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Posted On: Monday - July 4th 2022 6:55AM MST
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It's a now-6-years-running tradition here at Peak Stupidity to feature the Grateful Dead's US Blues on July 4th, Independence Day. Commenter and fellow Dead-Head Mr. Ganderson suggested the version below from March 20th of 1977, a little over 45 years ago, from the Winterland ballroom in San Francisco, California.

What we mean by "Independence Day" is I guess pretty clear, but the celebrations on July 4th and the waving of that flag, "wide and high" ought to have their meaning specified in this day and age. As patriotic Americans, the Potomac Regime is our biggest enemy at this point. What does the American flag stand for, the Potomac Regime or the Republic that our Founders created?

I've had lots of disdain for the American flag-waving since the US Warfare State hit its stride in '03 or so. However, now that I think about it, over the last 2 or 3 years, that multi-colored "Pride" flag as become the de facto flag of the Potomac Regime. I suppose we Patriots may be able to reclaim the Starts & Stripes for ourselves soon enough. (Or, there's that Gadsden Flag - yellow with the snake and "Don't tread on me." That'll work too.)

This year, I'll include a bit more commentary, since it fits pretty well. When you go visiting family, sometimes the TV's just on, and there ain't much you're gonna do about it. At least it was Fox News - it could have been much worse (for other families).

A very pretty, long-haired blonde was doing a report on the July 4th celebrations from Boston, Mass, one of the birthplaces of this country, if you don't get too technical*. The sound was down low, fine with me, but I was pretty much forced to look at the TV at that point due to this "newscaster"'s huge tatas on her skinny body in that red dress, which hovered very nicely just about the news desk. Man! (Sorry, you'll have to dig up the video yourself. This is a family stupidity site!)

This news woman was then on a mock-up British sailing vessel, so you could see her whole body in that red dress, I mean, so you could see the re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party being planned. There were these (I assume) slightly-weighted styrofoam blocks to represent small tea crates (they looked nothing like tea crates, actually) tethered to the boat, so tourists could throw them overboard, and the diverse tour guides could pull them back in, all for some touristy price paid and a video to keep for the ages.

Oh, and the one lady re-enactor shown on TV was a light-skinned black lady. Really, did women participate, even black women? In reality the Boston Tea Party was an act of sedition done by principled men who were taking a chance with their very lives, hence the Indian-dress for anonymity. It's been made into a theme-park feature, at this point, with the usual inclusion of dieversity.

Yeah, wave that flag ...

On a happier note, we're heading to a baseball game with fireworks. If anything too damned woke and untoward happens, it'll be the last time.

Back to back chicken shack.
Son of a gun, better change your act.
We're all confused, what's to lose?
You can call this song the United States Blues.

* And I thank you, Mr. Hail, for pointing out July 2nd, 1976 as the true decision date in the comments under our recent post on the 40th anniversary of the big flight by Lawn Chair Larry.

Wednesday - July 6th 2022 7:13PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, that was interesting reading - the fullest story you could get about this confused White punk from the ancestors on his Dad's sice, the timeline of his life, his appearance, and only other things that make the news somewhere - that'd be, of course, his mass murder and, before that, that story of his attempted suicide.

Well, out of a 21 year life, 2 full years of purposeful shutdown of normal society and the 24/7 Infotainment PanicFest was just under 10% of his life. When you count that one forgets most of the first 4 or 5, it's higher than that. Then you add on that he, like most of the young people that age, spend SO MUCH time on-line, you'd have to be a bit mentally stronger to not get some wild ideas in your head.

I hope you can put up a post on this Bobby Crimo, with any more information you can possibly gather - you seem very good at that. No, don't get me wrong - there are many times the number of black thugs who have hurt as many people, but they do it over an extended time period and at different venues. We know some of the reasons for their behavior, as you have probably discussed on your site.

I fixed that link, and thanks for the correction. Don't ass/u/me anything, they say. I naturally assumed it was from that Flag-flying post.
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 10:55AM MST

Of potential interest

Bobby "Awake the Rapper" Crimo (b.2000)'s paternal line:

(1) the immigrant ancestor was Salvatore "Sam" Crimo, born 1896 in Italy, arrived in Greater Chicago in 1913 at age 17. Naturalized a U.S. citizen in 1919 in Illinois. Was living in Deerfield, Illinois, as of 1920. He was a barber, starting off as help in someone's else shop in the 1910s and by 1940 owning his own barbershop. Married Rose Mary Emanuel (b.1905 in Italy) in about 1922. Both Sam and Rose Crimo completed the equivalent of 8th grade back in Italy.

(2) One of Salvatore 'Sam' Crimo's son was Robert E. Crimo (1929-2018), who married Christine Caldarelli. These two (R Crimo I and Caldarelli) are Awake The Rapper's two paternal grandparents. One of their sons was Robert Crimo II.

(3) Robert Crimo II married a Denise ______. Known as "Bob Crimo." Ran a deli in Highland Park, Illinois. Ran as a Republican for town mayor in the 2010s and lost.

(4) Awake The Rapper, born 2000. Also known, when not in the woke-rap persona he made for himself, as "Bobby Crimo." Birth certificate name: Robert Crimo III.

Bobby is the fourth on his paternal line to live in the same area of Greater Chicago, starting with the 1913 arrival of his ancestor at the very tail-end of the Ellis Island movement (which effectively ended the very next year with the summer 1914 war in Europe).
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 10:09AM MST

I just realized, your link in this line is incorrect:

"I thank you, Mr. Hail, for pointing out July 2nd, 1976 as the true decision date in the comments under our recent post with its title taken from the lyric line in US Blues."

The correct one was "Lawn Chair Larry" #2326.
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 9:41AM MST

The hypothesis that he "wanted to start a civil war" may or may not be useful, for one thing because he left no manifesto. But

The key thing to Bobby Crimo, one that no one seems to have noticed or made much of, is his embrace of "Wokeness," in 2019, at age eighteen, with this telltale tweet that he put up and left a the top up until Twitter deleted his account.

+48 hours after the shootings, the consensus seems to classify him as "Generic Dangerous White Male." One headline has it as "Shooter left a trail of red flags online," whatever that means.

Very many things going on with this incident and with this person suggest a combination of:

- the pathology of Wokeness (which for Whites is often an overlapping phenomenon with Nihilism,

- the big Generation-Z problem of a hard-to-escape, tyrannically always-online life and the distortions of life and identity associated therewith,

- probably a role of the maniacs' Covid LOCKDOWNS,

- and the generalized, longer-term cheapening of U.S. culture, associated in part with Black Moral Superiority doctrine---why did he choose to devote his life to "rap" and not any number of other things?---and which created fertile soil for the Wokeness pathogen in this person's teens (his earliest political memories were probably of the Obama campaign in 2007-08, his victory over Whites H. Clinton and McCain in 2008, and his presidency (Bobby Crimo turned eight in Sept. 2008 and eighteen in Sept. 2018).

Even all this might not have quite been enough, had it not been for the LOCKDOWNS and associated cultural-hysteria and major disruptions to normal, healthy life. Bobby "Awake The Rapper" Crimo would have been hit especially hard in the deep-blue area in which lived and had grown up in the terrible year 2020 and much of 2021, it was enough to push even many otherwise-normal or healthy people into despair. The Anti-Panickers warned this kind of thing would happen, but also said it would be hard to predict with certainty what manifestations it would take.

Bobby Crimo's development:

- Obama presidency, Bobby Crimo at ages 7 to 16, formative period.

- mid-2015 to ca. 2018: the Trump-MAGA movement at its peak; Bobby Crimo turns 15 early in the Trump campaign (Sept. 2015) and is age 20 when Trump goes off the scene.

- Sept 2018: Bobby Crimo turns 18

- June 2019: Bobby Crimo may have graduated from high school (or June 2018), (unless he dropped out). (A Sept. 2000 birthdate in the U.S. school system most likely puts him in the May/June 2019 graduation-cohort.)

- Summer 2019: Bobby Crimo has definitely embraced "Wokeness" by this period. Wokeness is one of the only socially acceptable identities available to him to embrace. He has also meshed it up with a lot of other cool-seeming but really 'loser' identity-strains like being a rapper, using drugs, facial and many other tattoos, and a few more characteristic of his age-group than versions of him b.1970s and b.1980s, such as narcissistic social-media posting.

- In 2019, he is said to attempt suicide on one occasion and was rescued by police.

- Early 2020: Corona-Mania begins. Social-political resistance to it collapses beginning about late Feb. 2020, and the Panickers achieve a total victory by about mid-March 2020; Bobby Crimo is age 19 and in his first year out of high school.

- March 2020 to early 2022: Major disruptions to all aspects of life, especially MASKED-UP, LOCKED-DOWN deep-blue-areas; Bobby Crimo is ages 19, 20, and 21.


To what social force would a fair, full accounting assign to the seven people killed by Bobby "Awake The Rapper"?

Laura Ingraham said it was marijuana-induced psychosis. Other Fox News talkers and newspeople (agenda-setters of the mainstream-Right) say mental health with no other real qualifiers. None of them seem to want to much touch the "Wokeness" angle. Some have been calling him an Incel.

On the role of the "COVID" Panic: What if you (the generic 'you') had lost, in full or part, much your age-19 year, all of your age-20 year, and up to half of your age-21 year?
Tuesday - July 5th 2022 9:35PM MST
PS: Thanks for the additional info, Mr. Hail, on ACTUAL soon-to-be expiring rapper (we can hope) Robert Crimo. I'd skimmed that iSteve O/T comment because I had not much knowledge of that story until you wrote in. Here's an excerpt:

"I suspect the shooter’s real goal was to get a civil war going between liberals and conservatives, which he wanted conservatives to lose.

It also looks like he was rabble-roused and radicalized by the current televised ‘hearings’ held by the Democrats attacking Trump, the Republicans, and the Jan 6 protestors. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that he’d go all shooty while the Democrats are trying to lynch conservatives on TV. Therefore, Democratic insanity is to blame for this guy."

What do you think about the idea of his wanting to start a civil war?
Tuesday - July 5th 2022 8:13AM MST

See also the comment by Anonymous-142 which starts with: "The Highland Park shooter..."
Tuesday - July 5th 2022 8:11AM MST

The reason I posted here that profile on Bobby Crimo, is I was sure the media would NOT take much interest in his Wokeness, how much he had embraced Wokeness as an identity in the late 2010s in his late teens.

I also see the Steve Sailer commentariat has nothing on this, except J.Ross who says: "He doesn’t seem to have an ideology. A truly vapid, soulless, nihilistic empty vessel." This misses his own chosen tie-ins with Wokeness which I mention in the previous message.

A Wokeness angle would suggest itself even absent any other information, as a reason to target such a symbolic event. One way to understand Wokeness is that it is the belief White-Christian-America (and White-Christian-Heterosexual Males and their enablers wherever they may be found) is so evil that monkeywrenches thrown into its evil cogs are potentially morally justifiable, though few Woke believers would endorse random murders.

This doesn't have to be speculative when we have good evidence from the own trail of his words and deeds and interests that he is a product of late-2010s "Wokeness," and of the Corona-Panic disruptions (viz.: to rob or disrupt or distort the two years from March 2020 to early 2022 of a b.2000 male's life can be devastating), and overly digitized life without ever having known an analog world.

Bobby Crimo a.k.a. AWAKE THE RAPPER was the son of a one-time political candidate and former bakery owner Robert Crimo, grandson of another Robert Crimo (1929-2018), all associated with the area of Highland Park, Illinois, hence reports calling him "Robert Crimo III," he actually went by Bobby Crimo.
Tuesday - July 5th 2022 3:06AM MST
PS: I'm glad you had a good show there, Robert. We enjoyed the baseball game. We even got a ball that one of the players threw up into the stands. I was a bit miffed that the starting line-ups on both teams were 2/3 Hispanic. That wasn't the case a few years ago - last time we went was before the Kung Flu.

Mr. Hail, I just read about this Crimo guy. He looks a bit weird in this picture. I guess with 6 dead, though the news said a couple of dozen wounded, would point to White guy per Sailer's Law, but a close call because the guy wasn't a great shot, thankfully.. Yes, as you bring up, too much of a life spend concentrating on the words of people's tweets and such is a real problem. Robert Crimo would have had a more stable mental state had he been doing hard manual labor for the last 5 years.

I guess another push for more gun control will be a result.

Regarding the 3 Chinese groups. Yeah, you've got very poor assimilation going on when you have various groups pushing for their programs and airing their grievances even on the 4th of July. I would expect the Taiwanese to be the more Conservative, having in general been here much longer and from a time when assimilation was not frowned upon by The Establishment. Then there's the anti-Communist background. Thanks for the report on this. I will ask my China source what the Falun Dafa is all about. The Falun *Gong* are very much anti CCP, but they might be a different deal.

Dieter, you are right. As contrasted with destructive murderous thoughts of those like this Crimo character, the "Dead" part of the Grateful Dead aura had to do with the things "seen" by many of the band and fans as they took those psychedelic drugs. Who knows what they were actually seeing? They were all about peace, though, quite the opposite of Robert Crimo.
Dieter Kief
Monday - July 4th 2022 10:04PM MST
Thx. Mr. Hail. So Bobby Crimo's sad deed might well reflect a life lived in large parts detached from reality and - immersed in the woke (= narcissistic)zeitgeist and bad aesthetics - and auto-destructive politics (I understand the date of his deed in this way).

So - now we have to reflect no Grateful Dead, Mod., which is something deep and - human - - . Instead we are confronted in the face of the (media) world (= somehow: In the face of The World) with death as destruction.
Not Really
Monday - July 4th 2022 8:18PM MST
PS The district of cesspool is just the globalist MIL HQ for the SPECTRE.
Like other autonomous zones (London/Rome) it is like a tumor.
We'll have to pay more for the Liberal World Order and all comrades of the unity hiveborg are expected to sacrifice for the good of the collective.
No shirkers, we're all in this together.
Monday - July 4th 2022 8:11PM MST

Sorry for that "downer" comment about Bobby Crimo, so here is something else:

I was at the Fourth of July parade in Washington. It was quite good in some ways, of political interest in other ways.

Given Mr. Moderator's experience with and interest in China and the China Question, he may be interested that there were at least three distinct "Chinese" groups on the parade, one Taiwanese, one Falun Dafa, and a "Chinese American Association." The latter appears to be pro-Beijing. They spaced these groups far apart. There were many other ethnic-immigrant organizations, and other paraders of the usual types, and many high school marching bands.

Of the "Chinese" groups,

the "Taiwanese" group was the most visibly pro-American and employed slogans which were thinly veiled anti-PRC statements and appeals to a US-Taiwan defacto alliance.

The Falun Dafa group was enormous, and dignified and respectful enough, and did not noticeably make any anti-PRC statements.

The third "Chinese" group, the one I assume to be pro-Beijing, or non-anti-Beijing, was also the least conspicuously pro-America.

Some of the ethnic-immigrant marchers, in organizing their floats and banners and whole presentation, hardly even mentioned America at all, and some hardly had U.S. flags. Despite it being America's national day, they seened to believe it was a time to indulge in some of that good-old-tyme ethnonarcissm that the USA now apparently exists to serve.

There was till a contingent of Republic of Vietnam loyalists on the march, considerably smaller than in previous years, with some now-elderly ARVN veterans still carrying the U.S. and Republic of Vietnam flags with the big banner, THANK YOU AMERICA.
Monday - July 4th 2022 7:59PM MST

The shooter in Illinois today, Bobby Crimo, was born in September 2000.

His age probably qualifies him free-and-clear as a "Generation Z" member (often called "Zoomers") and not a "Millennial." If there is any doubt, his actions and persona seal the deal. Few Millennials are as saturated in parallel-world online-identities from such a young age as Bobby Crimo appears to have been. This appears to have fed deeply unhealthy instincts. His world appears to have been detached from reality. This is a problem for all those of this generation, and is something I've thought a lot about since March 2020 with the Corona-Panic disaster, which was partly fed by highly-online people who got sucked into a fantasy-world zombie-virus-movie plot, a creation of the parallel online world and info-saturation. The Generation Z people, it seems, have never known any other world...especially those a few years younger than the mass-killer Bobby Crimo.

He had a well-developed "Woke" personality, and if you fin any pictures of him you'll immediately guess as much. That combined with dirtbag-troll persona, and with he ability to style his loserdom into that of a musical talent via the ubiquity of music-streaming websites, all align to create a dangerous mix. New information may make this observation obsolete in coming days or longer, but it seems now that "Wokeness" was the key ingredient, without which he would have been just another of the weird kids and may have grown out of it without killing anyone, or maybe just killing himself.

"Awake, The Rappers" a.k.a. Bobby Crimo began a full-on embrace of he label and whole-package of "Wokeness" not later than mid-2019. A July 2019 tweet on one of his music accounts reads simply: "STAY WOKE." This was his "pinned tweet," which means it stayed at the top whatever other vacuous selfies and cryptic meaningless remarks he later tweeted.

He ran at least three Twitter accounts and other social media, and clearly invested much of his time in his awful, awful music. He had sleekly edited videos on Youtube, and an archive of his own recordings on Soundcloud. He was an aspiring rapper of antifa type. By about 2019 he used the name "Awake, The Rapper," which I take to be a conscious reference to "Woke(ness)."

Bobby Crimo's cultural-political personality-type is not unheard of for people of his socioeconomic background to embrace in their teens, but the direction he drifted with his extremely online life is a qualitative difference that a previous version of this guy born in 1970, 1980, or 1990 would not have had.
Monday - July 4th 2022 7:51PM MST
PS: A very good fireworks show in the local small (population in thousands) city.

Citizens have been active for the last week, and last night beat the city in quantity, duration, and style (360 degree fireworks!) --- and someone tonight had some truly impressive (probably not legal) fireworks.

I added my joyful noise unto the Lord tonight.

Happy Fourth to all!
Monday - July 4th 2022 12:04PM MST
PS: Happy Independence Day to all the Peakers too.

Yes, that's pretty much it, Mr. Smith, and I see you found this too, Mr. G.
Adam Smith
Monday - July 4th 2022 10:36AM MST
PS: Happy Independence Day!!

Is this the video...

Monday - July 4th 2022 8:32AM MST

OK- found it! Same gal. She’s spectacular.

Hubba Hubba.

For. My July 4th pilgrimage I going to the statue of all time great AWA grappler“The Crusher” in South Milwaukee. And of course, have a beer.
Monday - July 4th 2022 8:26AM MST
I found a fox video from Boston with a thin, pretty blonde in a white dress…
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