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Posted On: Monday - January 24th 2022 7:11PM MST
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I picked up Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Our Children from an Oversanitized World, The co-authors, Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta, are medical-science types in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I only skimmed this book for 15 - 20 minutes, so this post is NOT a book review. I'd gotten this book out of the library for my wife to peruse, or at least see the cover of, for fun and shock value. Yeah, the title is pretty clever, at least if you're familiar with the famous "Let them eat cake" quote, attributed to the big-breasted last Queen of France prior to their revolution. (Wiki says the quote goes back a few decades before then, written in a story by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Confessions.)

One can see the idea that the 2 authors wanted to get across from the title. Large increases in asthma, allergies, and other ailments have been attributed to the modern house being TOO clean. This is not at al a problem for our household, and we have not seen such health problems. There's you one data point.

From skimming, I see that the authors also took aim at the modern-day indoor/snowflake type of living that kids now are experiencing. Due to their not spending nearly the amount of time outdoors than the kids of a generation or two ago, they are not exposed enough to the many germs that could give them better immunity against quite a few diseases. Has that concept been forgotten? (I can't be sure that the authors didn't also mention the value of Vitamin D from the sunshine, but they mostly concentrated on the microbes.)

For a new parent, I suppose the title of this book could be shocking,* The book was written in '16, well before the Kung Flu PanicFest. Maybe if they had bought Let Them Eat Dirt beforehand, some more people might have been on our side. The ideas within apply.

* It could be a good ploy to sell a few books to some outraged Moms, in the way that I've sometimes just got to read a yahoo article to see how stupid and disingenuous it is. Those Moms might be pleasantly surprised. I have not been so far with the yahoo articles.

Adam Smith
Thursday - January 27th 2022 11:10AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Kief,

I hope this message finds you well,

Thanks for the links and other musical suggestions.
The soprano sax sounds great with that natural reverb.
I really like the last link. Bone chillingly beautiful, indeed.

Thank you. ☮
Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 27th 2022 5:58AM MST

This is - epic! - and - all things hang together (Friedrich Wilhelm Schelling) - listen to the medieval tune - the bone chillingly beautiful medieval tune this - epic!! - thing starts off with:

Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 27th 2022 3:55AM MST
PSMod. - I use the words set list in reference to my hits = my preferred themes.

Being on the road with my favorite themes means: Writing about them in Germany, Switzerland, (Austria) and the Anglosphere on the internet.

The tour and the set list and stuff like that as existential metaphors. Why I use these words in this way is because being on the road is something fundamental - and being in a band too - see? - As it is to be Runnin' on Empty (Jackson Browne's legendary live record, - great achievement, I tells ya!). Feelin' a bit blue when being on tour is a natural thing too - I guess that's one reason the blues is so appealing. Feeling high too - (Eagles: when the tide gets high -a-a-a-aa-aaa-aa-aaaa- - ii-i-i-gh / when the tide gets HI-I-IGH!!!....).

Btw. The Little River Band is the closest R 'n' R has gotten to a church choir. - They sing these old well-established and approved and worn-in sounds/melodies, that - echo centuries - ages even, from the early antiphons/Gregorian Chants up until today. It was very interesting for me to hear that Glenn Frey, who is a music-maniac like Neil Young and other dinosaurs of the scene (Robert Plant/ Alison Krauss), but also Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne and Eric Clapton...Bob Dylan) a dinosaur, Glenn Frey which lived for being on stage. And he even has an urgency to him that - is closely knit into the membership of the roving band (=the rock'n'roll Band). - And this tradition of the liturgical chant and the church-song (and you can see them there, / on sunday mornings, stand up and S-III-NNGG about, what it's like up there......- the Eagles again, see). 

Here's what I wanted to say: The Eagles connect and counterbalance being in a rovin band (= in a gang) they connect this - heritage, - that is in us and quite alive, and wants to get out (wants to be unleashed...) they connect these  raw impulses with the very much harmonious togetherness, that is part of the Western tradition too and - lights up in the Gregorian chorales/chants and the church songs and - in all of the European - Human Accomplishment(s) (Ch. Murray) that are highlighted by the works of Bach, Buxtehude, Beethoven, Monteverdi, Verdi, Wagner, et. al. too - The Littel River Band not least. - Full circle.

So here you have it, the yin & yang, heaven & hell (Meatloaf - BAT Out of Hell - and he seems to have died of Covid, what I heard after I had posted my good-bye to him here and at a few other places with absolutely no responses: Death is something that humbles us - deep down inside)), here we go:  Shadows & Light (Joni Mitchell), the eagle & the snake (Joni Mitchell again on HEJIRA - ) and on the double LP Paprika Plains (I see paprika plains - vast and bleak and godforsaken / Paprika Plains / and the turquoise river - snaking), death & birth and death & birth (Joni Mitchell one more time - on The Hissing of Summer Lawns (what an album title that is - puhhh!). 
Since you asked, Mod.: I did sing in a little choir lately but stopped that and am looking out to do something like that again. I almost joined a band once again last year - bad then I didn't.)
From Poland - vivid and short


Maria Laach - authentic German Monastery everyday (!) singing - singing as part of a "life form" (Arno Borst the - European - Dean of the medieval Historians of our times (5 min.)

Riga - goes with the (modern) flow

Adam Smith
Thursday - January 27th 2022 12:34AM MST
PS:“How grampaw would laugh uproariously at every near miss while we played Jarts...”

Lol... Good times indeed!

Lawn Darts Champion
Wednesday - January 26th 2022 9:49PM MST
PS Let them eat ice cream but the $32,000 freezer is not for the untermenschen deplorable kulak scum vermin and the champagne fountain isn't part of the egalitarian workers utopia.
As Eisenhower said there is a place where peace and safety are mandatory and that place is called prison.
How grampaw would laugh uproariously at every near miss while we played Jarts or Lawn Darts.
Good times!
Wednesday - January 26th 2022 3:22PM MST
PS TA: When I was in junior high, in the antediluvian, chocolate covered ants and grasshoppers were a big thing among the boys for a while. Even the cheap chocolate made them palatable, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have been so bad without it. Deep fried, maybe. At least the grasshoppers. I could see snacking on them. Maybe you have to smoosh the ants into a bar or something. I’m not recommending this, and I think that those of Those Who Rule Us who are floating this idea should be, well, use your imagination. But the thing itself is not so outlandish.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - January 26th 2022 12:02PM MST

Mr. Moderator, I learned in Survival School that simply going hungry a few days can make even the worst insects taste better ... nah, that’s not true. Just think of the protein and muck them on down, though you might remove larger wings and legs and make sure they are dead before biting into things like grasshoppers or crickets.

They can’t all be Sophia Vergara. It’s kind of like Russian ladies and the Babooshka Bomb.
Wednesday - January 26th 2022 11:05AM MST
PS: Thanks again for the on-line book links again, Adam, along with the good globalist and Greta memes. I may have to use the latter sometime. Poor Greta has been ignored by Peak Stupidity lately. "Food security" is one thing - letting the 3rd World population (only!) expand to where eating bugs is the best option is quite another.

Personally, if we could find a way to make mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks tasty - I don't know, stir-fried, the right kind of trans-fats, SOMETHING, I'd be happy about that. We will never run out of them, but if we did, I'd be very pleased!

Mr. Blanc, yes, it's the Moms and the Dads that let the Moms rule in too many areas. Also, regarding your horse manure landing zones, I will say that vegetarian poo may be smelly, but it's not on the same level with that the emanates (emits?) from meat eaters. I just skimmed, but "Let Them Eat Dirt" did mention the fact that kids on the farm got/get much more exposure to fecal matter that, in the long run, builds up the immune system well.
Wednesday - January 26th 2022 10:54AM MST
PS: Great comments, all. Thank you.

Dieter, what do you mean by "set list"? Do you play somewhere, or is that a list of tunes to be loaded up on the i-whatever? Yes, I sometimes don't notice iSteve commenters are gone until a few months or more. The guy Lot has not been on there for a year or more, I'm guessing. Those other 2 were interesting too.

On the snowflakery, we've got to watch it with our 10 y/o. In some ways, he's not going in that direction, but lately he is spending too much time inside, at least when I'm away. (My wife is a homebody - nothing wrong with that in general. It's just that the kids sure don't have many chances to mess round with a pile of dirt, as per PeterIke, or just "sit there with a fuckin' stick" (aka, the George Carlin clip I discussed a few weeks back)

That's here:


Alarmist, they can be cute (knew a Venezuelan who was super cute and hot, but those mamacitas seem to balloon up on the back end on some kind of rigid schedule, if they are not very careful.

Tuesday - January 25th 2022 6:43PM MST
PS PI When my best friend moved in across the road, his folks bought him a horse, which was kept in what had been a garage. The piled the horse droppings, mixed with straw from the stable in a pile behind the garage. There was a opening from the attic at the back of the garage. We’d climb up into the attic and jump out into the pile of horse droppings. In the summer, wasps would build nests in the attic. We’d bundle ourselves up in coats and hats and whack the wasps’ nests with sticks. Good times.
Tuesday - January 25th 2022 2:19PM MST

One of my favorite play spots as a kid was... a dirt pile. And it was BIG OL DIRT PILE. Probably eight or ten feet high. We had all these little plastic animals -- kind of like plastic soldiers, but they were bears and camels and elephants. They were given away inside some cereal and we ate a lot of that cereal.

Anyhoo, my cousin and I would spend hours on that pile, digging caves, making forts, coming up with elaborate stories for the animals. It was huge fun, very "exploratory" as the Karens like to say (and actually so, not some packaged bullcrap toy) and I'm sure we got exposed to ten zillion trillion whatevers. All good.

Yes, this dirt theory is true. Kids are too clean today. Add to that (1) the impact of TOO DAMN MANY vaccines (2) the prescribing of TOO DAMN MANY antibiotics and (3) the consumption of shitty, processed foods, and you've got hordes of kids with wrecked biomes who can't handle a thing. So little Oliver and Willow are sick all the time.

Get dirty!

Tuesday - January 25th 2022 12:50PM MST
PS Yet another result of the triumph of the women’s rebellion. Maternal Concern writ large. And since these days they’re very likely to have only one offspring, all that concern is concentrated. This is what the disintegration of a civilization looks like.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - January 25th 2022 10:09AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, gentlemen,

Let them eat dirt

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (pdf)

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (epub)

A little off topic, I call this one “Let them eat bugs”


Cheers to a great day!

The Alarmist
Tuesday - January 25th 2022 6:55AM MST

One of the first Spanish words I learned, beyond those one learns while watching a Speedy Gozales cartoon, was taught to me by a young mamacita (kind of latin slang for a hottie, but a MILF in this case), who kept scolding her niño pequeño with the word ‘caca’ each time he would pick up something off the floor of the waiting room we were in. Each time she said it, she would look at me and give me a nervous smile, suggesting she thought I knew what she was saying, but after the fifth time, I smiled and asked, “So what does ‘caca’ mean?”

Funniest pick-up line ever.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - January 25th 2022 12:58AM MST
PSAw yeah Mod. - your proto-theory - cooked (heheh) up in twenty minutes while skimmnig through this book is interesting.
Let 'em eat dreck / shit is also a German proverb used by a group of people willing to - give hell... - to their opponents or oppressors (or enemies, or adversaries or rivals...).This title-metaphor of the book you - öh - dealt with implies also a message to - parents: You can't be only lovely in your role. This role also needs a bit of - primal energy, as Dr. Freud had it (= aggression).If you're not willing to mobilize this beneficial aggression (Dr. Fromm in The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness) while dealing with your kids (= let them eat dirt), you're not torturing them to death but loving them so much that they'll in the end - are rather snowflakey and rather nervous and unhealthy nuisances, which will - by and by - ever so slowly (being a parent is something that - endures...) turn into something rather scared and overly cautious too. The result is a rather hysterical kid-parent combo, as Dr. Peteson pointed out in 12 Rules for Life. A state of bodily and mental - corrosion, that makes first family-life andthen life in general - angst-ridden and unpleasant. Peterson's genius-formula is: You end up not liking not only your beloved kids, but also your partner and yourself - - - in one word: Your life and that of others. - a perfect way to - shoot out the lights of reason, faith and hope and replace 'em with - anger, fear and stubbornness ( - Mr. Mod. - does that not ring the big ol' Stupidity-Bell here - - - ).
In other words: The Coddling of the American/Western Mind is something rather destructive, that has indeed the potential, to turn the one-kid worshiping smaller and smaller (and via mobility ever more detached from - heritage) "atom particle" (Michel Houellebecq) core-family into something rather unpleasant and - dysfunctional, not least with regard to society as a whole.
(See? - I .d.i.d. .t.o.l.d. ya so, Mod., time & time again - - - to quote an imaginary Blues song , heheh which is most often on my set-list, when I'm out  -- - on the road again, trying not to sink in the rising tide of madness that - is an anthropological constant, btw. - see Ship of Fools by Durch renaissance man of letters (and humorist) Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam (I miss commenter Desiderius btw. over at the Unz review! - I hope he is doing well - as i miss Old Palo Altan: Did the indeed old man make his wish come true and become a monk at the Grand Chartreuse near Grenoble - one of the most beautiful places that there are - - - ?)

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