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Posted On: Thursday - April 7th 2022 10:24AM MST
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From each, according to her genes...

To each, according the her flexibility.

Besides tearing economies to the ground, forming politburos, and scorching the Earth with stupidity, one of the big programs under Communism is the attempted formation of a new type of citizen. It's against the grain of human nature, but the idea is to turn the masses into a different form of humanity. ("Human nature can go straight to fucking hell!" - Chairman Mao Zedong , overheard on the Long March somewhere, but in a dialect nobody could completely understand.)

You've got your Soviet farm girls there, on the Collective. Would they have been happy being part of a nuclear family? Well, again, human nature didn't come into the calculations of the Soviet 5-year Central Planners. The poor peons stuck in this system had to live miserably and in ways that don't befit human beings. That whole experiment was a godawful mess for 7 decades. I'm sure a new Soviet citizen could have told this Peak Stupidity blogger that early on in the whole thing, but these new citizens had no say in trying to terminate it.

Additionally, whatever actions, domestic or foreign, their "people's" Soviet Government took, these poor "citizens" had no say in the matter. The Free World looked upon their nation with disdain, at both their Communist economy and their leaders who wanted to spread Communism around the world.

I was thinking of this, as the current American society is being pushed toward values and programs that are also against human nature. These are other forms of stupidity than what the old Soviets could not have even imagined*. As the Bolsheviks did 100 years ago in Russia, the new Bolsheviks are overturning traditional society in America now.

Instead of being subject to classes that would ingrain the Soviet concepts of Communism into those New Soviet men and women, we are being subjected to this shit:

I don't see how anyone outside the Western World could refrain from laughing at us for what you see there and all the rest of the black-worshipping, feminist, and genderbender wokeness.

Along with that, just as with the USSR back in the day, the US Feral Gov't and Deep State are making moves that sully the reputation of America around the world. (This has been going on for nearly the whole 3 decades since the end of the Cold War. All that goodwill built up? Shot to hell.)

I remember the Cold War times. I think most Americans could go through the logic that, hey, it wasn't the New Soviet Men who were responsible for it all. They had no power.

Does the other side understand this today? Does the average Russian or Chinese citizen figure that all Americans are silly-minded, power-hungry world bullies? I see this stuff in the Ukraine and at the universities and on the streets, and all I've got is this blog, right now, to tell them "Hey, it's not ME, man!"

We're the decent people caught up in the maelstrom now. No matter what the rest of the world thinks of us American patriots, unlike the Soviet New World Man, we DO have plenty of recourse. Let's not let it all go too far.

He's a writer and arranger,
and a young boy bearing arms.

He's got a problem with his power,
with weapons on patrol.
He's got to walk a fine line,
and keep his self-control.

He's noble enough to know what's right,
but weak enough not to choose it.
He's wise enough to win the world,
but fool enough to lose it.

He's a new world man.

Lyrics were by Neil Peart - R.I.P.

* By the Stalin era, society was Conservative in the social sense, but the economic programs were still anti-human-nature stupidity.

Saturday - April 9th 2022 7:30PM MST
PS: Interesting channel you've got going on there, Adam, or I should say "network", as this one is not the CoronaPanic 2022 Channel - perhaps closer to a public access channel, such as would host "Wayne's World"?

Well, without the flannel tops or nice plaid skirts, I don't know if this Russian chick Chanel handbag-destroying genre would get so many views (4 plus mine!) You always tend to think the people in other countries are not so far ahead on stupidity and always get surprised!

I think the French, Spanish, and Italian factories that make these bags should hire the girls on an all-expenses-paid trip to China to take care of the intellectual property theft problem, with prejudice...
Saturday - April 9th 2022 7:03PM MST
PS: Sorry for the late reply, RuC. I couldn't get online since this morning, beside my phone (too busy in general anyway).

There were a few others, such as most of the commenters here and Mr. Hail of the "Hail to You" blog (who flat-out quit commenting on unz) who got tired of that 24/7 CovoPanic 2 years back. Thank you so much for reading. There are ~ 2,338 other posts here, haha. I have put links in lots of times in unz comments - I try to do it when it's relevant, and beside my trying to get readers, obviously, I sometimes do that to save writing or copy/pasting of some ideas.

I saw your twitter page. Thank you for linking. I can go to your page, but I think I will never join twitter - not even political, just about that "can't teach an old dog new tricks" thing.

Adam Smith
Saturday - April 9th 2022 3:05PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,

I hope you're all having a great weekend...

“I wanted to see your handbag destruction video badly, but the site wants me to do something - tells me in German though ... Nah, Adam, on this tablet I was never able to accomplish that work around.”

Dieter's GMX page didn't work for me either.
I think this might be what he's talking about...

Seems like destroying Chanel handbags is a thing Russian girls are doing these days...

Thanks for keeping us informed, Dieter. Also, thanks for the other links and comments this week. Glad to hear you had a good time at the Julian Lage concert the other night.

Many thanks to Mr. Alarmist too. Lots of good links and comments.
( has worked on about half the pages I've tried. Thanks.)

I hope you all have a great evening.

Render unto Caesar
Saturday - April 9th 2022 11:57AM MST
PS I presume my first attempt at a comment wasn't postscripted, and therefore lost.


I've read much of what you've written on Steve over the years, and you and I were the first two to stand up against Steve's modest proposal that the world be masked and gagged.

This is your first article I've read. I retweeted it with my own vignette. Your comment on Steve was a good way to spread the word about your blog - with a relevant link. You should do that more often and get more readers.

Feel free to get in contact on Twitter my friend.
Saturday - April 9th 2022 11:36AM MST
No self respecting White would subject themselves to being "lectured" to by some nappy headed fat slob such as that thing. They're probably covidians as well.
Saturday - April 9th 2022 4:41AM MST
PS: Good idea, Dieter, about practicing for the next one. Practicing for SOMETHING anyway.

I haven't heard about any "excess deaths" over there. It is so ludicrous, like trying to get to ZERO COMMON COLD. Remember that line about "we can send a man to the moon, but we can't even cure the common cold?" I guess they want to do both over there in China.

I wanted to see your handbag destruction video badly, but the site wants me to do something - tells me in German though ... Nah, Adam, on this tablet I was never able to accomplish that work around.
Dieter Kief
Friday - April 8th 2022 11:22PM MST

re: - Alarmist's tough Siberian bug-destroyer girlfriend - here is Russian "Influencer" Victoria Bonya who feels discriminated against by luxury stores in Monte Carlo - fighting back by destoying Chanel handbags.

re: Shanghai - this question follows me around for days - and now I post it: Could it be that the Chinese government is not so much fighting this virus with this draconina measures and rather practising big style just in case there'd be more dangerous ones?

The Alarmist
Friday - April 8th 2022 1:23PM MST

It’s a painfully entertaining but fairly on the mark rant. The best part would be the eight seconds toward the end where he again delivers the title line.

BTW, in the spirit of “Hard men make good times, good times make weak men (or people),” the only saving grace is that when TSHTF, the current Cancel Crew will likely have their severed heads displayed on pikes in the entryways to their cities ... pour encourager les autres.
Friday - April 8th 2022 11:00AM MST
PS: Cool story, Alarmist. I didn't need to see Reverend Wright this early in the morning - or ANY time of day - but I should have seen that coming. ;-}
Friday - April 8th 2022 10:58AM MST
PS: Adam, I read what I could out of that Bretton Woods III paper - some of the financial terms were beyond me - I mostly avoid all that stuff in my personal life.

This could be the real BIG STORY of this Ukraine/Russia war. The American Deep State/Government's bullying their economy like it's 1990 again has gotten Big Finance folks around the world motivated to get out of the US system sooner than they would have. Zerohedge used to write about the coming exit from the dollar for years. It's not like some of it wasn't already happening, but it was slow. When you freeze people's assets willy-nilly, they decide they should find another bank.

Did any of you commenters ever read the Lionel Shriver book "The Mandibles", or any other good prepper novel for that matter?
The Alarmist
Friday - April 8th 2022 7:33AM MST

Back in the ‘00s, I had a Russian girlfriend from Siberia. Smoking hot, but oddly emough felt intimidated by the girls of Moscow (I don’t know why). Anyway, one day we were sitting at an outdoor restaurant, and a cockroach starts crawling across the table. Without missing a beat, she crushed it with her hand and wiped it off. You’re likely to never see an American chick do that, particularly not the DIE landwhale and nosering types currently bogging down American corporations with their pricey re-education seminars. I decided to be a gentleman and offer her a WetWipe®️. Russian girls still appreciate gentlemen.

Say what you will about Russians, they are still several generations closer to living in the dirt than girls of the West. They will weather the rebuilding of an autarkic Russian economy far better that we will weather the precipitous degredation and decline of the economies of the West. Escobar makes a good point that the US is eating the EU’s lunch with sanctions on Russia. He is dead right. The problem for the US is that they are degrading their best customers, like a parasite killing its host.

Then there’s China, the US’s creditor and consumer of inflation that would have stayed in the US without it being externalised via unwise offshoring of American productive capacity. Piss them off, and all those dollars they hold and all the inflation they’ve absorbed for us come home.

Eventually the chickens come home to roost:

Adam Smith
Thursday - April 7th 2022 9:39PM MST
PS: Good evening,

Yeah, it's just a list of known adservers. You can open/edit it with a text editor. Sometimes I'll open it up and add a new entry when I see an advertisement. (I use geany text editor.) Replace the hosts file on your device with this one. Works on phones and tablets as well as computers.(Some devices make replacement more difficult than others.) It'll block most advertisements.

I'm thinking about changing the title on the CoronaPanic video to 上海对鱼,鸡,猫等动物进行核酸检测。 or 电晕恐慌 2022

I don't know where those 15 views came from. I'd guess most of them came from here as it is the only place I posted it until it was "published" this afternoon. (Views did double after being published. Got a like too.)

That ex-man is a real piece of work...

I think he's a narcissist who loves meth. He's been arrested for armed robbery. He has a kid. Seems like a real jerk. Winning combo. He does not pass as a woman. Never will. I don't know why he is so adamant that people call him ma'am and pretend he is a woman?

Saw this on Tucker Carlson...

Lunacy cannot last forever.

Also, has anyone else read this? (Bretton Woods III by Zoltan Pozsar March 7, 2022)

Thursday - April 7th 2022 7:07PM MST
PS: All true, Mr. Blanc, and we are less innocent than those Russian/Chinese peons under Communism where were in much less a position to do anything about it.

Yeah, Mr. Smith, I shouldn't have brought that up in Steve Sailer's comment, because, the more I read the replies, the more I remembered you and others giving me hints previously. Yeah, I could use that host file. Is it basically a list of domains that are the worst for sending the ads?
Thursday - April 7th 2022 7:04PM MST
PS: Adam, I forgot to write you that I did view your link to the Houston TV news report about that ex-man raging out. Does the press not realize how freaking biased they are? I really don't think so. Some things are just taken as a given, that we have no right to think that guy's a raging weirdo and that we should accommodate him completely.

I think I'll post that video, as it says a lot about the press, and then shows that guy as the pushy maniac that he is during the interview.

Also, there is something about fish and in those characters too. My source didn't translate it exactly as I wanted, but I think you've got it. I'll have to try some more searching tomorrow. Interesting that a number of iStevers clicked.

Yeah, I wrote "Hundred Year Implosion" to counter that "10,000 Year Explosion". Mr. Sailer is so interested in the natural selection aspect of evolution, but we've had dysgenics going on here, also, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. He's too nice to get into some of that stuff, I think, as counter-establishment as he is already.

I don't know if you "published" the cat/chicken testing video yet. When I did a search for all I could "CoronaPanic 2020 Adam Smith", no, it still didn't come upt. I see you've gotten 15 views now and I see the Chinese characters there.
Thursday - April 7th 2022 1:47PM MST
PS Yeah, it’s not us. It’s rather like NAWALT. Right, not all women are like that. But enough are. Not all Americans are like that. But plenty are. And many of those are members of the most powerful institutions in the country. Further, many who aren’t like that, have done zip to oppose it. Even those of us who have done something, have done little more than write a blog or comment on a blog. So if the Russkies or the Chinks decide to nuke us, precious few of us have any claim to having been innocent.
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 7th 2022 1:37PM MST
PS: Off topic,

If you'd like to read zerohedge and other such sites without advertisements, I could send you a copy of my hosts file.

Adam Smith
Thursday - April 7th 2022 1:34PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Achmed,

Good news! is available.

Shanghai conducts nucleic acid testing on fish, chickens, cats and other animals.

“I am curious if your pasting these in to your youtube video title or description would get it some views from the Chinese contingent.”

I pasted 上海对鱼,鸡,猫等动物进行核酸检测。 in the description.

Won't matter unless I publish the video.
I've posted them all as "unlisted"... (Not sure why?)

Unlisted means:

“Anyone with the video link can see this video.”

“This video won't appear on your channel page. It also won't appear in YouTube search results unless someone adds it to a public playlist.”

I guess I could make it public. See if I get more hits.


Ok, so I published the CoronaPanic 2022 video.

上海对鱼,鸡,猫等动物进行核酸检测。 in the search bar doesn't find it,
but “CoronaPanic 2022上海对鱼,鸡,猫等动物进行核酸检测。” does.

You can also find the video if you search for “CoronaPanic 2022” with quotes.

(I noticed only 3 of the 4 videos allow comments. I wonder why?)

I also noticed today that they revised my view count on those other 2 videos down a little.

Dancing Happy - 92
Haters Be Like - 79
(The Kira Rudyk video has 29)

Maybe there were some people who watched more than once or something?

I was a little surprised to see those two videos were watched by so many of Steve's commenters.

Kinda sums up what subsidized dysgenic fertility looks like.

“Hundred Year Implosion” turns up just one hit on google.

Thursday - April 7th 2022 12:53PM MST
PS: I guess the URL was taken or something ...

It is amazing.

Hey, Adam, I pasted 15 Chinese characters into a comment under the last post. I am curious if your pasting these in to your youtube video title or description would get it some views from the Chinese contingent.

It says "Shanghai Covid testing of chickens and cats. I pasted that into the youtube search area and the first hit looked Chinese but was a quick video of Dave Chappell. ???
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 7th 2022 11:10AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Moderator,

🤡 🌎 is Ughmazing!

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