Tuesday night rock - Houses of the Holy by Zeppelin

Posted On: Tuesday - February 28th 2017 6:55PM MST
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Just a 4 minute long hard-rockin' song from Led Zeppelin. It is titled "Houses of the Holy", yet is NOT on the album "Houses of the Holy", but on "Physical Graffitti", the cover of which, for the actual vinyl LP (not "Lyin' Press" this time, but "Long Play") had a sliding inside cover that would move some letters around in these windows in the cover picture of a couple of old stone row-houses. That is awful quaint - what was the point of all that back then? Have any of you even bought an album to get the cover as a toy? Anyone? Now, if you knew what you'd get on eBay for it 50 years later, that's different.

BTW, Houses of the Holy, the album, has not one bad song on it, and contains the excellent "Rain Song" and "Over the Hills and Far Away".

Robert Plant - Vocals
Jimmy Page - Guitar
John Paul Jones - Bass guitar and keyboards
John Bonham - Drums

Tell me if the 17 second intro is not a 6/4 time signature or something like that.

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