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Posted On: Saturday - March 11th 2017 8:22PM MST
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How can one argue with PeakStupidity's view that 99% of all good rock and pop music was created in the English-speaking world? The English themselves could take most of the credit. Listen to a different Mr. Stewart from last week's Rod Stewart. Al Stewart was a pop/rock musician who wrote about, no, not girls, not cars, not touring on the road with people bitching about my long hair, no, no, no .... about HISTORY. Possibly he was the only music artist to make a career out of "History Rock".

More catchy tunes by this guy will be coming later on, some that you'll know, but here is one that tells some history, as either Al, or a guy named Peter White, plays with a classical guitar sound. This one starts out slow, but it's a great song.

In case you listened to the whole song/story, no we're not pro Commie Soviet Russian here. The song isn't either - it's told from a soldier's point of view.

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