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If you get tired of these incessant Peak Stupidity posts about Inflation, please accept my apologies and wait for a post on another subject tomorrow. If it helps, though, this one is about Prepping too. [Eyes light up down in the bunker!]*

I don't know what it is ... it's just that I get sick of the value of my life's labor that I save up for later continuously being stolen by the US Feral Government via the FED. That's all. It's probably just me ...

Let's talk Clorox today - the ubiquitous bleach that the slightly cheaper Target Up & Up brand compares to. Because it's a consumer product, not a big durable item or building material, I don't have records of how much I paid for the stuff in the past. However, my memory serves me pretty well here. That's not because my memory is so great but because I bought a bunch of bleach about 10 years back, in the course of 3 or 4 times to the store.

Why'd I do that? I'm glad you asked. Because I knew it would only go up in price, and it stores. Bleach, in fact, is the stuff you use to make other stuff last, like quantities of water, so it must be long-lasting itself. Prepping for Inflation* is something Peak Stupidity has discussed before**. That's what I had in mind then, and if I'd had more storage space, I wouldn't be writing this post today.

I didn't even bother with the Target "Up & Up" brand and bought Clorox, because the price for a gallon of it was in the mid to high 2 dollar range, $2,69 or something. This wasn't in the 1990s, mind you, as are the years many of our inflation post products/services compare to. It was 10, maybe 12 years on the very outside, years back. A few years ago, I bought a few bottles to keep the stock up, and it cost in the mid 3 dollar range, but I don't now recall whether this was for the significantly smaller than a gallon size. I looked and saw $5.99 a few weeks back, but when I came back to Target last week, I noticed that that price was for the significantly smaller size. A gallon of Chorox, that is, unless it's 121 oz - gyping one of 5 1/2 % - is $7.68 or something like that!

Let me use the 12 year time period and the MoneyChimp site compounding page again. Inflation has driven the price of Clorox bleach up by 9% average over the last 12 years. If I had a sure time and price on the few-years-back purchase, I'd show how much inflation has been accelerating. The last year alone has been hell on consumer purchases.

What's the big concern about Clorox bleach again? It's only that I was literally OK, figuratively, kicking myself at the store for having to buy bleach at all ... at $7.68/gallon "I should have bought in at $2.69! If I'd only had a bigger basement. I should have gotten out of the NASDAQ and gone long bleach, dangit!"

However, investing in bleach beats the stock market in one important way. It always goes up. And, when the Shit Hits the Fan, at least I'll be able to spray it off. What will you do with your amzn shares on your unconnected and unpowered computer, huh?

Whatever ever it is, if you or other people will need it sometime, it lasts a long time, and you have room for it, buy it now.

* Though the idea of "prepping" is not primarily about inflation...

** Other posts on this: The different levels of Prepping and The current real estate boom as prepping for inflation .

Mr. Anon
Sunday - October 23rd 2022 8:55PM MST

You might want to rethink storing liquid bleach. It actually degrades pretty quickly. After a few years you'll just be left with salt water.

Thursday - October 13th 2022 4:25AM MST
PS: Mr. Lake, I've got a decent amount of that sort of stuff, but it's become a matter of room to put it, which sucks, as I knew better 10 YEARS AGO.

Alarmist, we are not drinkers here per se, but I've got a decent stash for trading, or, maybe when it's time to start drinking ..
The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 11th 2022 5:03AM MST

@Storrie Lake, I’ve also laid up a few good bottles of Scotch for me and a couple cases of vodka and cigarettes to buy goodwill from the Rooskies as they roll through my neck of the woods on their way to the Hague.
Storrie Lake
Monday - October 10th 2022 6:34PM MST
PS Stocking up by picking up things that maybe are not out yet at home such as paper towels, cleaning supplies, coffee filters, tp, pet food, peanut butter, bottled water, bleach, dish soap.
It only gets worse in the Great Reset Leap Forward please prep and plan accordingly.
The Venezuela games are heating up and the winner will live in a Brazil style favela next door to the cargo cult czar!
Papers please, comrade. Forward! Yes we can.

Sam J.
Monday - October 10th 2022 2:33PM MST
Way, way cheaper to buy it as calcium hypochlorite powder. It's pool shock. You can use it to make water safe or to make bleach.
The Alarmist
Friday - October 7th 2022 11:53AM MST

Your daily dose of Zen...
Friday - October 7th 2022 1:16AM MST
PS: Haha, and it's cheaper than beer and liquor, though those are very much worth stocking up on for the SHTF!
The Alarmist
Friday - October 7th 2022 12:38AM MST

Bleach is an essential prepper item ... when Iived in a third-world shithole, it was one of the things that helped make my water safe to drink. Hey, you can't use beer and liquor for everything.
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