Happy St. Patrick's Day

Posted On: Thursday - March 17th 2022 8:17PM MST
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We alluded to the holiday today in the previous post. I don't care when the parade is, Saint Patrick's Day is today. We won't be having any green beer or even the good stuff (Guinness, a meal in itself). However, let's end the day on a good note. For bagpipe music, you probably would expect Brave Scotland or some AC/DC, but they aren't Irish, dang it. (Nor is the song "Bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomen", one of my favorites, about Ireland.)

H A P P Y S T. P A T R I C K' S D A Y!

You can't go wrong with The Royal Irish Regiment Pipers, I guess:

Saturday - March 19th 2022 3:19PM MST
PS: Thanks Mr. Anderson. That was an actual Irish joke, unlike mine.
Saturday - March 19th 2022 6:41AM MST
A man stumbles up to the only other patron in a bar and asks if he could buy him a drink. "Why of course," comes the reply. The first man then asks: "Where are you from?" "I'm from Ireland," replies the second man. The first man responds: "You don't say, I'm from Ireland too! Let's have another round to Ireland." "Of course," replies the second man. I'm curious, the first man then asks: "Where in Ireland are you from?" "Galway ," comes the reply. "I can't believe it," says the first man. "I'm from Galway too! Let's have another drink to Galway." "Of course," replies the second man. Curiosity again strikes and the first man asks: "What school did you go to?" "Saint Vincent's," replies the second man, "I graduated in '62." "This is unbelievable!", the first man says. "I went to Saint Vincent's and I graduated in '62, too!" About that time in comes one of the regulars and sits down at the bar. "What's been going on, Pat?" he asks the bartender. "Nothing much," replies the bartender. "The O'Malley twins are drunk again."
Friday - March 18th 2022 8:21PM MST
That was pretty cool. However, the bagpipe player on the far left of the four facing looks like a woman. If so, she has absolutely no business being there - ridiculous. Wammenz aren't going to be leading men into battle.
Friday - March 18th 2022 2:15PM MST
PS: This one is somewhat dated, but I still like it:

An American tycoon is in Ireland on some long-overdue and important business. Things go really well, and he finishes two days early. So, he figures he will go on a spree, and visit one hundred bars and have a pint in each.

Towards the end of the second day, when he is at a remote intersection, a man with an ASSAULT rifle jumps out in front of him --- 'Be ye Catholic or be ye Protestant?'

Well, Mr. Tycoon is a bit befuddled by now, and can't remember which part of Ireland he is in. But, he didn't get rich by being slow --- 'Neither, I'm Jewish.'


'Sure and begorrah, I'm the luckiest Palestinian in Ireland!'
Dieter Kief
Friday - March 18th 2022 1:42PM MST

The Regiment Pipers sound good, thanks!
The drums are dry. Bass drum is a bit odd. The trumpet player needs to have a lot of patience - then his great moment comes!
Btw. - Kief = O'Keeffe, heheh - from Cork.
Friday - March 18th 2022 11:39AM MST
PS A belated St Pat’s Day greeting to all. When the Kellys, Kennellys, and Daleys ran Chicago, St Pat’s Day was a pretty big deal there, too. We’re in our last days of hiding out from winter, so we missed the day in Chicago, but Mme B informed me that the Amphibian/Negress hybrid that now holds down the chair on the fifth floor of City Hall had the River dyed green again. But a pale shadow of the days when the Irish ruled the roost.
Adam Smith
Friday - March 18th 2022 10:59AM MST
PS: Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone...

And Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you, Mr. Shamrock...

“Have you accepted Zelensky as your lord and savior?”




Nicely done Sir.
Thanks for the links.

The Alarmist
Friday - March 18th 2022 3:40AM MST

Éirinn go Brách, but I prefer it when Erin go braless.

I miss NYC on St. Pattie’s day... Firepeople and policepersons dressed in their finest and puking in the streets.

@Moderator, You realise you won’t be allowed to play Wimbeldon or sing in the Met Opera if you keep that attitude. Like they used to say about many dictators of the world, “He may be a sonuvabitch, but he’s our sonuvabitch.”
Friday - March 18th 2022 2:23AM MST
PS: Not only do I not support the Ukraine, but I don't care very much what happens over there. For the Lyin' Press, that's an even worse sin. I could tell you honestly that I would never recognize Zelensky, never heard him speak a word, and so on. They don't like that. I'm supposed to be greatly distracted right now

Happy St. Patties day to you especially then - going by your handle.
Silver Shamrock
Thursday - March 17th 2022 9:38PM MST
PS Best Irish shirt-Celtic Pat McGroin on the front, kiss me I'm Irish on the back.
Off Topic Alert-You don't support Ukraine? Traitor!
We must defend Ukraine's borders or are borders a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy?
Video of Zelensky as the messiah, have you accepted Zelensky as your lord and savior?
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