Feminists and Moslems - Like cats inviting dogs to their houses.

Posted On: Tuesday - March 14th 2017 6:10PM MST
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I really searched hard for a 4-panel cartoon that would have been great for this post, but the one above was funny anyway.

Steve Sailer, on unz.com posted What Feminist Islamophilia Is Really About yesterday.

Beside his quoted paragraph from the NY Times (of course), here is his theory:

I’m starting to think that the appeal to American liberal women of the idea of the Muslims taking over is that if Society makes me wear one of those tents, I can be both a hot-looking (because all the other women will have to wear them too) woman of mystery and I won’t have to lose those last 15 pounds.

Sharia law is a small price to pay for

I'm not knocking it, as some of his psychological ideas for the motives of people may be right on the money. I still tend to think that the lefty women (they'd all be feminists), along with the liberal men, mostly just support bringing Islam in big-time to this country in order to help thoroughly screw over the white males, especially Christians. I don't think they particularly like Islam at all, but Sailer's theory may be an additional motive on the women's part.

I imagine these women won't really be able to talk about how little regard Islam has for them until the time they are looking at their own bodies from the front, without a mirror - at that point there ain't a whole lot of time to say much, before the blood has drained out.

(The comments on the Sailer post invited many comments about feminism in general, so I will post that separately - next post.)

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