Some Great News (for a change)

Posted On: Friday - November 19th 2021 12:30PM MST
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He's been acquitted on all charges.

Peak Stupidity wrote a few days after Kyle Rittenhouse shot the 3 antifa Commies that his shooting them was very obviously done in self-defense and was an excellent job at it, at that. See Kyle's Life Matters.

This case was one of 3 related cases we discussed in Three trials for the purpose of crushing American resistance, but it was the most important. If the Establishment legal system is going to put us in jeopardy for simple acts of self-defense, then things have gone very far down the road toward Communist oppression.

The jurors of Kenosha have struck a blow against the ctrl-left's march to take us down this road. Their doing the right thing has not only vindicated Kyle Rittenhouse for his 2 1/2 blows to the ctrl-left, but, more importantly, it gives the rest of us patriotic Americans much more confidence that we can stop these people, without going directly to civil war.

It's not like the Commies will just give up and go home though. We just have more time than we'd have had if this verdict had gone the other way. Even personally, this verdict has had an effect on my thinking for the long-term plans of my family.

Nice going jurors! Nice job, Kyle Rittenhouse!

PS: I've got ~ 20 posts in mind, backed up here. This good news needed to get on the site. It's not as if Peak Stupidity often reports on current events in a timely manner. Enjoy it while it lasts. ;-}

Monday - November 22nd 2021 2:35AM MST
PS: I've seen that one too, thanks again, Alarmist, and commenter "M" too.
Sunday - November 21st 2021 7:13AM MST
Another article from the record for our times:
The Alarmist
Sunday - November 21st 2021 5:50AM MST
PS Not so fast! This just in...
Friday - November 19th 2021 6:56PM MST
PS: I am pleasantly surprised that the jury didn't convict based on cowardice about the veiled and some unveiled threats from the ctrl-left.

I need to read the Babylon Bee daily, Adam. Even the headline from the URL is making me laugh. Thanks.
The Alarmist
Friday - November 19th 2021 2:17PM MST

Color me pleasantly surprised that WI isn’t entirely filled with goodwhite pu****s.

Did you catch this one?
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