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Posted On: Saturday - October 30th 2021 4:26PM MST
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The topic key used to just be "Student Snowflakes", but I had to insert "... and other ..." at the time I ran into some guy who you really wouldn't have thought could be called a "snowflake" if you hadn't have read the Peak Stupidity post. Snowflakes come in infinite shapes and sizes is about a big working-class guy who still clammed up like a, well, clam, when I brought up just a little bit of race realism. It WAS in the great formerly-white* north too, the scene of the post Snow Town is now Bro Town.

The original Snowflakes that fall all year long are at the universities. I'd guess the universities are still the biggest snowflake making machines next to eastern ski resorts, though, as I will note in an upcoming post, Big Biz produces its share too. In a lobby of the university building my 10 y/o son and I were entering was a vertical plexiglas board, not, this time, made to be a barrier to stop the advances of the Kung Flu, but for a place to put one's thoughts. There were 2 markers and 3 colors of lined paper post-its, there for people to write comments and stick them up.

My son showed me his three notes from another day, when he came with his Mom. "No Masks" (with a drawing), "No vaccine", and "Shut down the CDC" were his thoughts. These did not match at all the thoughts written by students twice his age. Most of the notes were downright sickening in the naivety and juvenility. The brainwashing must have gone very very deep with the students who wrote the 100 or so notes up there. "Less judgement!" said one. I mean, it USED TO say that. Now, it has "More judgement, and that comment sucked." written below that.** That was me, not my son.

I had to put up my pending-trademarked "Bend over. Take my prick. - Dr. A. Fauci, Amateur Proctologist." too, and a few more I can't remember. As of yesterday, my son says they are still up. That's amazing.

We are seeing what happens when these snowflakes collide with the real world at ground level. America could take some of that back when we were the world's most powerful economy that could easily absorb a little of it. We are in for hard times, and when the SHTF most of these snowflakes will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. I don't want that for this boy. You've got to teach them young. I'm very proud of him for this.

As a self-rebuttal, I will say there may be a majority of other students who aren't down with all the stupidity I saw on that board. However, they would most definitely be a silent majority and ignore the notes, say nothing, and not want to be seen on cameras defacing the Notes of the Snowflakes. The fact that they won't makes them, well, a little flakey themselves ...

PS: Also, even 6 months earlier, I'm guessing my wife would have had none of that behavior from him. Now, he says she stuck them way high up on the board to make it harder for someone to pull them off! She's really coming around. "I told you so" doesn't apply to women though, apparently...

* ... and I'm not talking Global Climate Disruption™ here either!

** I was about to write "and better spelling" too, as I am used to "judgment" - no "e" after the "g". You see it written both ways, though I just read that "judgement" is more the British style and "judgment" the American spelling. I guess "fewer Limeys" would have worked.

Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 6:32AM MST

Funnily enough, I had the opposite reaction when I read the Spectator piece. I was surprised and disappointed it was over so soon. Of course that means many more people will read it.

In the end it is more like a single thought stretched to a few hundred words.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 5:26AM MST

_ Oh thanks for noticing, Mod and Mr. Hail. I like the Spectator piece not least because it is so short, dense - and well written. Just one little page in an old-fashioned magazine... (I'm still a firm believer in the well written short 'n' dense 'n' even a tad playful article or note, remark, aphorism...).

Here is one more about the rising fundamentalism in the public sphere (not short though this time - and not written either):


Monday - November 1st 2021 9:17PM MST

Mr Kief, Thank you for the "What if Wokeness is the New Christianity?" article. Excellent.
Dieter Kief
Monday - November 1st 2021 4:47AM MST

What if Wokeness is the New Christianity? - The Spectator looks deep down into the mental abyss:

The Alarmist
Sunday - October 31st 2021 2:09PM MST

Good evening all.

@MrSmith, this social-virus sounds like a remake of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Oddly enough, the vaxx script reminds me of the first Kingsmen moview, where the villain played brilliantly by Samuel L. Jackson globally gives out free SIM cards that will allow a global kill signal to trigger all but a selected group of the world’s population to turn on one another in an epic kill-fest, though the more relevant plot line was the chipping of world leaders to keep them aboard with the plan, lest the chip blow their heads up.

@MrBlanc, I think the joke might have worked if the mathemetician stood in the centre of the enclosed area and declared himself to be in Cantor’s Paradise. The paradox would be mindblowing.
Adam Smith
Sunday - October 31st 2021 10:26AM MST
PS: Greetings everyone. Happy weekend!

Mr. Moderator, good job to you and your wife for not raising a snowflake.
(Glad to hear she's come around and more on board than ever!)

Mr. Hail, thanks for the links and the info...

So Jessie “I love the mask... It gives me freedom.” Ventura is a Panicker too? Crazy...

In all fairness to him, he's not a flip flopper, he's just wrong (and/or a coward)...

Looks like he's also an advocate of the poison needle...

“Is it possible the Corona-Panic itself pushed Jessie Ventura over some kind of edge?”


About a week and a half ago, this study...

“In this review, we describe the routes of SARS-CoV-2 invasion into the central nervous system. We also analyze the neuropathologic mechanisms underlying this viral infection, and their potential relationship with the neurological manifestations described in patients with COVID-19, and the appearance or exacerbation of some neurodegenerative diseases.”

was brought to my attention by way of an interesting comment by Polemos at unz...

His point being “about the wide variety of viruses, fungi, and parasites that alter the behaviors of their hosts to enhance their spread throughout their life cycles.” After all, “We already know rabies alters behaviors in humans.” He continues on about something he read that “suggested that perhaps SARS-CoV-2, like many other viruses, fungi, and parasites that find their way into the neurological architecture of a human alters their behaviors in subtle, or profound, ways.” and “that maybe it makes people more “pro-social,” and thus they try and get closer to others to infect them.”

He goes on to clarify what he means by “pro-social”...

“Now, I don’t always see being pro-social as meaning you want to snuggle up next to a person. If you use “pro-social” as a search term alongside “SARS-CoV-2”, you’ll see a lot of people brrring out papers describing pro-social behaviors associated with COVID-19 in terms of masking, caring for others, looking out for others’ interests, seeing the decision to vaxxinate not as “protection of self” but as “duty to others” &c &c.”

“Imagine, then, a virus that does prompt the host to become more pro-social, but due to social constraints, this sensation —the phenomenological need to support the health of the Social Organism— becomes channeled away from desires to snuggle up next to strangers (or, you know, become fascinated with the smell of cat urine, when you’ve got Toxo on the brain) and into obedience and conformity with Doing Your Part, as dictated through Celebrity, through Politician, through Family Doctor, through Social Mass Movement.” (I would add through the power of mass propaganda.)

While I remain skeptical (or sceptical for Mr. Alarmist and his friends on the other side of the pond), it is an interesting idea that I had not previously considered.

What if the virus that has never been isolated does indeed make it's way into human brains (like rabies or Toxoplasma gondii) and alter human behavior in ways that make some people more obedient to “authority” and more likely to be hypnotized into a cult-like mass formation?

Could a similar mind alteration happen to some people who have taken the poison needle?

While I think there are other things that more easily explain the madness we are witnessing...


it is still an interesting idea.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sunday - October 31st 2021 9:50AM MST

People Are Products of the — ‘Dumbed Down Educational
System’ — ‘Fallin Away Church’ — ‘Boob Tube TV Programming’.

Hard to Break Out of Decades of Programming – And Some Don’t Want To.!!!!!
Sunday - October 31st 2021 9:03AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, are you one of those Constructivists?
Surely, someone is on the outside.
Sunday - October 31st 2021 8:02AM MST
PS Robert: The mathematician can’t simply define himself as outside, he has to provide an existence proof that such a defined entity is possible. Sorry to kludge up your joke, but a wee bit of math student still lives in me.
The Alarmist
Sunday - October 31st 2021 4:48AM MST

Spell sceptic with a ‘c’ and see if anyone is skeptical of your judgement.
Saturday - October 30th 2021 11:31PM MST


Have you seen this letter allegedly smuggled out of a Washington DC prison two days ago? Written by one of the January 6th election-fraud protestors at the US Capitol grounds who got caught up in the commotion and was later arrested under charge of treason (or whatever). Has been confined for nine months straight. Gives name as Nathan DeGrave (b.1989). Letter published by an outside contact named Brad Geyer:

Saturday - October 30th 2021 10:02PM MST

"My son showed me his three notes from another day, when he came with his Mom. "No Masks" (with a drawing), "No vaccine", and "Shut down the CDC" were his thoughts. These did not match at all the thoughts written by students twice his age."

Or seven times his age: Jesse Ventura has thrown in his hat with the Yes Masks crowd and come to the warm embrace of the Corona-regime.


"I love the mask. You know why? It gives me freedom. I can go in the store now. Nobody bothers me. I don't have to talk to people I probably didn't want to talk to anyway...."

That's from Jesse Ventura in an interview with Theo Von, Oct. 29, 2021. Full here: https://youtu.be/q0u70scMXeI?t=2010 -- see 33:30 to 35:20 mark.

Ventura now rants against Republicans, Trump supporters, election-integrity protestors, voter-ID supporters and law-tighteners, mail-in vote opponents, Confederate flag flyers, Texas abortion-law-restrictionists, gun buyers, and...anyone who opposes Corona-masks.

He says the governor of Texas is trying to not only take away people's right to vote but also "overrule mask mandates." This puts Jesse 'The Body' Ventura into a angry frenzy.

Clips are circulating on social media as of today, mostly things like "What happened to this guy?"

Towards the end of the section I point you to (Theo Von interview), Ventura says:

"I sold out because I want to live!" which would be a great slogan for the Corona Pro-Panic side's attitudes.

As for what happened to ex-freethinker Jesse Ventura. People do tend to change over time. Is it possible the Corona-Panic itself pushed him over some kind of edge?
Saturday - October 30th 2021 7:16PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, very likely, somewhere in the back of my mind, your careful wording sparked my first comment.

I would probably not have written the comment, had not the phrase 'anal asshole' played off your 'Amateur Proctologist'.

But then, also, I've had a couple of beers. And the night is still young.
Saturday - October 30th 2021 7:09PM MST
PS: Good on your Son and Wife (and you).


One of my favorite sticker sightings --- 'It is a federal crime to put stickers on this mailbox'. I pointed this out to a friend, and he replied, 'No, the mailbox was put on the sticker, so this is OK.'


OK, so one of this friend's favorite jokes was:

An engineer, a physicist, and a Mathematician were having a contest to see who could enclose the largest field with a given length of fencing.

The engineer went first, and built a perfectly square fence with perfectly straight sides. He said, 'Let's see you beat that!'

The physicist walked around the field, thought a bit, and built a perfectly circular fence. 'There. Nobody can beat that!' he said.

The Mathematician sat down, drank some coffee, jumped up, climbed into the field, and said, 'I define myself to be on the outside.'

Saturday - October 30th 2021 6:59PM MST
PS: Yeah, that's why I made sure to put "... after "g"..." in my post, Robert. I'll be generous and say that these people just aren't detail oriented.

Google search becomes as stupid as the users over time, I guess.
Saturday - October 30th 2021 6:38PM MST
PS: I went to look up that 'judgment' vs. 'judgement', and one of google's suggested questions was, "Is there an e in judgment?" Perhaps I am just some anal asshole, but either spelling has an 'e'. When even our computers are becoming enstupidated, we are in deep doo-doo.
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