The Marksman hits the narrative bullseye

Posted On: Saturday - December 10th 2022 5:08PM MST
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Build the Wall!!

Or, at least a better fence...

This will be short movie review on The Marksman, starring Liam Neeson, some hot blond chick, and a couple of Mexicans. Though the IMDB page linked-to just above says it's a '21 movie, it was released in January of that year but finished up (as in, "It's a wrap!") in October of '19. I wouldn't normally care about these dates, but that is important to this post. I wouldn't be writing this review either but for the fact that there's a political agenda to mention, and, hell, I already watched it, so ...

The reason for my watching this "film"* in particular this was a matter of staying at a friend's house until he got done with work and he suggested one of the Liam Neeson movies on the Netflix-like deal on his big-ass TV. I should have known a movie about the southern border and Mexicans would have something of an agenda, any movie not still in Black & White, at least. However, it did have some good action, and definitely fooled me on this for more than half way into it.

I won't get long-winded about the plot. That scene above showing the fence and illegal entry through as cut in it is from the beginning. These violent cartel guys, see, are after the senora and her ~10 y/o nino, so you gotta feel sorry for them.** Liam Neeson is no Glenn Beck with the Teddy Bears, as he's a rancher on the American side and doesn't want illegal entries any more than I do. In fact, he has the phone number of the nice-looking blond BP agent for such instances as in The Marksmen's beginning. She too, is not messing around with the illegal aliens. One can tell - well, if this were real - that the scenes at the BP office were surely not filmed during the Bai Dien Administration.

There's lots of good action in the first portion of the movie, and the rest involves Liam Neeson and the boy on a long road trip trying to lose these cartel thugs who have (yeah!) illegally entered the US to chase down these two and kill them. They also want that bag of money on the floorboards of Mr. Neeson's pickup. The director didn't give me time to count it up, but it looked like a decent sum.

One worthwhile theme in The Marksmen is the portion of the plot in which one can see how difficult it is to remain anonymous. Neeson's use of credit cards for buying gas is tracked, but then, there's a suspension of disbelief when you get to see who is doing the tracking. He's a cartel guy who's a hacker. Now, I know those criminal organizations have money out the wazoo, but it's just really hard to make some Mexican cartel guy look like a geek!

Yeah, and the cinematography, the casting, the lighting, and the best key grips, sure, whatever... this movie is worth watching if you go take a piss during the few times the movie-makers' agenda comes out.

Here it is: Liam Neeson took charge of taking this boy to safety due partly to the fact that he'd be killed if he were sent back to Mexico by the professional-looking border patrol office. At some point late in the movie, he is on the phone with his BP friend, blond Sarah, from the road and he explains why it is he cannot turn the boy in. I wish I could remember the wording, but then came the line from Sarah that, well, sigh, she wish it didn't have to be this way. This was a direct dig at President Trump and his serious efforts to control the border. If only we took care of all these poor kids the cartels are trying to kill!

Isn't that Mexico's problem? Doesn't this problem sometimes originate from the stupidity of stealing bags of money from the drug cartels? Just don't do that, for starters.

Just a couple of more things:

The reader of this review may have already wondered, "Yeah, it's hard to remain anonymous, but it would sure help to use cash. Didn't you write that they had a bunch of cash?" Yes, I did, and then the idiot marksman burned it! I'm sorry, you may feel guilty or something, but NEVER burn the money!*** Not only would they have escaped from the cartel guys more easily, but if you're trying to start a new life, this would be a great start.

That brings me directly to the next part, the ending. (Yes, I've spoiled the movie already, but it was very predictable.) Liam Neeson finally got this kid to his, likely also illegal alien, aunts and such in Chicago. It didn't look like the best neighborhood (that money could have really come in use). I don't know Chicago that well, but this was the South Side of Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown fame, or maybe some other nearly-baddest part of town. I noted the neighbors near the house that his boy came to, to be reunited with his kin. After reading about how well the Hispanics and black population get along, I really wonder if the kid ended up better off in Chicago than he would have in ole Mexico.

The Marksman hit the bullseye of the sob story narrative of Open Borders, but for this critic, it was an errant shot. I saw the movie as demonstrating why we need to BUILD! THE! WALL!, or at least a better fence than what you see above. I mean, now you've got 2 more really pissed off violent drug cartel members on THIS SIDE. NOT! DONALD! TRUMP'S! FAULT!

* That's the term we critics use for what you rubes in Flyover Country call movies. Peak Stupidity is full of critics, on EVERYTHING! Two thumbs down, bitchez!

** See the VDare post mentioned in our previous post for some more of the real sob stories from just one more big country that's full of people who want to come here.

*** That is, unless you're Chinese and it's Tomb-Sweeping Day. Even then, you don't burn REAL currency - you burn fake currency ... that you buy from people for this express purpose... with REAL currency. I know, it doesn't translate very well.

Monday - December 12th 2022 10:50AM MST
PS: Sorry, not tuning into this one. "Honorable men should risk their lives for the 'good' illegal immigrants." Eff that.
Sunday - December 11th 2022 7:57PM MST
PS: Big Jim Croce fan, here, Robert. I don't think "Leroy Brown" was his best, but it was a hit of sorts.

Mr. Blanc, it's been 2 weeks now, so I'm trying to remember that scene. It seems like it was a mixed neighborhood, black and Hispanic. It probably doesn't stay like that for long. I agree with your and Mr. Smith's choices.

There are lots of good solutions that a serious country could implement. There was that "Operation Wetback" during the Ike administration. No complaints from Americans, I'm guess, about the name too.

BR2.0 and HP, thanks for the comments too.

I was too busy today to write in.
Hollywood Posers
Sunday - December 11th 2022 8:03AM MST
PS But, but, but, comrade Liam hates guns?
His security detail has slingshots and he doesn't tote a gun in every movie for pennies on the shekel.
Walls are only for the Hollywood Hills compound not free milk and honey EBT bonanza shopping bazaar welfare colonies.
Bolshevik Revolution 2.0
Saturday - December 10th 2022 7:34PM MST
PS The CPUSA took the Chicago way nationwide and now there is a Satanic scene near the state capitol Christmas display in the glorious people's republic of Felonois.
They should put one up by the governor's wing at Joliet.(s)
When you hear those stories of road workers finding a tire full of money and turning it in, they know this is no country for YT crackas.
Resembling something you would see in nature, the ghetto comrades are getting pushed out by the south of the border replacements and relocating to the suburbs, with some help from mommygov.
Maybe there will be enough gibsmedats to go around when we become North Mexico.
Adam Smith
Saturday - December 10th 2022 6:38PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,

For Robert...

Mr. Blanc, I would much rather live near Mexicans than nwords. (If I had to for some unfortunate reason.)

"We need to BUILD! THE! WALL!, or at least a better fence..."

Wouldn't a five mile wide minefield running the length of the border be a better deterrent? Maybe the tax cattle could stop paying hospitals to deliver anchor babies.(?) Maybe the people running the "refugee" resettlement racket could be interned in work camps for awhile.(?) Perhaps illegals could be put on a ship to Chocolate City or something.(?)

Surely there are some practical solutions?,_Liberia

Saturday - December 10th 2022 6:19PM MST
PS There’s a very large “Hispanic” population in Chicago. They make up somewhere around 30% of the population. There neighborhoods aren’t Whitopias, but they’re considerably better, and safer, than the black ghettoes. At some point—perhaps soon—they’re going to challenge the blacks for political control of the city.
Saturday - December 10th 2022 6:09PM MST
PS: I had always associated Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown with Frank Sinatra, not Jim Croce; and therefore with the Forties or Fifties, not the Seventies. So, I had Leroy Brown as White, not black. Just goes to show what I know.

But, no, the blacks and the Mexicans did not get along with each other at that time in Chicago-land.
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