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Posted On: Tuesday - June 21st 2022 7:45PM MST
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Blogger Steve Sailer has some very good posts,* especially when the subject is one of his bigger interests. He has discussed the ex-men (his own clever terminology) quite a few times, that is male-to-female tran-sexuals*. I need to start writing "trannies", as the word"tran-sexual" always puts a very good rock song from a weird-ass movie into my head for at least 1/2 an hour afterwards.

I wish I could say "only in LA" with regard to this one, as the story is about an LA "family guy", now "family girl", I guess. However, this stupidity has long since spread. The background of the Tur nuclear family is very interesting, before all this genderbender stuff - Mr. Sailer's title is Happy Father's Day to Chopper Pilot Zoey Tur.

You can read the story there, but I found 2 videos, one serious, and one humorous, that I wanted to post. I can't find the whole 15 minute video from some Headline News Network(?) talk show that is in the comments there, but the reader may well have gotten too disgusted to get through it. That's not only due to the featured stupidity, but also in seeing how rigid, authoritarian and intolerant of other opinions the whole panel of talking shrieking heads other than Ben Shapiro are, in the alleged name of tolerance.

I didn't start this short clip at 01:50 (for some context), but that's where you can see the ex-man Zoey Tur threaten Ben Shapiro on TV, with no recognition of it by the rest of the pundits. After you see this, think about the roles having been reversed. Imagine that some White guy about 50% heavier in muscle than a person-of-privilege (i.e., anyone but a White man) did the same thing. It'd be the worst thing since the death of the worthless black reprobate George Floyd.

What this incident really shows us is that "Zoey", actually Bob Tur has the strength and personality of a man, no matter what pattern dresses and color lipstick he wears. Can you imagine an ACTUAL women ever behaving in this way? Even the fat black ghetto trash women with their hair-pulling butt-kicking brawls don't act like this. Face it, in the words of Austin Powers, that's a man, baby!"

The Family Guy clip below starts off very funny, as that show can be. (I haven't watched but 20 episodes maybe, randomly, and not this one.) However, no matter how funny the kid Stewie is, I could see by the end of this 4 minutes what the opinion of the writers of this episode is. It seems pro-ex-men to me, but see what you think.

As a staunch Libertarian, let me put it this way: There ought not to be a law banning any of this crazy stuff, by adults anyway. Well, there never has been, as far as I know. However, before this country entered the "Crazy Years" and approached Peak Stupidity, society has wanted nothing to do with people like this. There ought to be no law against that either. That's the problem we are running into, being told that we must agree with this bullshit.

Yes, there are the occasional weirdos.** I would think they'd just accept that they are weirdos, as they did in the past, I'd be nice if people on TV shows, and now kids' teachers in government schools, could still admit that these people are weirdos, or, failing that, at least not teach our kids that they must agree they aren't weirdos.

Finally, if the way that dude threatened Ben Shapiro doesn't demonstrate to you what real sex differences are, you are lost in this world. I'd carry concealed next time I were on a show like that, were I Mr. Shapiro, like hero of mine Senator Joe McCarthy on Meet the Press 72 years back.***

* Some are linked to in our previous few posts on these ex-men, mostly specifically about their competing in women's sports, something I think is hilarious and entertaining more than anything. See Steve Sailer on the X-men, with Peak Stupidity's take and Another power of the Ex-Men

** I knew 2 men, one 20 years ago and one over 30 years back, who "became women". (One was still at the job - just a guy (oops!) who worked there that I talked to a couple of times. As for the other, I only heard about his doing this a few years later - you'd have NEVER thought it'd be that guy either!)

*** Actually, it wasn't concealed. He kept a pistol on his lap during his 5th time on the show. As I wrote in that post, "what a country!"

Adam Smith
Thursday - June 23rd 2022 9:23AM MST
PS: You're not being polite to the pronouns... ☮
Wednesday - June 22nd 2022 1:38PM MST
PS Those Who Rule Us have determined that the transexual lunacy is how things are going to be in the former USA. They’ll pretend to be loving the science, but if that doesn’t convince us, they’ll resort to the old-fashioned methods.
The Alarmst
Wednesday - June 22nd 2022 10:29AM MST

I recently watched a normally male-oriented hobby-oriented webcast where their special guest was a “woman” discussing “her” accomplishments in the hobby. The regulars, who were mostly men with an average age in the 60’s and a woman in her 40s were enthusiastically engaged in discussing “her” accomplishments.

I was too busy fixing my vertical blinds, so I wasn’t watching at first, but each time “she” spoke, I thought, “It sounds like a man.” After a few rounds, I finally stepped off the ladder to watch, and soundly concluded that it was indeed a man pretending to be a “she.” It could have been Admiral Rachel Levine’s “sister.”

And the guys and gal kept on enthusiastically engaging it as if it was a “she.”

Evil only needs good people to be politely accepting.
Plants Crave Electrolytes
Wednesday - June 22nd 2022 8:31AM MST
PS That disinformation comrade that went into hiding after some mean tweets and memes looks mannish.
Skeletor Chertoff (Uniparty-Derp State) will take over the Fundamental Transformation into the hybrid West CCCP/South Africa abomination.
A society that can't handle reality will be led kindly and gently to the egalitarian abattoir where equality of results is guaranteed.
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