Toward Peak Neocon? (Part 2 - Unavoidable, one of 2 ways)

Posted On: Saturday - March 4th 2017 8:15AM MST
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(This post is a continuation from this one.)

Now, I will discuss what the commenter suggested - how can this continue? He is absolutely right that it can't, first of all. Sorry to spoil the ending, but please read on.

As to the neocons and war, there does not seem to be anywhere on the globe that these people feel is off limits for meddling by the American military. In addition to the smaller readily-induced hot spots, there are the powers Russia and China. The neocons either are THAT stupid (possibly) or purposefully ignorant of the fact that Russia != The Soviet Union. They know the Cold War was won, want to take credit for it, but yet really miss it and want to continue the good parts. More on this later, but was there a reason for NATO, an arm of America, to start adding member states and making defense agreements to surround Russia like a game of block-out? What about China - through favorable trade agreements along with sell-outs for cash we greatly accelerated the rise of China economically, and military power has followed. Are we going to fight for some stupid rock islands in the China Sea? As far as the dealings with these 2 major powers, is any of this the things true conservatives would push for? Well, really this has all been written much better by others, such as Ron Paul, John Derbyshire, and best by our own Pat Buchanan.

A little bit of reading anywhere on the internet where common sense exists, say ZeroHedge or PeakStupidity, on the topic of Global Financial Stupidity, especially as our homegrown American version (USA! USA!), will clue anyone into not just the sorry state of our economy, but the worsening trend of that. $20,000,000,000,000 of debt, an order of magnitude more than that in future obligations, and an eviscerated manufacturing base really should be in the minds of anyone proposing more war. Even people who are not neocons that are high up in our military forces up to the Commander-in-Chief Trump himself probably do not really take it to heart that one must have a strong economy to KEEP HAVING a strong military. Note, KEEP HAVING was bolded, as there can be a very long period of drawing off the resources of the past - Adam Smith, who should know a thing or two about economics, observed "There is a great deal of ruin in a nation." There is a lot of inertia to keep our military moving and strong until the bills really come due.

Assembled in USA, some parts Hecho en China

Just think about it, neocons, we've got supply lines from China for all manner of mechanical items and electronics that are necessary for all of our high-tech military hardware and even for the jigs to build some of it that we might build here. Smart young American guys are discouraged to work as engineers as the bulk of the work is overseas and then, we are importing H-1B visa indentured foreign workers to get the jobs that are left. Yeah, you can go into high-finance instead with your math background to write fancy algorithms to buy and sell pieces of paper - that doesn't exactly build up our economic OR military might. Really, what will happen if a hot war starts with China - "Listen, Sec-State, tell Chairman Wen that we will hold the cease-fire until Tuesday afternoon, when Fed-Ex brings the missile guidance parts we need - are you sure you put in the right tracking number?" We all know that our military is only powerful due to the high-tech hardware - the manpower levels are low, but more importantly, morale cannot hold with the military being made into one big social experiment into gender and dieversity - no fighting man wants any part of that shit.

We can not keep this up even if we all wanted to, neocons! The money is there, so to speak, for now, but much being spent is being borrowed, and the lenders will not continue their stupidity once the confidence in the money goes or said lender is at war with us, whichever comes first.

Now, going beyond what the commenter said, here is another point of mine. What if, in terms of the economy, it were 1985 right now, but without the Cold War going on? We did indeed have the economic and the military power to spare (again, were the Cold War over). Could the nation have taken on a big power? We could have won a war, but at a large cost and the Cold War was about stopping Communism from spreading over the entire world, not about some small defense agreement with freakin' Estonia or Georgia. Our military was powerful as a defense - no serious American wanted offensive war against The Soviet Union. There is not, and should not be, a large will for all out war like that of WWII if it's not for defense of the nation.

My point here is that, in all of the smaller wars that have been fought since Vietnam, the US has had an OVERWHELMING advantage in manpower, logistics, air power, all of it. I really don't think these neocon warmongers ever think in their heads about a real war with a country that has a real military, and what that would cost in lives and limbs. It would not be a war of button-pushing killings of this guy over here and nicely taking out that road, village or staging area, while the men and equipment can go right back to complete safety in this base over here, etc. This is all assuming we had LOTS OF MONEY. Guess what, we don't - far, far from it.

This blog is favorable toward President Trump, the loyal reader must know by now. His stance on Russia and NATO(partially) shows courage against the neocon establishment. I really wonder about his knowledge about China however. One always reads that this is all negotiation, but 2 things: a) the Chinese don't have our same culture and really have a fixation about not being embarrassed (losing face in their terminology), and b) You really don't use war-mongering as a form of negotiation, but then, hey, I didn't read the guy's book.

The peak of this neocon war-mongering business will come soon, one way or another. We all should hope it will be just due to the lack of ability to fund this stuff and not due to a hard learning process during a hot war.

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