Just another Maskless Monday?

Posted On: Monday - October 4th 2021 5:18PM MST
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It did happen to be a Monday when I was down in the panhandle of Florida, now that I think about it. As soon as I got out of the Ft. Walton Beach Valparaiso (KECP) airport terminal, I don't recall seeing ANY people wearing the face diapers outside, at the gas station, or at the hotel, and especially not while driving their cars. This was a real nice touch of normalcy.

The only place I remember any noticeable face diapering was at the hospital as I visited a friend. That looked ALMOST normal too, and I think that practice may be in existence for a LONG time to come. All it takes is "one person getting infected and ruining it for the rest of us!" Yeah, like hospital air is the cleanest around anyway - far from it - where do most people die, in fact? Yeah, you got it, at the hospital! As with "and boy are my arms tired", that and the original doctor joke never get old.*

Hey, and I stayed there on Tuesday too, so it's not just Maskless Monday out there in the Florida Panhandle part of DeSantis country. How about New York? Will they have Maskless Mondays to complement Casual Fridays? #SoMuchFreedom, you'll get tired of having #SoMuchFreedom!

Next, I will put in this anecdote from a family member in another State. He has worked at the medium sized company for many years. Because the founder/CEO was no MBA (Master Bullshit Artist), but an expert in the same field as my family member, he has been a good CEO from my FM's perspective. That has been the case for a long time.

The Kung Flu PanicFest has changed all that. I realize that the man probably has the pressure of government, Big Biz customers, and who knows who else, to push the COVID experimental vaccines. He's hardcore on it, though. My FM was sent home back in late March or early April of '20. His job was one that could be readily done from home. He was not happy at first with having to do so, just due to that change in environment. However, he got used to it after a time.

Now EVERYONE must get vaxxed, even those who are working completely from home! Even the occasional meetings, which my FM thought were a waste of time anyway, can be "attended" via zoom. Well, it's nice to not be one of those paycheck-to-paycheck-existing Americans, so the FM decided, OK, I'll take the latest retirement package, see ya!

The FM's immediate boss was miffed by this development and really, really didn't want this work to end up being done incompetently by some POS (People Of the Subcontinent?). The way out was a religious exemption, which was really no farce at all. The company came through at the last minute - OK about 4 hours from the retirement acceptance deadline.

Here's the latest thing he told me about it. The end of October is the Drop Dead date ... well, I mean it could be if you and the vaccine don't get along... shouldn't use that term, I suppose... Anyway, anyone who hasn't gotten a medical or religious exemption from the jab by then will be fired. They will also get ZERO severance pay.

OK, I'm no lawyer, so I don't know if there'll be some legal recourse on that one, but my FM's point in telling me this was to note that this CEO is being just plain mean and vindictive with that. If he's a real Believer, I can see him wanting for his employees to be "clean" in some way. No, the vaxxed still spread the same germs, maybe more of them even, and, well, my family member can't spread it though the internet - even Dr. Fauci hasn't mentioned that one yet - but, yeah, they can all feel better ... or GTFO. However, what would the severance pay have to do with it? Is it a further threat to get people to take the jab, or is it about just being a mean asshole? My FM says the latter, and that's a shame how the guy's flipped like this.

Finally, as to stick with the title theme and the 1st segment, we could embed The Bangles Manic Monday here, as that is probably what is (hopefully not) in the readers' heads at the moment. It is just not one of my favorite Bangles songs. I was about to tell you all that Our Lips Are Sealed was, and point you to this post, yet another previous Kung Flu post on the face masks. No, but that was another 1980s girl band - The Go-Go's. They all blend together after a while. Here is my favorite song from The Bangles.

Walk Like an Egyptian was a #1 hit song from the band's 1986 album Different Light, the same album that had Manic Monday. It is not as strong a tune as that Go-Go's song, but it's pretty catchy and has a decent bass line. Three different band members sang lead on the 3 verses, Vicki Peterson, Michael Steele, and Susanna Hoffs, on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively.

The Bangles:

Susanna Hoffs – lead and harmony vocals, rhythm guitar.
Debbi Peterson – drums, percussion backing and lead vocals, acoustic guitar.
Vicki Peterson – lead guitar, backing and lead vocals.
Michael Steele** - bass guitar, backing and lead vocals, acoustic guitar.

The 1980s were pretty fun compared to now, I don't care who ya' are, or were**...

* What? Never heard it? C'mon, man!

The patient moves his arm 45 degrees at the elbow joint and says "Doc, it hurts when I do this."

Doc: "Don't do that."

** No, don't worry about this if you've watched the video. You're not a homo, and the bassist during The Bangles' heyday was formerly known as Susan Thomas, who chose a stage name of Micki Steele when she started playing in the band The Runaways. I don't know when or why it got changed to Michael, but she is still a she... as of publish date.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 9:04PM MST

@MrModerator, the Foxes & Fossils version was a bit more upbeat than Funboy Three, and the girls are cuter, but the funny part is the guitarist’s vocal contribution at 1:55

Al Corrupt
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 1:49PM MST

Mr. Anon, while I enjoy both the Bangles and Go-Go’s, I have to respectfully disagree. The Runaways and Girlschool are both all girl bands that are better than either of them.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 1:44PM MST

@MrSmith, if they still taught useful skills to children, several of those kids would be blinking T-O-R-T-U-R-E in Morse Code
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 5:20AM MST
PS: I noticed that about the kids too Dieter. They looked plain miserable, and I do hope they learned some lesson about adults and civilization as you speculate. Freud would probably say the will grow up afraid of eating, uhhh, don't want spell about here. I should give the man some slack though - I'm sure you've read lots more of him than I.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 4:00AM MST
PS - Mr. Smith - the kids are not overly enthusiastic in your video going along with that supercute let's all mask up and be happy and sane ditty... Oaaaah!

- That's nice, actually - the lack of enthusiasm on the kids part!
That and: Kids are rough/tough and resilient creatures. don't understimate kids in this ragard. - How else would we have survived to this day? The masks will not kill them either, but they will learn an important lesson about - civilization And It's Discontents - Dr. Freud would admit that (I do too).
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 9:34PM MST
PS: I wish I hadn't seen it either...

Not even sure why I shared it, it's so depressing. (Both links are the same video) I guess I was just thinking about the different ways today's institutions are detrimental to children. If I were a parent I would have to home school. I don't even know if there is a school worth sending kids to anymore.(?)

I don't know if that is a day care or a kindergarten or where that is, but it sure is creepy.

Tuesday - October 5th 2021 9:13PM MST

Ron Unz, Oct. 5, 2021, wrote:

"Debating whether Covid is a dangerous disease rather than 'Just the Flu!' and such comments will probably just get trashed."

He is operating under the assumption that Wuhan-Corona is a major and general health threat. It permeates his commentary on the whole thing, as you point out, in that he is missing the forest for the trees --- the Corona-Panic and the Corona Coup d'Etat is a much bigger deal. (Has anyone coined "Fluscism"? Too obscure? I have heard "Faucism" [pronounced to sound like "fascism"] but that limits it to the eighty-year-old head ayatollah of the US wing of the Corona Cult.)

Ron Unz even makes it (his implicit-belief that Wuhan-Corona is a major health threat) explicit, claiming that Wuhan-Corona kills "greater than 0.5%" of the people exposed to it, which of course seems like a lot. And he appears to announce his intent to "trash" comments that contradict this view, which has not been defensible since about June 2020.

Here is a reply to Unz's "0.5%" claim:

Tuesday - October 5th 2021 8:34PM MST
PS: Adam, your first link was a little too depressing for me at this time of night. I wish I hadn't have seen it. This is something that no more than 10 years ago, Americans would have been deriding as something to be seen only in North Freaking Korea! (BTW, the lady teacher sounded like she had a NY accent or something close.)

Dieter, "Peak Irrationality"? Sorry, Steve Pinker. I got the Peak Stupidity URL and I'm not selling it to anybody.
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 8:27PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, it's definitely all in fun, with no mocking in any bad way. Where does that hand motion thing come from? I'm not sure, maybe some hieroglyphics or pictures in archeology books. Then they've got the "cops in the doughnut shop" line which could be considered insulting (but true), but is still done in a fun manner. How would you say no to any of the cute band members who asked you and your cohorts to do that "Egyptian move" for the music video?

Yes, they could be cancelled, but it would take the cancelling types taste and a fun spirit that they don't likely have, to even know the song.

Mr. Ganderson, I'm glad you got to watch some hockey at all, anyway. Yeah, you have to mask up, but is it only one leg for you, just on to MSP Somaliland? Otherwise, you're supposed to stay masked up in the terminal - I strongly suggest the food court for any long connection time - keep an open bottle of water, and nobody can say squat.

Also, how young do these pupils at the school go down to? When they start on the kids, that's when some hell's gonna be raised.

Alarmist, sorry to say but at least Fun Boy One doesn't seem like he's having any fun at all! That is, especially as compared to the GoGo's in their video.

Duke Pukem, I like that spirit! Thanks for the comment.
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 8:14PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, you don't need to tell me too much about "Is the Tide Finally Starting to Turn on Covid as an American Biowarfare Attack?" (Like I really even give a damn about it either way.) I spent more time reading and commenting on this one today than I'd care to admit*. My main goal was to nicely point out that Mr. Unz was missing the real story, the use of this "crisis", or really, PanicFest, to introduce precedents in further Totalitarianism.

Well, Mr. Unz got tired of my criticism and finally wrote back. His point was, to paraphrase, "hey you are in over your head because your information from the Nicholas Wade article I touted as buttressing my theory a few months ago is wrong, cause I talked to the guy later, and he said, no, the Chinese have high quality standards at their Wuhan labs after all, as I found out from this one Australian guy..."

OK, Ron, sure. Common sense and one's own observations mean nothing.

I'd like to explain more here, but you guys have fun reading through the 330 (latest) comments. I really had a time with this one, and I got in lots of links to my site - the main reason I was even on another of his "the Americans did it!" threads.


* The Alarmist is on there in good form too.
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 7:26PM MST

Ron Unz again pushing the idea that the Wuhan Apocalypse Virus was a rogue US Army biological attack against virtuous and patriotic Chinese workers and peasants.

It's been said before, and often enough on the pages of PEAK STUPIDITY itself, that Ron Unz dug in on a narrative early on and has seemed unwilling to shift from it. This discredits his other work.

He also plants both feet back into the Pro-Panic camp by saying fifteen million people have died in the 2020-21 Wuhan Flu-Terror Virus holocaust.

Pushing this idea of Wuhan-Corona as a US biological attack on China --- besides its laughability on its face for many reasons --- makes the Unz Review itself seem a little cultish. This is not some minor pet theory he is quietly nursing, but has been headline article material on his site since early on. He has a set of backers there including the notorious Godfree Roberts and people like MetallicMan, the latter an ex-American, pro-PRC defector now living for life in China, who claims to be a former handler of extra-terrestrial spacecraft for a secret Area 51-type program (Metallicman now posts as "Rufus Arr").
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 7:10PM MST

(the image -- "Shut Up, Mask Up, Grow Up" --- I have to credit to PeterIke and his link to GigaohmBiological. The PhD behind GigaohmBiological is a virologist fired from a major US university for opposing the CoronaPanic. He uses the image in the intro to his semi-daily Corona Anti-Panic commentary videos, where I saw it.)
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 7:07PM MST

Sometimes single images help to funnel an idea, concept, opinion, belief or zeitgeist, a symbol under which thousands of anecdotes are told and re-told (such as the one here about the relative faced with firing over Corona-paranoiac mandates).

I present this as a historic relic of the Great Corona-Panic of 2020:

Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 2:53PM MST
PS: Meanwhile, somewhere else in America...


For Mr. Kief...


Dieeter Kief
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 9:05AM MST
PS Peak Stupidity - almost - the Steven Pinker version is: Peak Irrationality - he writes in the Sunday Times:

"...this has also been a time when humanity is widely believed to have reached peak irrationality. You can’t move for crazy beliefs, often held by influential people — the Democrats run a paedophile ring out of a Washington pizzeria; climate change is a Chinese hoax; biological sex doesn’t exist. And you may also think it unfortunate that the human brain is so beautifully designed for..."

Well there was some kind of pedophile action going on, but Steven Pinker had first hand experience with the main characters in this one so he knows, that the action was not centered around a Washington pizzeria: That's true and only rational, isn't it?

Duke Pukem
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 7:16AM MST
PS Freedom is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy, comrade.
We will improvementate this freedom with a stale reheated third rate CCCP West clone complete with Bolshevik retreads right out of central casting.
Face panty true believers are outnumbered about 96 to 4 in Red State and the obedience muzzlers are really sad sack looking beat down people with no hope outside of the Jonestown COV-LARP Kool-Aid cult that suddenly gave their lives some meaning for the past year and a half.
Stick a fork in this terminally stupid society.

The Bangles Susanna Hoffs is still smokin' hot, as for Belinda Carlisle, results may vary.
How about Joan Jett and the Runaways, Vixen or Lita Ford!
Shake it baby!
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 6:02AM MST

Mr. Moderator, not to mention “If I could walk that way I wouldn’t need the talcum powder”

Or: “I make a good living”
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 5:59AM MST

Oh, and in my moonbat-infested town the school committee has decreed that all staff, faculty and pupils are to be vaxxed.
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 5:56AM MST

I had a huge crush on Susanna Hoffs- hubba hubba.

Not much change on the Panic front here in Western Mask-achusetts- a couple of small rays of hope:

I walked through the Amherst College football game (the lads squeaked out a victory against Tufts) very few were masked up, even though the college had said masks were mandatory. (Yes, the stadium is outdoors, not that that would make any difference to me)

The UMASS hockey games went on as scheduled (I had thought there was a good chance they’d be cancelled) Bad news- everyone had to be masked- worse news, the National Champs laid a giant egg, getting swept by a very good Minnesota State Mankato squad, blowing a 3-0 lead on Sunday by giving up six unanswered goals! Lots to work on in practice!

No sign of any municipality backing off on mask mandates- dunno if Governor Charlie BakerParker is going to send out his goon squads next month to check to see that the citizenry are not buying big turkeys, which indicates large gatherings at Thanksgiving.

Off to central Minnesota, where things are marginally more sane. Not looking forward to the masked up flight, however.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 2:00AM MST

Definitely the Bangles.

As for “Our Lips are Sealed,” have you ever seen this one?


Your FM might drop a hinto to fired colleages that while one of the vaxxes was theoretically approved by FDA, that one does not yet seem to be available in the USA, and the only ones available in the USA are still only used under EUA, i.e. experimental. There are plenty of ambulance chasers who will take this on spec if the dots are clearly connected for them.
Dieter Kief
Monday - October 4th 2021 11:17PM MST
PS Mr. Anon, - I'm in your camp. - Because they're campier than the Go-Go's, hehe.
Haven't heard Walk Like an Egyptian in Years - and never seeen the (funny indeed) video. They look like they'd //pretty much know perfectly well*****//, what they were at here: A punchy popular song goldmine (I don't - I don't mean this as a material remark (not in the first place, taht is). - Energizing! - Now I think of Coa-Colaa ads, who linger in the twilight of Coke/Coke. - Undecipherable America, that is.
(Are they mocking Egypt? - Most likely not decipherable either. - Will they be canceld for being culturally insensitive? - They .h.a.v.e. to!)

**** no logical failure - I'm still in the playful mood the song //bestowed upon me// (still playful, hehe).
Monday - October 4th 2021 9:31PM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, I think the Go-Go's "Our Lips Are Sealed" has much stronger vocals. That ws Belinda Carlisle, who did make it pretty big later on too.

Yes, tthere was an Annette Zilinskas who played bass with The Bangles before and then after Michael Steele (quit in 1982, came back in 2018 - by then they would have to face it that they were an old fogey band). She had to feel that she had bad timing in life for being away from the band during their big heyday in the middle 1980s.
Mr. Anon
Monday - October 4th 2021 7:32PM MST

I will have to disagree with you on the Question of Bangles vs. Go-Go's. In my opinion, The Bangles >>> The Go-Go's.

I think they might be the only all-chick band that was really pretty good. Walk Like An Egyptian is a great tune - punchy, light-hearted, great rhythm and good guitar work. I also liked their cover of Simon and Garfunkel's Hazy Shade of Winter. Another very good song of theirs (less known) is an instrumental surf-guitar song called "Bitchin' Summer", one of their earlier songs with the pre-Michael-Steele lineup.
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