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Posted On: Saturday - April 1st 2017 6:21PM MST
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This story - Masked Home Invaders Not The “Victims” Of Citizen Armed With AR-15 is only on VDare (they are not a gun site) because of their usual habit of commenting on the fact that the race of non-white perpetrators of crimes is not usually reported by the lyin' press. Eugene Gant, in his blog post, just commented that the thugs that busted into the house were of mixed race this time, but were called the "victims".

The guys who broke into the house armed with knives and brass knuckles got shot down by the son of the homeowner with an AR-15 and the 3 died.

The only problem I've got with what happened is how you shoot a rifle at close quarters like this. It could be all the guy had handy. I don't have one that handy, but it'd just seem like a pistol would be easier to maneuver, and people recommend shotguns, of course, but it might have had to be a semi-auto one for three armed guys. I am far from an expert, as opposed to "Weaponsman" mentioned below.

I am not commenting on this because it's some big story or something - things like this happen daily. The NRA publishes many anecdotes about self-defense via guns because national LP doesn't like the implication that guns could be good for you. Local press will report more accurately, as a) there is great interest because it hits close to home, b) they like to (try to) scare readers, and c) they can't get away with not printing it, as quite a few locals will know about it. What's not reported and have been estimated by some that study armed self-defense to be in the millions is incidents that don't involve any shooting, just brandishing to warn and ward-off potential assailants. If you ended up pointing a gun or even just showing it, to keep from being a victim of violence, would you bother calling the cops? I know I wouldn't, and haven't, as the cops will cause you more trouble most likely than help you in any way.

I wanted to get that out of the way, but here are 2 posts (first post and follow-up) about this incident by a guy with the handle "hognose" who writes the excellent website WeaponsMan. Here's a quick funny part about the getaway girl driver:
Rodriguez fled the scene but later showed up at the police station to demand the cops arrest the murderer of her friends.
Haha, not the peak of stupidity but on up there.

Oh, what else this post has got to do with Peak Stupidity is only in a follow-up I read, somewhere that I can't find, mentioned the "stand your ground" laws and the the OK home could be tested here - I hate to link to the mainstream Lyin' Press, but since the original link is lost to me, there is an Associated Press article here entitled 'Stand Your Ground'? Oklahoma man kills 3 home burglars; woman who aided robbers arrested. Now this is a perfect example of the LP just pulling phrases that fit the narrative they want to tell out of their asses.

"Stand your Ground" laws extend the "Castle Doctrine", which all about self-defense within the home ("a man's home is his castle") to protect people who protect themselves via self-defense out of the home legally. These laws are about what one can and cannot do to defend himself from violent actions versus running away (as the only legal way out of the jam) when out of the home. This case was self-defense WITHIN a house, and therefore "Stand your Ground" laws have not a damn thing to do with it. I believe that these people either know nothing about the subject they write about (I have seen this in person multiple times) or they want to just throw this stuff out there to get the phrases in the minds of the left-wing useful idiot followers ("Stand-your-ground is bad, mmmkaay")

(I am glad to have found the website "WeaponsMan". Thanks to VDare's James Fulford for that.)

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