Happy Easter Sunday, Peakers!

Posted On: Saturday - April 16th 2022 8:32PM MST
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Commenter Dieter Kief recommended the following J.S. Bach piece for this Easter Sunday. The singers are a choir from Konstanz, Germany, doing a "lockdown production", per Mr. Kief. We would write it as Constance, on the west end of Lake Constance in southern Germany.

H A P P Y      E A S T E R!

We wish you all a peaceful day of rest. We have more Chinese Kung Flu stupidity, an addendum on the Steve King book review, something from a PS favorite writer, Georgia stone guidance (uggh?), more on inflation, and absolutely nothing on the Ukraine/Russia war, all coming next week, along with ad hoc stupidity.

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PS: Ha, the big colored-letter HTML foo would have been considered cool about 25 years ago.

The Alarmist
Monday - April 18th 2022 4:16AM MST

God laughs: Nietzsche is dead, and Western European “enlightenment” isn’t looking so well nowadays.
Dieter Kief
Monday - April 18th 2022 12:46AM MST

A philosophical Easter egg is what I want to present to the forum of Peak Stupidity's readers - a well researche thesis:
God is living in the right hemisphere of our brain.

That's what medical doctor, psychiatrist, literary scientist from Oxford etc. Ian McGilchrist of the lovely Scottish Isle of Skye (sic!) claims - not least based on his neurological inquiries into split-brain persons etc.

The problem he sees: The left hemisphere with its de-personalised realm of a highly hierarchical and functional
and manipulative  approach to reality - this left hemisphere of pure reason, so to speak, is increasingly dominating our lives. It does so by eradicating the basis not only of God and therewith of proper meaning and reasonable thinking.
Iain McGilchrist's (and Jordan b. Peterson's!) bottom line:

The basis for a good live is the right hemisphere of our brain and if that is suppressed we as a society are slip-sliding astray, so to speak - instead of - properly understanding/ approaching/ dealing with God, life and the Universe.

Here is the good Iain explaining his basic insights to Jordan B. Peterson



Here is a thorough philosophical review, MBlanc46, for us ex-philosophy teachers and writers et. al. - everybody who is interested in a deep dive into the history of psychiatry, brain science, neurology, the Nietzsche-reception...
Btw. - a little very well thought out philosophical story by Friedrich Nietzsche about The Master and his Emissary - resulted in the title of Iain McGilchrist's book - so: That title is very well rooted in the philosophical tradition!

This man Aaron Gare, a philosopher from Swinburne University/Australia, looks into these things - you find the pdf of his article here for free download:

Happy thinking to everybody inclinded to do so: The work of the McGilchrist man seems to be an interesting subject!
Sunday - April 17th 2022 6:01PM MST
PS Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I is a favorite.
It is way too edgy for the soft weak queefy contemporary society of perpetually offended safety whores with delusional pipedreams of the glorious New Man utopia that won't ever be happening.
Tower of Babel 2.0 will be even worse than the first because it will be man made.
Sunday - April 17th 2022 11:18AM MST

One of my favorite scenes from “The Greatest Story Ever Told” is when Jesus has just risen, and the people are celebrating in the streets. The government officials debate whether Jesus is really risen. Martin Landau then says “In any case, the whole thing will be forgotten in a week.” An old wise man, sitting at his table, muses aloud: “I wonder.”

Happy Easter to all!
Adam Smith
Sunday - April 17th 2022 10:27AM MST
PS: Happy Easter! ☮
Sunday - April 17th 2022 9:17AM MST
PS: You're welcome, Mr. Blanc!
Sunday - April 17th 2022 9:16AM MST
PS: That sounds like a great movie, Alarmist. Alas, the 'brary didn't have it, but I'll look around some on the web.

The times I crossed the German/Swiss border were still in the period during which one still needed to show passports everywhere, the money was different, etc. I can in from France at Geneva and left Switzerland into Germany near Zurich. Before that, a traveling companion and I must have crossed from Austria into Switzerland, as we then went from Switzerland to Italy near Lugano. This was all on trains.
Sunday - April 17th 2022 9:14AM MST
PS All the best to all PSers. And special thanks to our gracious host for providing this place of refuge for us.
The Alarmist
Sunday - April 17th 2022 8:21AM MST

Happy Easter (Frohe Ostern) everyone.

It’s been ages since I saw the Robert Redford movie “Situation Hopeles ... But not Desperate,” but for some reason I associate it with Konstanz. I don’t know if that is where the escapees, who were two Americans shot down during the war and held well past the end of the war by a lonely clerk/air-raid warden, who in their post-war escape attempt to cross the Rhein but run into a group of SS troops, who are actually actors shooting a film at that location. If you haven’t seen the film, it’s worth a watch. Co-starred Mike Conners, TV’s Joe Mannix, which I watched a bit more of than Rockford Files (sorry!) as Sgt. Lucky Finder, and Alec Guinness as the lonely German Wilhelm Frick. It was produced, directed, and cinemaphotographed by Germans, so I don’t know why they couldn’t find a German to play Frick, but Guinness did OK. Werner Klemperer or John Banner might have been better. But I know nothing.

Konstanz is perhaps one of the most chill border crossings between Deutschland und Schweiz ... last time I crossed, there was nobody in the customs houses on either side. Compare and contrast that with Basel, where there is a huge business selling people Autobahn Vignettes (toll stickers) and cars get far more customs interest (probably because of the more diverse mix of border crossers). The worst crossing in my experience was near Genève, probably because the Suisse trust les Françaises perhaps the least of their neighbours.

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