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Posted On: Wednesday - December 1st 2021 7:39PM MST
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I didn't write back to Peak Stupidity commenter Dieter Kief on his last one, due to his comment and a reply being the gist of this quick post. Yes, "What will happen to Madonna's dog" indeed? I really wish this question wasn't so important to ANY Americans.

1) I didn't know Madonna was still around. I'm still under the impression that Material Girl is her newest material.

2) If she is still around, I didn't know people still gave a damn who Madonna is. Why?

3) If people care about Madonna still, I don't know why they would care about her dog. I never knew Madonna had a dog. I never wanted to know whether Madonna had a dog or not.

4) If Madonna is still around and people care about her and even care about her dog, shouldn't this story about what will happen to Madonna's dog be in the news? I don't have to watch.

I think it's more about the TV telling people what they SHOULD care about, though. Distractions are important. The fate of Madonna's dog takes many Americans' time away from such pursuits as finding the roots of the stupidity and evil going in this country and the world.

Friday - December 3rd 2021 11:25AM MST
PS: "Not done intentionally" - that may very well be the case, as the walking, talking idiots on TV just want to get watched. They'll say or report on whatever it takes. That brings me to my next post, Dieter.
Dieter Kief
Friday - December 3rd 2021 9:43AM MST
PS "I think it's more about the TV telling people what they SHOULD care about, though. Distractions are important."
Mod. - this is nothing that is done (intentionally) by somebody, but rather somthing that happens.
The metaphor that fits your idea of what's going on TV-wise is that of a drunk (the viewers), that is robbed by a cold blooded mugger (Big Media).

My metaphor would rather be that there are numerous drunks out there (TV viewers .a.n.d. TV producers) while they're trying to cross muddy waters on a shaky bridge.
Thursday - December 2nd 2021 10:35AM MST
PS Thanks, AE, you’ve given me a chance to tell my Madonna story. When I was living in London 1986–88, on Saturday mornings I’d take the bus up to Finchley Road to do my weekly marketing at the Sainsbury’s. Those were Walkman days, and I’d tune my Walkman to Ned Sherrin’s comedy program, Loose Ends. That’s where I first heard Stephen Fry’s character, Dr Donald Trefusis. Amongst the comedy bits, they’d intersperse some pop music. Now, although I wasn’t and am not much tuned into pop music, one would have to have been deaf or three days dead to have not heard of Madonna. Being neither of those things, I had heard of, but not heard, Madonna. She was being billed as the greatest thing since Elvis, so, when Ned Sherrin announced a song by Madonna, I perked up my ears for the phenom. Talk about anticlimax. It was just another bit of pop schlock, little or no different to hundreds of other pieces of pop schlock of the era. So, I certainly care a lot more about Madonna’s dog than I do about Madonna, who is/was nothing more than a mediocre, if not-too-hard-on-the-eyes, female pop singer, who had her 15 minutes and then some. Enough already.
The Alarmist
Thursday - December 2nd 2021 8:29AM MST

The only saving grace is that Madonna has become “Grandma’s music” for many of those who listen to what passes for music these days.

On a brighter note, there’s buzz that FaceBag might faceplant as the younger crowd flee it. I seem to recall this being a problem years ago, and I fled FaceBag a decade ago when my older aunt sent a friend request to me.

The showed “Red” on Film4 the other night. It is one of the few of the Spy genre I can watch repeatedly because it is done well with a good sense of humor. What makes it relevant is a line near the end, where the character played by retired Company Asset Bruce Willis asks his younger Active Company Asset if he should take care of the rogue Vice President, and the younger one, whose a** was kicked by older Willis, replies, “I’ve got this, Grandpa.”

Thursday - December 2nd 2021 4:54AM MST
PS: Yes, by "socialize", Dieter, you mean have something in common to converse about. as in (for example) "yeah, I think she should give the dog to Jennifer Anniston" or however the conversation would go, just so one could be a part of such a conversation. Others will feel left out. I don't really mind feeling left out of that kind of conversation, and this just reminded me that I had had in mind a 2nd part of that post. OK, I'll put it in the next one.

I do think that talking politics these days, as an alternative icebreaker, doesn't always work out so well, haha. You may know how I feel about the spectator "sportsball" too. What else is there to talk about to new acquaintances? Sometimes, nothing is better, perhaps?

Thanks for bringing up "Our Lady of the Forest". That's making me want to head to the Olympic Mountains again.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - December 2nd 2021 1:53AM MST
PS - The colorful big flatscreens are amidst people's lives. People like it that way, because it helps them to - socialise - and bond even, at low cost (= permanent contact, no obligations).

The intentions behind this on either side are in muddy waters - and I think don't matter much.
This is a system that has personal consequences, that's true. But it follows all kinds of impulses. Some of them economic and rational (the networks selling the attention of their viewers) , some of them emotional and rather irrational (like adopting Madonna and making her part of your daily conversations = part of your relationships/family). The star-system - has a metaphysical side to it as well (see David Guterson's novel Our Lady of the Forest about becoming a (minor) star) - and see Madonna (!) and the like as being stars = a social/emotional everyday presence for millions). The star system is real. It's social consequences too. But - it is shallow. - Go for the deeper waters is the answer to these kinds of poor (social/mental (spiritual)) quality of life. // The right answer to such problems is not theoretical, but practical.
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