AOC on student loan forgiveness

Posted On: Saturday - April 16th 2022 6:02AM MST
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I do get your point, Mr. Ganderson in the comments under this post. If they're going to spend our and our offspring's money like it's going out of style, why don't we get some of it back for ourselves. Economically, it's all going down anyway. OTOH, if we stay in debt, OK, not me, but you borrowers, the way inflation is going, it'll be peanuts in a decade. Just pay the minimum or nothing.

The more people do default, the more likely this forgiveness plan will happen, and if it does, the more people will borrow like madmen. (That'll keep the U-bubble going a little longer I guess.)

Well, OAC comes off as a very nice lady, as people like getting gifts. The Blue Squad of The Party has been doing this since, arguably, FDR's time. "Those meanie Conservatives won't give you anything. It's government money - it's not like it's their own money or anything! We are nicer people... and yes, we have big eyes and breasts ..."

I'm mainly putting this video from Commenter Adam Smith's youtube channel(?)* as an experiment to see how many readers view it. Right now, your video is at 10 views and ONE LIKE(yea!).**

PS Legal Dept. Disclaimer: Peak Stupidity does not agree, has not agreed, nor will not, ever agree with A.O.C. on ANYTHING, other than in the area of make-up tips.

* Do you have a channel, Mr. Smith? You told me how easy it was to get an account, but a whole channel? Usually in the broadcasting world you have to sleep with someone to get your own channel, hell, a few people... Was it Maria Bartiromo or maybe Flavia from the Santiago weather channel? Do tell.

** BTW, just to see if the counter was working, I experimented a bit. It turns out one has to stay on the tab or window that has the video playing the whole time. Youtube/google must send a lot of info back home to the MotherServer. I want to see if the same thing happens when a video is embedded.

Monday - April 18th 2022 7:51PM MST

Started watching, but couldn’t get past 30 seconds.
Adam Smith
Sunday - April 17th 2022 11:41AM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Blanc,

Lol... Donkey chompers...

Sunday - April 17th 2022 9:10AM MST
PS MOD: “Big rear end”? Now we’re talking. “Big”, of course proportional to the rest of the package. In that case, I might find Mx O-C appealing from behind. But from the front, no. I just cant get past those donkey chompers.
No Room For Commie
Saturday - April 16th 2022 11:16PM MST
PS Check out the Mr. Reagan video about right out of CPUSA central casting AOC.
She is part of a plan by Jank Uyghur of the Young Turks and Justice Democrats plus some other replacement comrades who hate America and want to burn it all down better.
The Long March became a high speed sprint under the immaculate Hussein Hopenchange or Chicago Jesus.
Saturday - April 16th 2022 2:40PM MST
PS: Thanks, A-G. Next, we need to call what's going on in S. Africa a war, get involved in some way, and then we'll be beholden to take in Afrikaners.

OK, Mr. Smith, I see they give you a way to see how all your features are doing at the "box office". That's kind of fun, I bet. Let me go check your AOC video now - 16 - well, I'm sorry this blog doesn't seem to be helping much. Of course, how many people will watch it all the way. I'll do some testing later on.

SafeNow, I agree she'd be nobody without her looks. Regarding your hard work in school, that's what I mean by discouraging the responsible among us. I don't know how old you are, but let's say you just got through college working your butt off to avoid taking on debt. Then, your partying friends tell you AOC has just done them a solid. Next thing like that that comes up, you're not gonna want to be a sucker again.

Mr. Blanc, people got all over my case for saying AOC had a big rear end, from a picture I saw of her with an "Eat the Rich" dress. I know what I saw though. Luckily we all have different tastes.

Robert, I think it being dischargeable in bankruptcy would be an OK thing if bankruptcy meant a lot. It doesn't seem to anymore.
Saturday - April 16th 2022 1:06PM MST
PS I suspect it will simply be an amnesty. Have the taxpayers pay it off.
Saturday - April 16th 2022 1:02PM MST

Mr. Blanc: It’s probably going to happen. It probably should happen, as the guaranteed student loan scheme was wackazany from the get-go. What will be interesting will be the reasons they give for continuing the scheme after it’s crashed and burned.

Amnesty now, dischargeable by bankruptcy later? But that makes sense, so it will not be.
Saturday - April 16th 2022 11:21AM MST
PS I can’t get past the horse teeth, that is.
Saturday - April 16th 2022 11:19AM MST
PS It’s probably going to happen. It probably should happen, as the guaranteed student loan scheme was wackazany from the get-go. What will be interesting will be the reasons they give for continuing the scheme after it’s crashed and burned. Now, re Mx Ocasio-Cortez. I have known some very tasty Latinas. She is not in that category. Big eyes? Maybe. But not in her case. Big Ts? Well, I’m more of an A man, but, sure Big Ts. So one point for Mx O-C. But the horse teeth. I can’t get past the horse. ‘“Donkey chompers” is a descriptor that I’ve heard applied to her.
Saturday - April 16th 2022 10:32AM MST
I viewed the entire video. Adam Corolla recently said that if AOC were 50 years old and ugly, no one would pay any attention to her. He is correct; if she were not attractive, I would not have lasted through the entire video. Disclosure: In college, I had my arms in the pot sink at the university dining hall for four years, and my parents sacrificed, so that I would not incur debt.
Adam Smith
Saturday - April 16th 2022 9:25AM MST
PS: Good morning, Mr. Moderator,

Unfortunately, getting a youtube "channel" is not that exciting or intriguing.

Saturday - April 16th 2022 8:31AM MST

OT: I am now officially pro-refugee.

Welcome, refugees!

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