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Posted On: Tuesday - March 21st 2017 4:27PM MST
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Almost all of the music up on PeakStupidity is stuff that wasn't the most popular back in it's day. There is so much good music from the era we feature that isn't widely known, so I'd rather put those youtube videos up.

This one is an exception. We featured a Fleetwood Mac album cut called Blue Letter back in January. However, to further prove my point (end of the post) about the value of a good bass player, this song, "Say you Love Me" was very popular in 1975, peaking at #11 on the good old Billboard chart.

Though Fleetwood Mac consisted of 5 members, repeated here,

Fleetwood Mac:
Lindsay Buckingham - vocals and guitar
John McVie - bass guitar
Mic Fleetwood - drums
Christy McVie - vocals, piano
Stevie Nicks - vocals

the McVie's with Mr. Buckingham's guitar ARE the band on a lot of their best songs.

I maintain Christine McVie had a better voice than the more famous (hotter, perhaps, is the reason) Stevie Nicks. On this song, Christy McVie sings this one and plays piano, while her husband John McVie has great bass lines (I like the sliding parts). Lindsay Buckingham adds a great guitar sound too.

How good would this song be without John McVie's bass? I say, not nearly as good. This one rocks.

More regular posting will continue tomorrow. We're not out of ideas but haven't been in a position to put up pics and there hasn't been enough time to compose a post.

Tuesday - April 4th 2017 6:47AM MST
Yeah, Buck, I think if someone wanted to get the best stuff from this band, all he'd need would be "Fleetwood Mac" and "Rumours".

There was an earlier self-titled album, I read a while back, but, of course, I mean the "Fleetwood Mac" one from right before "Rumours" Yeah, Buckingham's guitar is great - it's a really bright sound (no distortion) which works well for their stuff.

I'm glad you like the music.
Buck Turgidson
Saturday - April 1st 2017 5:11AM MST
Hardly a music afficiondo, but I know what I like. FM definitely one of the top 10, maybe top 5, bands over the years I was coming of age. Not headbanging powerful like Van Halen (WOW), or ZZ Top, but their musical talents and beautiful melodies of their songs, well, they speak/sing for their selves. I too think Christie McVie was/is a better singer than Stevie Nicks, but SN is a helluva singer. What I really love is the complement of their two voices and I don't know of a better example than the last 30 seconds of this song. The 3 guys all are world class musicians, Lindsay B. was a phenom and the other guys were not chopped liver. What a band. Wonderful stuff, I could listen to them all day.
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