Feminists and Moslems - Like cats inviting dogs to their houses. (Part 2)

Posted On: Tuesday - March 14th 2017 6:32PM MST
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The first commenter on the Steve Sailer post mentioned in the last PeakStupidity post wrote:
Could be something to that. Similarly, the more modest female dress is said to lessen intrasexual competition. It also probably acts as a barrier to the temptation of adultery. Many societal benefits. We shouldn’t be so quick to turn up our noses.

As far as explaining the appeal to Western women in particular of a Muslim takeover, we cannot discard as a primary factor Western men’s abdicating their role as men. To name one example, their unwillingness to defend group territory and resources from invasion. That cannot be attractive to women.

I hear this point brought up a lot, that men here won't control their women, but here is the reply:

See this is where I’ve got to chime in again with a plug for us libertarians/constitutionalists again – I know I’m sounding like a broken record corrupted MP-3 file, but anyway:

This part, from the commenter, "...we cannot discard as a primary factor Western men’s abdicating their role as men. To name one example, their unwillingness to defend group territory and resources from invasion." leaves out a lot of background.

Men have a very good reason to not get involved in a deal that could wipe out many years of their lives based on a court ruling. Portions of your life have indeed been taken from you when your money and other assets are stolen and “redistributed” – this money represents months or years of your labor, and unless you have a job that you just love most of the time, that means months/years of your life have been taken.

How did this scam of no-fault divorce, family court BS and all come into place? People did not make an effort to stop government growth (all of it, local, state, and Federal). Granted half of the voting public is women, so we put ourselves in a pickle by allowing this suffrage thing 100 years back.

I cannot blame young men with any means at all for not wanting to commit to a 50% or more chance of losing a big chunk of their lives, and also, even worse, having their children taken from them and raised wrong. The way men should have taken care of this is to have not let THE STATE become the beast that it is now. How can you fight this beast nowadays?

The high risk for shortening of one’s effective lifespan is only part of the only reason marriage is a bad deal for men. Within the marriage men have lost a lot of the control of things (getting to the commenter’s point now). All it takes now is for the woman to be not pleased with everything for her to threaten, or go through with separation or divorce, knowing the state will take up the slack via some type of redistribution scheme.

That could put the man in a bad spot, depending on whether a) there are his kids involved and/or b) if he has lots of assets and time invested. Due to the implied threat to his ability to raise his kids properly and to his accumulated labor the man will have no leverage and therefore, even before any big trouble, feels he can’t control his wife to any degree that is really necessary, especially with regard to her associations and any idiotic feminist politics and that sort of thing.

Yes, many women really don’t intend to act like they are a threat and there are many good ones who will never have any part in that type of behavior, but there is no way to know that for sure ahead of time.

To summarize, female suffrage and leftist/feminist ideas of men leads to lack of control of government growth, which leads to the welfare state, excessive regulation/control of what used to be family business, and a police-state restribution apparatus that one man cannot fight. This leads to a lack of control of family lives by men, which leads to women getting major control of society, which leads to eventual collapse.

Buck Turgidson
Monday - March 20th 2017 7:29AM MST
Why the hell would any man in his right mind assert himself in any way, shape, or form in today's society, including defending a wymyn? Feminists, liberals, and multiculturalists have taken over every major institution in the nation w the exception of the few remaining realms of sanity, like the NRA. They are on high alert 365/24/7 for the unsuspecting male (esp white) sap who gets of line and utters anything manly or masculine. They have gutted male's employment opportunities and openly hire females and minorities over males. They accuse young white males on campus of being rapists, and they can't wait to get their hands on male children and diagnose them with some disorder and get them on ritalin. Of course if you go up vs a female in divorce court, your a** is grass and you will be emasculated. I've seen it happen to several friends, she gets the gold mine the man gets the shaft. Yup we've got a man-hating society right now and the smart guy keeps his head down and avoids wymyn b/c just when you think you are being chivalrous by holding the door open for her, you unsuspectingly confront another nasty feminist and she starts screaming at your for being a condescending pig who does nothing but think of sex. I lost my last job, but several wymyn were retained on the staff, none of whom could carry my friggin briefcase but management can't discriminate vs. wymyn dontchaknow.
Thursday - March 16th 2017 8:07AM MST
Holy moley, Boris, that Carol Burnett one (your 7:34 P post could never be made today. If they're gonna do Broad, I mean Maude, though, they should have had Carol wearing a lower top. But, that's just me.
Wednesday - March 15th 2017 7:44PM MST
Just for the heck of it, I saw this on the side of the youtube page for that video.


Shatner's overacting on this show is like it's own parody in itself. Still he was the best Captain (like Connery was the best Bond).
Wednesday - March 15th 2017 7:34PM MST
Check this out.

Kind of eerie actually.

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