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Posted On: Thursday - March 9th 2017 8:03PM MST
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University of California, San Francisco Out/In-sources 20% of it's IT department ...

... and there's a whole lot of irony going on.

Michelle Malkin writes, in, A Day Without American Tech Workers, about the IT Department at UCSF being replaced by imported foreigners. Here is the original article from the Los Angeles Times. Hey, it's ironic cause it's true, hahaha (no wait, that's not how it goes.)
UC San Francisco, the system’s biggest medical center, announced in July that it would lay off 49 career IT staffers and eliminate 48 other IT jobs that were vacant or filled by contract employees. The workers are to be gone as of Feb. 28. In the meantime they’ve been ordered to train their own replacements, who are employees of the Indian outsourcing firm HCL Technologies.

The irony comes in as the California universities, even more so then those all over the rest of our country (barring the the Ivies and the Massholes) are so left-wing in administration, teaching staff, and student body, that the people involved have probably all voted and demonstrated for the policies that encourage the demise of the 97 decent jobs that are gone now.

The loss of family-supporting jobs is one thing, but the security of the data seems to also be a concern, and why not?
The university says outsourcing their work to HCL will save $30 million over the five-year term of the HCL contract, which will cost $50 million.

That’s a meager savings of 0.1% of the UCSF budget, which was $5.83 billion in 2015-16. But the key question is what the university may be giving up in terms of system security and other important considerations.

The work being sent abroad isn’t trivial. According to an email sent to the IT staff last July, it includes managing and backing up most of the system’s data; management and administration of its data networks; operations related to its telephones, email and video conferencing; and payroll and financial applications.

Laret says UCSF expects the security of all these systems to be at least as good under HCL as it is now, though he acknowledges that “there are no guarantees.” Breaches of medical systems can be exceptionally harmful; a hack attack of UCLA Health System’s network revealed in 2015 may have compromised personal and medical information of 4.5 million patients.

It's worth reading both Malkin's and the LA Times' (reasonably fair, I'm surprised to find) articles to see more of the irony, especially regarding the nasty dike Janet Napolitano, and also the idea that after UCSF gets away with this, they want to screw over IT people throughout the UC system.

None of this is my main point today. I have a point about the "training their own replacements part". It breaks down into two parts:

A) The financial stupidity is so strong with people nowadays, that nobody has got enough cash on hand to at least make a stand. Quit on the spot and don't look back - that'd be nice to be able to do. I know, "I've got a family, I need the 3 months pay, that I won't get if I don't train this guy". Damn, if you had a year or two of savings, you'd miss that cash for a time, until you sue the crap out of the school for the money and get even more. It's really hard for anyone to stand up to the big guys when he is on a month by month budget with nothing in reserve.

B) If you're gonna be forced to train a replacement, I think, especially as a computer guy, it'd really be time to wreak havoc on the system. You'd be surprised what you could get away with, with no trail or at least no provable evidence of intent. To top it off, you could even make a cron-job (in the Unix world) that would send yourself an email 2 months later with the SUBJECT field filled in "Things are fucked-up, please come back at double pay!", just so's you could save the managers the trouble.

Really, things have gone pretty far beyond being civil and within normal rule-of-law in this country. Were this happening to you, you may think it'd be time to "throw a spanner in the hole", causing some of that Industrial Disease. Here's Dire Straits, with the great Mark Knofler on guitar:

You really should listen to the lyrics on this one - awesome - my favorite verse:

Dr. Parkinson declared "I'm not surprised to see you here.
You've got smoker's cough from smoking,
brewer's droop from drinking beer,
I don't know how you came to get those Betty Davis knees,
but worst of all, young man, you've got industrial disease."

This is off of the great "Love over Gold" album which has the best guitar lead of Mark Knofler in the first cut "Telegraph Road", an epic song!

Oh, a "spanner" means a "wrench" - more British weirdness.

[Update 10/28/17:
Replaced missing video
with live performance one.

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