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Posted On: Monday - April 18th 2022 11:07AM MST
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OK, that tears it! I finished this review of ex-Congressman Steve King's book Walking through the Fire without finishing reading the Appendix. I figured it's some boring repetition of some of the rest, in which Mr. King desperately explains how he is NOT A RACIST.

The first part of the Appendix, FACT CHECKING THE NEW YORK TIMES MISQUOTE OF STEVE KING is written in 3rd person, but I guess it was Steve King who wrote and organized this memo*. Good God, but this guy is obsessed! He's obsessed with Trip Gabriel, and he's obsessed with clearing the record of one piece of BADTHINK from January of 2019!

OK, well that's what I expected, but I had time to kill and I'd paid my $28, so I read through the end, to page 244. On page 244, there is a letter from the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti. One Ambassador Harve Denis,The Charge d'Affaires** wrote:
It is with deep sadness that I learned of the recent election results in the 4th District of Iowa after 24 years of service in the United States Congress. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your contribution to the Black community. Specifically, in 2002, as a Member of the Iowa State Senate, you proposed "An Act relating to the designation of a Juneteenth National Freedom Day" in the Iowa Senate, which was ultimately signed into law by Governor Vilsack.
Where to start?
- Note that (then) Iowa Senator King didn't just vote for but PROPOSED the bill.
- Why in the hell would Iowa have ANY reason for this black freedom day? I was pretty sure it wasn't a slave State.
- This letter is important enough to Steve King to be one of 3 features of the Appendix of his book.
- Once a cuck, always a cuck!

Thank you for your work in fighting the immigration invasion, Mr King. However, this book is disgustingly cuckish. It is an abject lesson on how winners never cuck and cucks never win.

After seeing this, even signed and all, I will get rid of this book post haste. There's one of those Little Libraries nearby, put up by a couple that has the BLM signs still up (yes, that was the house that got broken into - life ain't nothin' but a funny, funny riddle ...) That's where this book will end up, sometime after dark tonight. At least it can be useful in pissing off a leftist.

PS: I steered you all wrong about the VDare podcast book review. That clip I linked to was only a couple of minutes of intro. You have to join their book club (nothing against that, but I already donate, and I hate joining stuff!) I don't know what they had to say about it, but they are more civil than Peak Stupidity is.

* There's a typo on the "RELEASED" date, saying March 6, 2010. That can't be right, as all this brewhaha started in January of '19. I believe the memo was released on March 6, 2019.

** Sorry, I'm in no mood now to dig up French accent marks.

Thursday - April 21st 2022 8:14AM MST
PS The Repubs are not our friends. They are not an asset for us, they are a liability.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - April 19th 2022 4:13PM MST
PS: "Once a Cuck - Always a Cuck"

About being courageous vs. giving in to "The System":

Jack Dorsey as - Jack - - - Black**** - - - - a sidenote that fits the zeitgeist

Here's what Jack Dorsey tweeted about Curt Cobain

- This is one of the last interviews Kurt Cobain gave. In it, the NIRVANA (see below) frontman speaks about his most beloved book.He names it: It is The Perfume by Patrick Süßkind (from Munic, btw.). - Now what Kurt Cobain mentions explicitly is that the main character of the novel is overly sensitive to smells - and that he - not least for this reason, can't  stand humans. - He goes for days in the in the countryside. Travels by night to avoid to come in contact with others...

Kurt Cobain says, he read this novel at least ten times. That he is reading in it not least while traveling, in oder to cope with the people he meets then - and the boredom he then feels.

I've tried to live with fifty kinds of boredom / Trying to change the system from within /Now they're coming they are coming to reward me/ First we take Manhattan / Then we take Berlin
Leonard Cohen -

Google: First We Take Manhattan (Live in London) - YouTube

"It's Father's Day - Everybody 's Wounded / First we take Manhattan Then we take Berlin

**** the word Black is double coded here, because Jack Dorsey twitters a photo of him that makes him look pretty much like a black man and - because beneath that foto, there is literally a black space- now add to that, that Dorsey dived into all kinds of rather lofty spiritual changes and did flirt with - Buddhism too - now: Buddhism is about getting rid of the ego. Self annihilation. Black out.
(see also Doresey's link to the - Coabin interviw...)

And this self-annihilation .c.o.r.r.e.s.p.o.n.d.s. (Walter Benjamin)  with what Jack Dorsey went through with Twitter with regard to - - - -the diminishing of the idea of - - - -free speech:

Steve Sailer checked this goofy Buddhism - loss of free speech connection -and made it explicit:

(one more time: Proof, that Friedrich Wilhelm ("Knight of") Schelling*****, philsopher in early 19th century Munic (!) was right, when he said, that - it is strange to see how all things hang together...

**** Iain McGilchrist, whom I quoted on my Easter Monday coemmnt, does quote Georg Wilhelm Schelling not only in his book The Master and his Emissary - but also in his talk with Jordan B. Peterson (both are - Christians/explicitly trancendental thinkers - and strondly opposed to cancel-culture and the suppression of free speech***....).

*** is that still too lofty (too Easterly?) The Alarmist?
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