Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Posted On: Thursday - November 25th 2021 4:39PM MST
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  Holiday from Stupidity

It was not a very good one for 2 members of my family health-wise* (not my very own), but that does nothing but kick me in the ass to tell me to be thankful for what the rest of us have. There's nothing more important for a good life than one's health. All of us here know that, and that explains why we take this vaccine business so seriously.

Anyway, there's lots to write about, with probably over a dozen posts built up in my head. I am very thankful for the great readers of, and commenters on, the Peak Stupidity blog.


T HA N K S G I V I N G !

* One almost assuredly due to that COVID booster shot! (The 3rd of 3 shots total.) There was no changing her mind on it though. The doctor said the words today "something changed between then" [a month or so back] "and now, that made this a lot worse."

Adam Smith
Friday - November 26th 2021 11:55AM MST
PS: As are you, Mr. Alarmist. Thank you.

Happy to hear your wife is on the mend.

Friday - November 26th 2021 10:40AM MST
PS: For all of the commenters* with advice and concerns, I thank you all kindly. I didn't give so many details. We think that the trouble started from the 1st shot, but with someone of that age, it was no sure thing. However, she'd never had any of this heart trouble before. What was blood pressure on the nearly worrisome low side her whole life to the opposite should make one wonder.

How the booster shot (or the 1st 2, for that matter) was given is something I've read about too.

As for the doctor who talked with us the other day, who knows what he really thinks about it? Maybe, to him I'm one of those "COVID hoaxers" or "vax deniers", in Ron Unz parlance Maybe he's got to worry about exactly what he says about this in the hospital - this guy was a resident, so it's like being on probation. (I could tell you a much more lighthearted story about that business.)

* and great to see you on here, SafeNow.

The Alarmist
Friday - November 26th 2021 9:54AM MST

Thank you, Mr. Smith. You are indeed a gentleman.

She is recovering well.
Adam Smith
Friday - November 26th 2021 9:39AM MST
PS: Happy thanksgiving everyone...

My brother and sister in law got their third stabs the other day (he only takes the poison needle to appease his wife who is a true believer in every vaccine), and he got so called “covid arm” and a fever. He also felt a bit under the weather. I told his wife to stop it with the poison needle already, before someone gets really hurt/sick/dead. They still went to thanksgiving dinner at a friends house even though they should be quarantining after taking the poison needle. I would guess if someone is feverish after the jab they are likely contagious.

Mr. Alarmist, when ever I hear the words “safe and effective” I always think of a squawking parrot.
I hope your wife is recovering well and feeling better.

Friday - November 26th 2021 9:13AM MST
PS All the best to all who hang out around here.
The Alarmist
Friday - November 26th 2021 4:50AM MST

First, Happy Thanksgiving. In Europe, we call it Thursday ;)

Second, best wishes for your loved ones.

Finally ...

Aspirate, don’t aspirate. The difference might be nothing more than the time the Satanic Stab takes to kill you. Intramuscular injections still find their way into the circulatory system via the muscle microvasculature, but even if they behavedas advertised (stay in cells to be flushed out via the lymphatic system), the mRNA turns your muscle into spike-producing factories that will nevertheless spill cytotoxic spike cells into the blood stream to wreak havoc on endothelial cells throughout the body.

As we type, hundreds of millions of people have experienced internal injury that they probably don’t notice. Some, like weightlifters and FIFA players, are dropping during moments of exertion. All cause deaths in Germany and the UK, in both cases where data is publicly available, are significantly higher in the last several months versus the past six years. Evidence from the US suggests the same, despite CDC’s efforts to hide the truth. If you die shortly (14 days post) after getting the stab, you are considered unvaxxed and your death is treated in most cases as coincidental and from some other cause. In some cases they even have the temerity to call it a COVID death.

The stabs might not cull everybody quickly, but they never were designed to kill quickly, because that would give away the game. More heart disease, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, liver failure, spontaneous abortions, and even “mad cow disease,” all coincidental, and certainly not from the Satanic Stab.

My wife had to have emergency surgery last week, and the doc suggested she get the stab, telling her it was safe and effective (picture a parrot squawking “safe and effective, safe and effective ... waaahhh!”), which she declined because even she has noticed how many vaxxed football (soccer for you in NA) players have dropped during games lately, though when she first mentioned it to me, she parroted the media line that they were COVID victims.

Google “doctor dies unexpectedly” and see how many you get ... though you will get one particularly obnoxious one multiple times, there are still quite a few others.
Dieter Kief
Friday - November 26th 2021 2:57AM MST
PS - # SafeNow - Dr. John Campbell of YouTube fame would agree 100% with what you wrote about the necessity to pull back the plunger when vaccinating against CO-19. The reason to do it is so obvious (the higher risk of blood coagulations when bringing this vaccine in direct contact with blood) that there should be a difference being made, when this technique is applied while giving the Covid-jab. I hope we'll soon see results from data in Korea and/ or Denmark.
Thursday - November 25th 2021 10:48PM MST
PS It is possible that the “something changed” item was that jab 3 went into a vein or artery rather than the deltoid muscle. Jabbing the deltoid’s blood supply is very rare, and with previous vaccines, it was not an OMG to do that. It was not worth the trouble to aspirate (pull back) the plunger and watch for blood for 5 to 10 seconds. Many people think that with this nasty spike rascal, it is worth the 5 to 10 seconds of additional discomfort. Keep this nasty platform local. Stab, withdraw the plunger a bit, and watch for blood in the needle. If perchance you see blood, remove the needle without vaccinating, and start over with a new needle at a new site. Denmark and Korea are aspirating (= pulling back) now. I asked the tech here in Calif to do it, and he pretended not to know what I was talking about. The “something changed” doc likely suspects the above.
Thursday - November 25th 2021 6:50PM MST
PS: Well, Mr. Hail, once I looked at the picture at the top of that American Mind article, I was pretty sure it wasn't going to work out anyway. Most of these interracial relationships have problems starting when the white spouse thinks he can also use the n-word.

Haha, I'm giving you a hard time about it based on that picture at the top (ridiculous!), but thank you for this. The guy seems to have a libertarian opinion. Yeah, optimists vs pessimists.

On a more personal level, and in racial reality land, in my family luckily most of us are in complete agreement with pretty much what I've written on PS, though not all are as gung ho as your blogger about it. Even with this outlier, we never get into heated political discussions. That also means that she didn't expect us to argue about her taking these vaccine doses, and we didn't. Would we have helped her health out? I think the answer is yes, if she'd listened. She would not have listened though, unless one of us were an infectious disease doctor or virologist! That's not really out of a lack of smarts so much as a basic trust in the whole "system", as if this were 1955.

Anyway, thanks for that opinion piece, Mr. Hail, and your take on it.
Thursday - November 25th 2021 5:09PM MST

Canadian Thanksgiving was a month ago and yielded a delicious Corona-Panic story, really emblematic of the age.

From Tim O'Brien writing at "The American Mind" (Nov 24, 2021)



An apparently unvaccinated (Canadian) woman tweeted that her mother decided to cancel the family’s Thanksgiving dinner (=Canadian Thanksgiving, Oct 11) in light of the current pandemic. Fine, she thought, better luck next year. But then her mother asked her daughter to return a gravy boat to her, hopefully before October 10.

Yes, her mother WAS having Thanksgiving, only she didn’t invite her unvaccinated daughter, and the lie was transparent.

How many American families are being torn apart, not by a virus, but by the calculatingly divisive nature of health policy propaganda, draconian administrative policies, and mass levels of conditioning?

There’s no way to know, of course. Still, the propaganda, the policies, and the conditioning wouldn’t work if there wasn’t a more basic human nature to exploit which is the natural divide between optimists and pessimists. ....

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