Linus tells us the true meaning of Christmas.

Posted On: Saturday - December 24th 2022 8:47PM MST
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M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S !

Whether you are a believer or not, this old Charlie Brown clip is traditional America. I wonder if you'll end up better off having yelled "Down with the CCP!" in front of the cameras on the streets of China last month or putting this video on American TV. There are places in Washington, FS, they can put you too. I checked, and A Charlie Brown Christmas got taken off of network TV, or what's left of that, a few years back.

Then, this song is always associated with Christmas, as it's from the The Peanuts. One may still hear it in public on occasion during this season, at airports and such. Though it's called The Peanuts Theme the writer of this song, Vince Guaraldi, wrote more than this one for the cartoon show, and he called this one Linus and Lucy.

I wish all the Peak Stupidity readers a very merry Christmas, from out blog-family. Thanks for reading and commenting this year.

PS: I really do have keyboard problems, so if I post lightly next week, it's due to that (until I replace it) and/or we're doing some travelling.

Monday - December 26th 2022 6:44PM MST
PS: What, how the hell will I run my Lava Lamps going forward, Adam?

OK, seriously, I still have a few cases left that I bought in '09 or '10 when they (at least I thought) banned them last time. I had about 600 bulbs total, at Peak Prepping, mostly 75 and 100 W.

It's not like I don't agree the curly fluorescents and the LEDs (even more so) are great inventions for those wanting to save energy. However, why take away free market choices, just the standard Totalitarian instincts?
Adam Smith
Monday - December 26th 2022 4:16PM MST
PS: Quick update...

I found some clarity...

Infrared lamps which have a rated wattage of 125 watts or greater; and which has a primary purpose of providing heat are exempt. I don't know about the clear heat lamps that are used in restaurants to keep fries warm. I'd guess those are exempt too, but who knows. Appliance bulbs and Silver Bowl lamps are also exempt.

Cheers! ☮
Adam Smith
Monday - December 26th 2022 4:05PM MST
PS: Good evening, gentlemen,

Off topic, but, apparently mommygov is about to ban the manufacture of (most?*) incandescent and halogen light bulbs for general service lighting. (on January 1st, 2023.) The ban on sale of these bulbs takes effect in either July or on August 1st of 2023. (Can't seem to get a straight answer.)

As some of you might know I use incandescent light bulbs under the house to help keep the water lines from freezing in the winter. I know plenty of people who use them in their pump houses for the same reason. I'm going to stock up on some while I still can. Some of you may want to do so too.

*Everything I've read about this new intrusion into the so called free market by mommygov mentions that there may/might/will be some exceptions to the new rules. However, I cannot find anything about what these exceptions are or might be. What about "rough service" lights? What about infrared and other heat lamps? What about animated lamps that use the heat from the bulb to work? What about older lighting fixtures that use special bulbs? How about bulbs for wax warmers? Can they still sell incandescent bulbs for use in easy bake ovens?

Can incandescent and halogen bulbs still be manufactured if they are sold as heaters for pump houses?

Anyway... Just a quick heads up in case anyone would like to stock up on regular old light bulbs.

Cheers to a great evening, everyone!

Monday - December 26th 2022 12:39PM MST

Mr. Moderator- as I said to one of my pals today- in the precovid world the reaction to this weekends viral events would have been- something’s going around- a cold, most likely- and that would be it. Mrs G got the dread positive test this morning, so now our trip to Milwaukee to see the the grandson and watch UMASS play in Wisconsin’s holiday tournament on Wednesday/ Thursday is in danger- she’s not going for sure, and even though I’m no longer really sick I may not go either- more about domestic tranquility than the spread of disease. I’m sure even if I go I’ll not be allowed to see the little guy, as my DIL is a bit of a Covidian. Oh well. I’ll stay home and watch the World Junior Tournament. The plucky Swiss upset the Finns this afternoon in OT- game on!
Monday - December 26th 2022 8:57AM MST
PS: I guess I'm not much of a noticer, Robert. I'll look at that again. I haven't visited Ann Barnhardt's site in a while, but I'll get back to that. I may not agree with her, but I like her hard-core attitude!
Monday - December 26th 2022 8:55AM MST
PS: Thank you all for the greetings, Alarmist, Robert, Adam, Mr. Blanc, Sam, Mr. Ganderson, and, of course, the many readers who don't write in. I tried (successfully) to stay off-line - at least the political sites, for Christmas time.

Mr. Ganderson, does the series of symptoms you and your son have/got even come close to the Kung Flu array of symptoms? I was almost positive (no pun intended) that without certain ones - the lack of a sense of smell - it's probably not the dreaded Covid-19/20/21/22... (till Fauci is ousted?)

I don't trust the testing that awfully much. I can say, if you don't WANT to be positive (per the test), you don't have to be, as I did one time as required for a doctor's appointment. The guy at the drug store window wasn't even watching what the heck we were swabbing. Could have been my rear end for all he cared, haha!

Anyway, I'm glad it was only 24 hours for your household. Yes, it's ironic about your son. I do hope you can send in some stories from his location in China. The names can be changed to protect the innocent and guilty, plus we can't read them anyway!
Sunday - December 25th 2022 8:25PM MST

I was expecting Merry @#$& Christmas by Mr. Garrison.

Merry Christmas to all us “Stupids”

PS in case anyones wondering, the infection that’s worked it’s way through our house seems to be the 24 hour variety- my China-son has it now. Interestingly he and I both tested positive for the ‘Rona and got sick; Mrs Ganderson got sick but never tested pos, jury’s still out on the other two who were here in the . house. I’m back, 90% of normal. Unfortunately all Xmas activities were cancelled this weekend. Merry @#$& Christmas indeed.
Sam J.
Sunday - December 25th 2022 4:09PM MST
Merry Christmas to all.
Sunday - December 25th 2022 12:30PM MST
PS: To quote Ann Barnhardt:

Here’s a super-cool observation on this clip that you might not have noticed before. Note that when Linus gets to the words of the Angels to the Shepherds, “Fear not…”, he drops his security blanket, the motif for his (and our) fears and insecurities, and leaves it on the ground for the duration of his proclamation of The Word of God. Cool, huh?
Sunday - December 25th 2022 11:44AM MST
PS All the best to all the Peakers!
Adam Smith
Sunday - December 25th 2022 8:27AM MST

▒█▀▄▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █▀▀█ █░░█
▒█▒█▒█ █▀▀ █▄▄▀ █▄▄▀ █▄▄█
▒█░░▒█ ▀▀▀ ▀░▀▀ ▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█

▒█▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ ░▀░ █▀▀ ▀▀█▀▀ █▀▄▀█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █
▒█░░░ █▀▀█ █▄▄▀ ▀█▀ ▀▀█ ░░█░░ █░▀░█ █▄▄█ ▀▀█ ▀
▒█▄▄█ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ░░▀░░ ▀░░░▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ▄

Sunday - December 25th 2022 6:35AM MST
PS: Merry Christmas toyou and yours.
The Alarmist
Saturday - December 24th 2022 10:21PM MST

Not the Peanuts theme ... I meant the one that opens the film.

BTW, Merry Christmas...forgot to go back to Human-mode.
The Alarmist
Saturday - December 24th 2022 10:19PM MST

Mrs. Alarmist bought the DVD version for me a few years back, to give me a taste of home. Interestingly, the “foreign” versions open with a different theme altogether.
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