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Posted On: Saturday - February 25th 2017 7:24PM MST
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This is old news here, but hey, what else is new here, stupidity-wise. It's really just a story about liars, and the reason I write it tonight is just because this is from mid-November of 2016, before PeakStupidity went "LIVE!". I'm only writing this post now because the episode has been lost in my mind for a while.

In a hotel lobby in a northern city, about 1 week after Donald Trump won the US presidential election, some black guys came up to me to ask me a question about politics, but related to my job somewhat, which is why they asked me. The one guy talking was nice enough, and I told him I really didn't know enough about it. I had to add (probably not necessary, but I was pretty relieved about this still) "well, we sure dodged a bullet last week". After establishing that we were talking about the downfall of the Hildabeast, the one guy had words to say about Donald Trump.

It was the usual blather of garbage taken almost verbatim from the Lyin' Press - that's not saying all of it was completely erroneous but it's just that all the criticism of the man was of low priority happenings, say his locker-room talk*, etc. compared to the terrible fate of the country that would befall us if the Hildabeast had gotten more electoral votes. I defended Trump a bit, but then figured I'd take this a different direction: "Hey, some of that may be true, but, guys, did you really want that hateful, lying sack-of-shit as a president?"

You'll like this: "What has she ever lied about?" What can one say to that, really? Funny stuff came to me a minute later, such as (picking up a thick book) "Well, what day are you talking about, let me look it up." I told the guy that this lady would lie about the weather, just because she was so used to lying that it came more natural than the truth.

Now, the reason I mentioned the guys were black guys was just for the understanding of their political views. Sure, they are a major Democrat voting block - in the range of 90-95% D. vs R, in the "Blue Team" vs. "Red Team" show. If the guy just said "she would increase gov't spending, and I want the free stuff" or "She will keep 'affirmative action' going - that's good for 'us'", I wouldn't agree with him on these statist policies, but I'd still assume he was an honest man.

However, even the biggest Hildabeast supporters, and especially the ones that knew her and her corrupt background, would admit she's not the straight-arrow type and she's got plenty of problems if they had any honesty in their shriveled-up souls. "She's a woman; we need a woman president", "I like the US Feral Government to run my life", "I like us to randomly start wars in countries in the Middle East", etc., "so, we don't care about all that" would show some honesty, but "What has she ever lied about?" Dude, WTF!!! as the young-uns text to each other.

What can you do but just walk away?

* Also, do these guys think I don't know they have talked a lot worse than that at many times in their lives. See, I don't like hypocrisy either, as that makes the condemnation of Trump on this subject a lie too.

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