could be avoided (not least by one non-professional Blogger: Hadmut Danisch, who managed to attack the lying Baerbock quite effectively!). The prospective next Chancellor Olaf Scholz from the Social Democrats will not follow those sirens in the video above - one of them is the youngest member of the new parliament with 23 years - the one on the left.Christianity was once universal, Mod - now The New Puritanism is on the rise. - They want to clean the world - and iron out their fears (these are old longings...).
Friday - October 1st 2021 5:50AM MST
PS: Dieter, it is convenient enough that the left all over the world has the same big crises (and it's a "Climate Crisis" now, BTW, which I just learned) to use to implement evil destruction of the White world, that one may be forgiven for thinking it's all a big plan. (Forgiven.. and even RIGHT, perhaps.) As I've written a few times recently, they are just very good at taking advantage of any crisis, made up or not, to continue their agenda.

I watched your video. Without knowing any more that a few words, and how to count to 10, in German, I got this out of it:

We can't let people like this rule our nations! I should say, people like this can't run our nations. Either,

a) We stop them.


b) They will run our nations into the ground and will not be let to rule anything more than a pet nursery by those who follow.
Dieetr Kief
Thursday - September 30th 2021 11:45PM MST
PS: The New Church of the Worldly Salvation is also representd by this two new Green members of the next German Bundestag - two grievance-studies-experts, 27 and 27 years old.
And what do they discuss: How Climate Change forces people all over the wworld to come here to Europe/Germany. Thex do quantify that immigration - we have alreardy caused by poisening the earth, as they - analyse - : - A whoppy 200 million they see coming. - But guess what: That's good actually, because it will heal the world - give tis video it's 56 seconds even if you don't speak German, because You'll get the vibes they've received and - emanate:

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