Toward Peak Neocon? (Part 1 - Definition)

Posted On: Saturday - March 4th 2017 7:34AM MST
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A commenter suggested that I write a post regarding what I (in all silliness) have just termed "Peak Necocon", as that is, in a nutshell what his idea/question is about. The question from this commenter went "how do these neocons think they can continue their shit? How can it keep going on as the US drains its finances?" Let me first define "neocon"; I'm no Noah Webster, so it'll take a paragraph or five.

The term "Neocon" is, or course, from "neo", meaning "new" and "con" from "conservative", so New Conservatives. Where did these people come from and when? I believe the term came into vogue (no, not "Vogue" with the bikini pics, but just "vogue" - small v) in the late 1980's or so. Though there must be many more followers than proponents of any political philosophy, right now I'm writing about the proponents. By the middle of the 1980's, after a few years already of President Reagan and Americans' final rejection of the left-wing hippy era, conservatism had made such a big comeback, not necessarily in actual legislation and reverse in the slide into stupidity, but at least into the minds of your average American. There had to have been many pundits, media people, and elites of all sorts that, though still holding to their lefty/commie philosophy wanted to retain some power and relevancy.

As written in PeakStupidity a number of times already, we do not think that most of the political "movements" and just really stupid and/or evil ideas being pushed on people are the results of some grand master plans, written or unwritten. There are usually just many people at the same level of stupidity, who think they are at some higher level, that hang out in employment and leisure with primarily others that are at that level of stupid. Many of the neocons suppressed most of their left/commies ideas, but relished the idea of the US becoming THE superpower at the end of the cold war, won by Ronald Reagan with help by millions of mostly American (+ some European) mechanical/electrical engineers, soldiers, sailors, and airmen, with help from the old Pope, the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and the Poles - Solidarity and Lech Walesa.

OK, back on topic, once the Cold War was won, the US had by far the most powerful military in the world, much goodwill built up, and still the most powerful economy by a factor of 3, probably, over any other single country in the world. Any true conservatives left by 1990 or so, many of them regular Americans, but in the political world, your Pat Buchanans and such, would and were arguing for our country to stay out of the world's business finally, as the Cold War was won (on the military, foreign affairs level, not domestically, but most of us didn't see that coming!) Not only was it difficult for any part of the Military Industrial Complex to just stand down, there were politicians, elites, pundits, etc. wanting us to DO SOMETHING with this power, and many a allegedly-former lefty could become part of this huge power structure just by not saying "We should not be the world's policeman." and "Unilateral disarmament, Now!" anymore, and by shutting their pie holes on conservative social issues that they didn't really believe in. Lastly, because it must be mentioned, the neocons support Israel, as if it were essential to life in the US because a) many neocons are Jewish and just as importantly b) the middle east is a good place to have wars, as until now, the US military could kick ass fairly inexpensively throughout the region.

I really doubt that all of the neocons, since this type became an infestation by the early 1990's, were from the left as I described, but there were others just absorbed and deflected away from true conservatism onto this new path.

These neocons changed the working definition of conservatism over a few decades, let's say 1990 to now. I see the neocon philosophy as an American phenomena but also as a subset of Globalism, as it fits the agenda of the neocon urge to see one big empire. So, neocons are Globalists, but Globalists are not all neocons, as the neocons, in particular, want the US to be the operator of a global empire.

Part 2 here - Peak Neocon - unavoidable, one of two ways.

Sunday - August 13th 2017 5:22AM MST
Yeah, I noticed, Charlie, from (since I've been reading that daily for 12 years or so) that at least one picture keeps people's eyes.

It is easy to put one pic in, even if it's just from duckduckgo "images" or wherever, that somewhat relates. To get graphs, maps etc. would be nice, but it definitely slows my writing down.

Don't get me wrong - I'm a numbers guy, but if I can't write stuff off the top of my head, with say, just 2-5 stops for checking things, I won't post nearly as often.

Point taken though, and you've confirmed what I thought. I will try to get in at least one pic or youtube video per post, though youtube has been slow as molasses lately in loading.
Grandpa Charlie
Saturday - August 12th 2017 11:04PM MST
I like what you write: it's entertaining and informative.

But don't you need more in the way of images - like maybe graphs, maps, fotos? I don't mind for myself because my learning/cognition style leans heavily on old-fashioned reading. But it seems like that's what people expect now-a-days, and I've even gotten used to it. Brighten up the pages, you know.
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