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Posted On: Tuesday - April 12th 2022 6:52PM MST
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See, Nancy Brophy, you're a novel writer. That's fiction, as in, made up. Ted Kaczynski, mmmkay, now that guy wrote a manifesto. That is non-fiction, as in, NOT made up. If you are going to write a manifesto, you've got to be careful exactly what you write it about. Or, you wait until a few years after the fact, and write a novel based on the tragic murder of your husband... hell, maybe don't even do that. You've got that insurance money - you could rest on your laurels and write sit-coms.

These very specific hilarious pieces of stupidity that can be found on tabloid sites are not Peak Stupidity's kind of thing, but I like the sound of this one. If you want, you can read this nearly up-to-date account of the murder trial going on, the charges being against this Nancy Brophy of Portland, Oregon. I don't really care that much. I should be able to get the book from the library, it being out since well before the '18 murder. (OK, it's an essay, but maybe I can find it on-line.)

From the quick video I saw in a tweet, Dan and Nancy Brophy had at one point a "storybook marriage". Yeah, well, that's still true though, when you think about it.

I just don't see why the trial has been taking so long already. I would think that Multnomah County Prosecutor George Patton will get his guilty verdict once he issues his quick closing statement:

Brophy, you magnificent bitch, I read your book!!

Yes, I'm a big fan of Patton and we have featured this same clip already twice, here and here, and should have also here.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - April 13th 2022 2:16AM MST

Right up there with ...

“Mr. Chambers, don't get on that ship! The rest of the book, To Serve Man, it's... it's a cookbook!"
Tuesday - April 12th 2022 7:33PM MST
PS: I guess I can check the epilogue of her essay for the answer there, A-G. ;-}
Tuesday - April 12th 2022 7:03PM MST
PS Case seems circumstantial. She could walk.
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