Washington Watcher II on the Great Replacement Policy

Posted On: Tuesday - June 14th 2022 5:08PM MST
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I don't know how I missed this 2-day old article from VDare. I had not seen it at the time of writing yesterday's post on The Great Replacement. (I think that it possibly was not published on VDare until today or late last night, as it's up 2nd in order of recency*.)

This will turn out to be Immigration Stupidity week here at Peak Stupidity, the way it's going, as I want to just point out this great post by Mr. "Watcher" today, being too tired to write much, and then continue about the ctrl-left's new thing of calling this existential issue a "myth". After that, I've got a more detailed post about the hard-core criminal illegal aliens and the Bai Dien still-ongoing human trafficking operation, with even bigger airplanes. The latter post will come from info I got direct from sources involved, the ICE guys and a pilot who has flown these people.

Let's go on to The Great Replacement Now Drives American Political Discourse from Washington Watcher II. He first notes that the Blue-squad congressfreaks have passed a resolution that denounces "those who notice what is going on". (All of the Red-squad voted against it. Fine, but how about something REAL next time you get a chance? November '22?) I'll start excerpting now:
But the condemnation can’t suppress the truth. It’s just more evidence that the Great Replacement now drives the political discourse in America–and Democrats can only look on in shock.

Rep. Bowman is one of those in shock. He admits Great Replacement, which he calls “Nazi thinking,” is now mainstream. “These are no longer fringe elements of our society,” the black congressman said. “'Great Replacement Theory has gone mainstream thanks to rightwing Republicans like Tucker Carlson who have mentioned this theory more than 400 times** on the most-watched news network in the country.” [Democratic Rep Jamaal Bowman calls Great Replacement Theory 'Nazi thinking veiled as political banter', by Morgan Phillips, Daily Mail, June 8, 2022].

He’s right, of course. VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow charted the Great Replacement (“The Pincers” —see our featured image) in his book Alien Nation back in 1995, but Tucker Carlson is certainly responsible for waking up millions of Americans to this civilizational problem.

And concern over the Great Replacement is now shared by a majority of Republicans.
That bolding is mine, as that is something I'm very glad to read, even with it being 4 +/- decades (too?) late. Mr. Watcher then goes on to cite a bunch of polls that are pretty encouraging. The Peak Stupidity reader may know how we feel about polls here, since we were polled in late '20. However, you may want to read these four paragraphs (I won't insert the whole article) for encouragement. They are encouraging, indeed, though.
It’s clear the Republican base is gravely concerned about being replaced. They know it threatens their way of life and their values. They know it will lead to more conflict among the races and weaken America. This is no longer a “fringe” idea.

As I highlighted last month, more and more Republican leaders are also Noticing the Great Replacement. From Elise Stefanik to Blake Masters, serious GOP lawmakers or candidates are speaking out about how Democrats want to replace Americans with foreigners. And some of these candidates are starting to notice other racial problems.
Speaking out takes courage. This post segues into the story of Blake Masters, Arizona Candidate for US Senate, simply said:
“We do have a gun violence problem in this country, and it’s gang violence,” he said during an April podcast appearance. “It’s people in Chicago, St. Louis shooting each other. Very often, you know, black people, frankly. And the Democrats don’t want to do anything about that.”
Yeah, well, like no duh. However, he simply said this when others wouldn't. He didn't wimp out and apologize either. Most Americans don't know the actual horrific numbers that describe the ratio of black violence to that in the rest of society, but they still understand the basics from seeing it around them.

Anyway, where this gets back to the US Feral Gov't and the Great Replacement is the policy now of bring up White supremacy as the biggest problem, terrorist threat, etc. that we are supposedly facing. They make the simple truth that the alt-right has been telling and other Conservatives have started telling into some sort of threats, which they will try to prosecute us on. These people are playing hardball. We need to do the same.

I hope you will read Washington Watcher II's full article. This should have been mentioned in yesterday's post, as it goes along with my post. Tomorrow Peak Stupidity will have another post that relates to this article, and then the human trafficking/criminal alien story. Stay tuned during this whole Immigration-Invasion-Fest week. ("Hey, what about the freaking rest of the Georgia Guides from those stones?", you ask worriedly, right? Yes, that threat was very very real. They'll come when time permits.)

* BTW, if you think this site is hard to search, sometimes finding articles on VDare is really tough. It's better often on the search engines. Otherwise, I can't seem to find what I want with either "More Articles" at the bottom or "More" under the post/article small icons/blurbs at the right. If I can remember the author's name, I'm good, as I can click on "Writers" on the bar at top and go from there.

** My asterisks, of course, or you wouldn't see this here, I guess. I can't find it now (must be in one of the many links VDare always provides), but the author does note somewhere that those producing this "400" number must have been counting every time Mr. Carlson mentioned immigration. It can't be 400 times that he's said "Great Replacement" - this relates to Mr. Hail's informative comments under the last post.

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - June 15th 2022 1:26PM MST
Thx. Adam!
Mod. - it's an announcement Gregg Philipps made - the data-crusher/mastermind behind the election fraud documentary 2000 Mules. He and Catherine Engelbrecht from the initiative True the Vote said not long ago, they would be working on something that will reveal a many times (!) more frightening international fraud than the actual voter-fraud, a fraud that - somehow - is related to the voter fraud in the 2000 Presidential elections, they said. And they said that they had worked with secret service specialists et. al. to get all the facts straight, but they'd have them straight now and are working on a way to make them public - which they hope will happen ca. mid July. I held my breath when I heard them make this announcement. They're both strong people.
(I'm glad you like the suggestions, Mod.!)

PS - David Goodhart is a good man, hehe and a good writer too*** - I was not quite awake when I typed that first post this morning so I seem to have been still quite close to Dr. Freud's realms here...
*** For example - he said he hesitated first, but did then move forward to accept the findings of The Bell Curve - which meant quite something, because Goodhart was a neo-Marxist not that long ago. Old Marxists, btw. had no problems with the IQ being hereditary not least, because that meant, that it would be: Materialistic!!! - Neo-Marxism is a bit more on the defensive side, when it comes to this straightforward understanding of materialism. That is only plausible, if you dive into a fair number of presuppositions, that differentiate neo-Marxism from Marxism- namely how important culture is, and repression, and might - in order to properly decipher (=interpret) modern day societies in the way, Theodor W. Adorno (The Authoritarian Personality, and Negative Dialectics, for example) found insightful.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - June 15th 2022 12:41PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, gentlemen,

Thanks for the reading suggestions, Dieter.

Ian Angell, The New Barbarian Manifesto (pdf) (115mb file)

Christopher Lasch, The Culture of Narcissism (pdf)

Christopher Lasch, The Culture of Narcissism (epub)

Christopher Lasch, The Revolt of the Elites - and the Betrayal of Democracy (epub)

David Goodhart, The Road to Somewhere (epub)

I couldn't find "The Flight of the Golden Geese", but amazon has it cheap for the kindle...


Regime media tells me that The Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory™ is Raciss!

Racist Great Replacement Theory Circulating in Canada, Expert Warns

Glad people are finally noticing, but it does seem like it's too late.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - June 15th 2022 12:35PM MST

As I read this, I watch Canadian Mark Steyn on GB News talking to Irishman Neil Oliver discussing the travesty of justice unleashed on the UK by the European Court of Human Rights decision (by a single un-named Justice) to block the resettlement of illegal immigrants from the UK to Rwanda pending resolution of their asylum cases. This shows that the “fine print” political machinations by Ministers (govt, not church) are meaningless when they aren’t backed by the cojones to say, “Sorry, you don’t have jurisdiction in this matter,” which went through the English courts to its very own Supreme Court.”

The ECHR is not an EU institution, and the UK is still a signatory to it, but there is nothing stopping BoJo to push through a repeal and assert that British Human Rights Legislation is fitter for purpose than the ECHR.

An even better solution would be for the British Navy to sink the damned boats and strafe the survivors. BoJo could pretend, as he often does, that he is Churchill facing down invading Nazis, although he is probably more like Lt. Chard and Lt. Bromhead at the Defence of Roark’s Drift (think Anglo-Zulu war), except that they wouldn’t have the intestinal fortitude to give the order to fire to save even their own lives.

Every time I hear about a German “national” mowing down innocent folks, I can’t help but to wonder if it is one of the Merkel Millions, one of the other twenty million or so immigrants in Germany, or really one of the sixty million actual German natives.

As for the US, build the damned wall, put a zone of death with mines on both sides, and start fining employers to bankruptcy when they are caught employing illegal immigrants. I’d say “Sink the damned boats,” but most of our problem either those who fly in and overstay their visas or those who walk/swim across the border.

Like it or not, this is a war of conquest by the Third World against the West, and the West has decided to welcome the freaks bearing their limited gifts.
Wednesday - June 15th 2022 7:38AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, I may try to find the two books, especially the latter, from this Ian Angell. Thanks for bringing these up from that amazon review and for the 3 Christopher Lasch books.

How Miss (?) Merkel could find Barack Obama sexy is very much beyond me, even if I try to think like a woman or gay man. I suppose that's what spending your childhood behind the Wall could do to you. Awful!

Finally, I didn't understand what will be going on in about a month's time. Is that about German elections, something with the EU, or what?
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - June 14th 2022 11:11PM MST

I've been looking into Christopher Lasch - The Culture of Narcissism (1979). But I found The Revolt of the Elites - and the Betrayal of Democracy (1996) also quite interesting.

The latter produced this comment on Amazon customer Woody Patterson:

"The majority of society, the service and production workers, the unemployed and the underclass, are a drain on a region's economic potential. In the Information Age, governments based on a universal franchise and chosen by this majority are governments elected by losers. The 'politics of envy' is suicide and the 'will of the people', voting for full employment, a minimum wage, and fair (?) taxation is merely the turkeys voting for Christmas. The big political question of the coming decades is how to find a socially acceptable means of dismantling democracy.If you really want to see the future, and more importantly, prepare for it, read "The New Barbarian Manifesto" by Ian Angell.Democracy is dying. Long live freedom and personal volition."

Now - I looked a bit into the work of the author of "The New Barbarian Manifesto",and saw that he wrote a successor in 2019 titled : "The Flight of the Golden Geese". And it turns out that this book is about the dichotomy of a) the deplorables and b) those who indeed fly over "fly-over country" - be it in private jets or in the first or business class. In other words, this book is about David Goodman's thesis of the Anywheres (The overflyers/ The Golden Geese here and there the Somewheres (the deplorables/the Yellow Vests/ the sinking middle classes) in his magnificent Brexit-book, if you will, titled The Road to Somewhere. - Funny how this stuff all hangs together.

Because The Road to Somewhere was indeed about Angela Merkel not least, and her 2015 immigration-embracement (backed by her quite enthusiastic talks with sexy Barack Obama not least about this subject of the open borders).

David Goodman's thesis is that the Brexit would not have taken place without the enthusiasm of Merkel/Obama for - Open Borders.

Btw. - Gregg Philipps from "2000 Mules" did announce a follow up "ten times more grave" than 2000 Mules, as he said. My impression is, the subject of this follow up paper of Catherine Engelbrecht ("True The Vote") and Gregg Philipps will deal not least about an explicit take on the Golden Geese International and their active part in The Betrayal of Democracy", so to speak. But that is speculation on my part - we'll - if God will, see that in about a months time).
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